17th Century Isle of Wight County Virginia page 513-756

Chapter XXIX  Book A.

page 581  Robert Caufield and wife Eliz. of L. P. of Surry county sell to Robert Kae land formerly belonging to Thomas Gyer and by him sold to Wm. Norwood and by Norwood to Carbery Kigan and by will o Kigan 9 Feb 1657 to me Robert Caufield, 200 acres beginning at mouth of Lawne’s Creek to land of Wm. Lawson’s now Robert Kae’s.  4 Mar 1678-79.  Thos. Pittman, Jno. Barnes
     Thomas (X) Marks sells Robert Herring of Nansemond, planter, a parcel of land formerly Jno. Garrett’s now Thomas Exum’s adj. Wm. Denson.   24 Feb. 1678-79.  John Poole, Wm. Gundley.  Thomas Marks sells Wm. Smelley a parcel of land.  8 Mar. 1678-79.

page 584  Geo. Elson son of Geo. Elson, dec., whereas Col. John Upton with consent of wife Margaret by deed 13 Aug. 1647, did sell to John Mason a certain parcel of land between Wm. Wright, George Leveridge and John Herring, and it was by John Mason conveyed to Robert Dunster, and when he died he left it in fee to his wife Alce who married Edward Palmer and they sold to Thomas Elson and now Geo. Elson, son of Thomas, sells to Robert Coleman.  9 Nov. 1679.

page 606 John Morris, Jr., sells to John Barnes, planter, 100 acres on Blackwater out of 300 which his father bought of Chris. Holliman.  His part of the 300 must be the middle between his brother Morgan and brother William. 5 Aug. 1692. John Jones, Sr., John Jones, Jr., James (X) Barnes

Deed Book I

page 609  Jacob Barnes, age 43 years, Wm. Smith and Mary his wife, he being 58, made dep. Richar Williams, Jr., age 28.  Richard Hampton age –, deposed.

page 612 John Parker and wife Mary give to brother Francis Parker land on western side of an Island commonly called Hugh’s Island which his father Thomas Parker, decd., bought of Wm. Rogers, part of a patent of 470 acres, said John Parker to have free outlet through it  9 Dec. 1693.  Jacob Barnes, Eliz Altman, Danl Miles.

page 614 Wm. West, Sr., and wife Rebeccah, for 2500 lbs. tbco. sell to Anthony Herring of L. P. 200 acre of land on Blackwater adj. John Smith and Will Westwray, being part of land pur. from said Wm. West and Wm. Oldis adj. Nosworthy’s and John Smith’s line.  28 Apl. 1694, Wm. Kerie, Robt. west, Eliza. Boazman. 

Francis Nicholson grants James Corley 187 acres — (page 615) at Jacob Rixe’s cor. tree by Thomas Rixe’s line — for importation of 4 persons.  23 Oct. 1690.  Jas. Corley and wife Eliz. assign to Thomas Kerbey.  9 Feb 1693-94.  Richard (X) Bracewell, wm. (X) West.

page 624 Christopher Wade has grant for 50 and 92 acres in Lower Parish, 20 APl. 1684.  Samuel Wade, planter, assigns this land to John Neville, Jr., Jan. 23, 1695-96.  John Neville, Wm. Neville.  Samuel Wade appoints his brother John Barden to acknowledge signature.  Sussanna Wade, his wife, Thos. Giles, Jo. (X) Barden, John (X) Barnes.

page 645  Wm (X) Johnson of L. P., blacksmith, and wife Sarah sell all right to John Bardin.  8 Sept., 1701.  Will Crumpler, Wm. Williams.

page 652 Gov. Francis Nicholson granted to James Curles 187 acres.  12 Sept. 1662.  (23 Oct., 1690).  James Curles and wife Eliz. assign this pat. tho Thomas Kirby, 9 Feb., 1694.  Thomas Kirby and wife Ruth assign to John Underwood 1 Jan., 1703.
Gov. Francis Nicholson, the 20 Oct., 1702, granted to Wm. Williams a patent in I. of W. and he and wife Mary Williams sell to Thomas Kirby 250 acres, 10 Apl., 1704.  John WIlliams, Nicholas Williams, John (X) Barnes.  Wm. Williams and wife Mary sell to John Barnes 100 acres, 4 Apl., 1704.  Richard Williams, John Underwood.  Wm. Williams and Mary his wife sell to John Williams 125 acres on Blackwater.  4 Apl., 1704  Wm. Williams and wife Mary sell to Nicholas Williams 110 acres, 10 Apl., 1704.  Thos. Kirby.  Wm. Williams and Mary sell to John Williams 130 acres, 10 Apl., 1704. 

County Court Clerks
1766  James Bridger, Joseph Bridger, Dolphin Drew, Daniel Herring, Michael Eley, Nicholas Parker, John Eley, Jr., John Scarsbrook Wills, George Purdie, Nathaniel Burwell, (Quo), Richard Hardy, Brewer Godwin, James Eason, William Davis, thomas Pierce, Thomas Miller, John Lawrence.

1772 … Daniel Herring, … Thomas Pierce

1772-83 … Daniel Herring, Thomas Pierce

1773-83  … Daniel Herring, Jr.

also Cobbs, Hodges Council, Pierce

by John Bennett Boddie

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