Herring Highlights III  1642-1698

Abraham Herring, Anthony Herring, John Herring, Samuel Herring


First page - Will of Anthony Herring 13 Sep 1783.  Wife Bridget.

Second page (page 9) - Anthony Herring of Virginia and His Descendants

Anthony Herring - son of John Herring of Virginia
Born: ca 1648 Isle of Wight Co, VA
Mar: ca 1677 Rebecca West (?)
Died: ca 1718 Isle of Wight Co, VA

To some extent, Anthony is more mysterious than his father John.  The latter named him in a will; the former, evidently did not make a will and name anyone.  yet, there is enough documentary and circumstantial evidence, albeit sparse, to link Anthony as the probable 2nd generation American forebear of those who follow in this work.

In his father's will of 1672, among other things, Anthony received two steers, cattle, & half the tobacco crop after debts were paid.  This suggests he was an adult engaged in tobacco farming.  oddly , a deed of 9 Nov 1679 mentions land between William Wright & John Herring. Since John's will did not include land, perhaps Anthony was farming under an arrangement previously made.

On 28 Apr 1694, Anthony of Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, did acquire property.  For 2500# of tobacco paid to William West, Sr, and his wife Rebecca, Anthony Herring got 200 acres on the Blackwater River in the Lower Parish adjacent ot John Smith and Will Westburay.

One researcher thinks Anthony's wife may have been the West's daughter.  Since Anthony, evidently sold no land, which required his wife's consent, that researcher's guess is as good as any other.  Among the children of that researcher's guess is as good as any other.  Among the children William and Rebecca (Braswell) West, Sr. were 2 daughters; Mary West and Rebecca West. A West family historian said Mary West married Henry Pitts, but he did not know who Rebecca West married.  She may have married Anthony Herring.

Deeds subsequent to 17154, naming Anthony Herring, seem to involve a son -- see 8. below.

Earlier writers think Anthony may have been born in Barbados.  As the supposed sire of 7 or 8 sons -- with several setting 1684 as the birth of his eldest -- that point of origin is unlikely.  Fatherhood would have commenced late in life -- or else the 3rd generation was born earlier than thought.

The Isle of Wight County "quit-rent" yearly property tax levied by the Crown, collected by the sheriff, and paid in cash or tobacco roll for 1714 lists Anthony Herring paying 4 shilling on 200 acres.  This may have been his last official activity.  Anthony Herring probably died intestate (without a will) between 1715-1720.  Some change in that time-frame seems to have triggered action among his "sons", and the ensuing records lend credence to the probability many were brothers.  One deed cites that relationship, and others suggest it.

Two-hundred acres is a small farm for a family of males, especially when 2 had families of their own.  About 1715 John and Samuel Herring departed for North Carolina, settling in Chowan Precinct.  Thereafter, they were followed by other "brothers."  The principal connector of the sons to 2nd generation Anthony was a son with the same given name.  The latter remained more than 20 years, after his father's death, in the Isle of Wight County.  Deeds there linked him to "brothers" Abraham and Daniel.  About 1740, he migrated to NC, and for a small fee brother Samuel sold his land -- with "brother" John witnessing the deed.

These brothers, as records attest, clustered together, moved together, signed documents together, and named sons for each other.  Earlier works include Simon (who was a grandson) and omit Daniel and Joseph.  Save for Simon, this work "adopts" them all.

3rd page (page 10) lists the children of Anthony & Rebecca (West) Herring:
1. John Herring
2. Samuel Herring
3. Thomas Herring
4. Abraham Herring
5. Joseph Herring
6. Edward Herring
7. Daniel Herring
8. Anthony Herring