Kinfolks of Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deed Book 5, 6, 9 1788-1855

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p. 19 (223) John Sykes of Edge. Prect., Albermarle Co. to John Hatcher of Edge. Prect. 10 Nov. 1737 9 pounds current money of Va. 170 acres more or less a tract and plantation upon the creek below the sd. John Sikes’ house, joining the Gum branch and the south side of swift creek part of a patent granted to Jacob Pope  12 July 17–  Wit: John Lawrence, Cornelius Jordan, Peter Rigg  Reg. (place not given) Nov. Ct. 1737  T. Kearney D. C. Ct.

(pg224) Samuel Williams (prect, not identified) to John Egerton (prect. not identified) 1 Dec 1737  120 pounds 100 acres on the south side of Roanoke river being a tract and plantation, joining a branch all houses, buildings, etc.  Wit:  Thomas Kearney, R. Whittington  Reg. (place not given) Feb. Ct. 1737

Deed Books 5 (1788-1791)- Deed Book 26 (1852-1855) in this book. 

Deed Book 5 p. 6
DB 5-488 Charlot Vickers was probably wife of John Vickers – cosigned eed, Jan. 15, 1790.

Deed Book 6  p. 7
DB-6-124 Ann Croom, wife of Richard Croom of Dobbs Co., N.C., was daughter of Jesse Hare, decd., March 23, 1788.
DB-6-125 Elizabeth Mary Ann King Croom, wife of Isaac Croom of Dobbs Co., N.C., was daughter of Jesse Hare, decd., March 23, 1788.

Deed  Book 9 p. 33
DB 9-8 Robert Peele, Junr, was son of Robert Peelle, Senr., May 25, 1798.

DB9-35 Release of claim to the land of Uriah Vickers, decd., by Christopher Edwards and wife, Salania Edwards, to Stephen Vickers of Darlington Co., South Carolina as attorney for Samuel Harrill and wife of the District of Charlestown, South Carolina, March 27, 1798.

Page 37
DB-9-272 Sarah Harrel was wife of Samuel Harrel of the District of Charleston, South Carolina, and was sister of Uriah Vickers, decd., of Edgecombe Co., March 28, 1798.
DB9-273 Uriah Vickers, dec’d, Sarah Harrel, and Selany Edwards were children of George Vickers, decd., March 28, 1798.

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