Pasquotank, North Carolina Record of Deeds 1700-1751 Volume B, C

Pasquotank, North Carolina 1700-1751 Volume B

page 239

a Tract of Land Contg 204 acres lying in Pasquotank Precinct on the S.W. Side of Pasquotank River ... back of Henry Pendleton ... which Land after the death of the said Lawrence Keaton was possessed by his Brother Zachariah Keaton & by the sd. Zachariah Keaton sold and conveyed to Ephriam Overman, now know ye that I the said Joseph Overman being Son and Heir to the said Ephraim Overman have for and in Consideration of the Sum of 60 pounds of good and lawful money to me in the hand paid ... sold ... unto Daniel Chancey of the Same place ... all that part of the above mentioned Tract of Land which lies on the S. E. Side of a certain Swamp ... Contg. 104 acres ... 5 Jany 1735.  Signed: Joseph I Overman his mark. Wit: Willm. Davis. Jonathan Reding. Ack: 13 Jany 1735 Joseph Overman to Daniel Chancey. Emgt: 14 Feb. 1735

page 241
death of the Said Ephraim Overman possessed by his Son Joseph Overman and by the said Joseph Overman Sold and conveyed to Daniel Chancey ... and also John Lord Carteret Palatine ... did by patent bearing date the 6 Aug. 1728 give & grant unto Ephraim Overman a Tract of Land contg 40 acres ... on the S.W. Side of Pasquotank River ... Lawrence Keatons line ... Kirk's Corner Tree ... which Land was formerly granted to John Peggs by Patent bearing date the 20 Nov. 1723 ... and became due to the Said Ephraim Overman ... 6 Aug 1728 and after the death of the Said Ephraim Overman possessed by his Son Joseph Overman and by the Said Joseph Overman Sold and conveyed to Danl. Chancey ... in Consideration of 80 pounds paid ... sold ... unto Jonathan Reding of the Same place .... all that part of the above mentioned Land Containing 104 Acre ... And also all the abovementioned Land contained in the Said Ephraim Overman's patent ....

(B:197) ... 4 Feby 1735/5
Signed:  Danl. Chancey.
Wit: Wm. Davis, John Jones, John Pike .... 17 April 1736



page 255  ... part of a greater Tract by patent granted to John Belman & by the Said Belman Sold to Willis Wallis ... 9 Oct 1733...

Zachariah Keaton  Sarah my wife ... in Pasquotank Precinct in Albemarle County & Province afsd for & in consideration of 97 acres of Land Butted & Bounded as in & by a certain Deed or Instrument of writing from Thomas Mackie & Margery his wife to Ephraim Overman bearing date the 16th day of August 1709? ... being part of the sd Tract of Land whereon the Sd Thomas Mackie dwelt & by his sold & made over to Ephraim Overman by force and virtue of the afsd Deed & by the said Ephraim Overman & Sarah his wife sold ... unto me the said Zacha Keaton as by their Deed bearing date the 16th day of January last may appear ...

page 256  (B:235) ... granted by Sir William Berkely Governor of Virginia unto one Robert Lowry in ... 1663 & ... conveyed ... ton one Saml. Pike and by this said Pike & Jane his wife to one William Haige ... by his Deed the 20 Oct. 1713 and patented by the said Haige from the late Lords Proprietors of Caroline the 29 March 1715 and now fallen by (blank) to the said Caleb and Peter in right of their Wives under the said William Haige ... Signed:  Caleb E Elliot his mark.  Elliot Mary, Peter Hunnicut, Sarah Sar: Hunnicut her mark.
Wit: Miles Gale, Jos: Anderson.  Ack:  April 6th ... Mary Elliot & Sarah Hunnicut having been first privately examined.  Regr:  24 May 1738.


page 275

Joseph Overman Son of Ephraim Overman of Pasquotank County departed this Life the 24th day of September Anno Dom 1737.
Benjamin Pritchard Senr departed this Life the 21 day of Septmr. A. D. 1739.
Ann GEORGE departed this life the 17th day of Febry 1737 formerly Ann ELLIS the wife of Mr.  David George James GEORGE the Son of David GEORGE and Ann his wife Born the 7th day of Feby 1737.
David GEORGE Gentn, & Ann ELLIS was lawfully married the 27th day of December 1736.
James GEORGE Esqr & Sarah HAIG was lawfully married the 15th day of August 1736.
Willliam HAIG Son to William HAIG and Sarah his wife now the wife of the afsd James GEORGE departed this life the 29th day of April 1737.
David GEORGE Gentn. & Elisabeth BARCLIFF Daughter of Thomas BARCLIFF late of the County of Perquimans in the Province afsd. decd. was lawfully married the first day of Jany 1738.

page 286

John Bellman of the County of Pasquotank in North Carolina Planter for and in Consideration of the Sum of 145 pounds Current Bills of this Province ... paid by Samuel Bundy of the afsd. County and Province ... Sold ... Tract of Land ... on the head of Branch proceeding out of the Creek whereon Zachariah Nixon built his Mills and joining on Charles
(B:322) Overman's Land & Joseph Morris's land contg purchased by my father named John Belman of James Davis formerly of Little River ... Mary Belman the Wife of me John Belman doth by these presents ... surrender all her Right ... 17th day of the 10th (page 287 continued) month called December in the year 1739.
Signed:  John & Belman his mark.  Mary X Belman her mark.
Wit: John Symons, Thomas Symons, Elisa M. Morris her mark.  Ack:  Jan. Court 1739
Regr. 10 Jany 1739

page 299

North Carolina. Ephraim OVERMAN of Pasquotank County in the Province afsd. Weaver ... in Consideration of the Sum of 200 pounds Current Money of the afsd Province paid ... sold unto William DIXON of Pasquotank County in the Province afsd. all my right ... unto the within mentioned Deed ... 12 Jan, 1740/1. Signed: Ephraim E OVERMAN his mark. Wit: Saml. HEIGHE, A. DRESER, Joa. ANDERSON. Ack: Jan. Court 1740/1 from Ephraim OVERMAN to William HIXON. Test. Thos. TAYLOR, Regt: 10 Feby 1740/1.

page 320-321

date 4 Spt. 1714 give and grant unto Stephen Scott a Tract of Land containing 230 acres ... given by will to his Son Stephen Scott ... sold to Ephraim Overman and at the decease of the said Ephraim Overman it legally descended to his Son ... Joseph Overman ... Sold unto his Brother Ephraim Overman ... Sold to William Hixon ...
Regt:  22 April 1742

page 321

North Carolina:  13 July 1742  Between John Morgan of the County of Perquimans in the Province of North Carolina Executor of the last will & Testament of John Martin ...

(B:425) ... Signed:  John M. Morgan his mark ...

page 325

North Carolina) Pasquotank) Zachariah Jacson & Saml. Jackson the younger for and in Consideration of the sum of 140 pounds lawful Money of North Carolina to us in hand paid by Thomas Parker Shipwright of the Count & place afsd ... Sold ... Tract of Land containing 100 acres ... John Morgans Land that he lately bought of the abovesaid Saml. Jackson ... George Lows Land that he gave by his will to his son Edwd. Low ...
(B:437) ... 11 Oct. 1742. Signed: Zachariah Jackson, Samuel Jackson.  Wit: Jona. Reding, Saml. Overman.  Ack: Oct. Court 1742.  Regt: 16 Nov. 1742

page 329

North Carolina) Pasquotank County) 18 Oct. 1742 John BUNDY of the Province afsd. planter for&  in consideration
of the Love and Good Will that I bear towards my loving Brother William Bundy of the same place planter  ... given ... part of a Tract of Land 70 Acres ... that my Father John BUNDY purchased of Jacob MACKEY & the said William BUNDY... to have the head of said tract Bounded by the Branch that runs through the Land just below a plantation known by the name of Ephraim OVERMAN ...18th day of the Eighth Month commonly called Oct. l742. Signed: John BUNDY. Wit: Thomas Symons, Samuel BUNDY, Thomas Nicholson.

John & Mary Relph ... Joseph Morgan's Corner Tree
Wit:  Robert Morgan, Joseph Morgan  Ack:  Jan. Court 1739.  Regt: 10 Jan 1739

page 354  ... Thomas Micholson ..

page 355 ... Thomas Nicholson ...

John Pike of Frederick County in the Colonly of Virginia ... whereas by Birthright at the decease of my Father I fell Heir .. Tract of Land called half-way Tree ... Contg 325 acres ...
(B:533) .. lying on the N. E. Side of the aforementd. Tract ... a line out ... agreement the remaining part of the afsd. Tract ... 19 Oct 1744.
Signed:  John Pike
Wit:  John Reed, Aaron Morris, Peter Symons.
Proved:  Jany Court 1744/5 from John Pike to Samuel Pike by the affirmation of Aaron Morris
Regt: 23 Feb 1744/5


page 379

[B:1] North Carolina  13 Jan. 1746/7 by and between Samuel Pike of said Province and County of Pasquotank Farmer of the one part and Joseph Pritchard of the same place Farmer of the other party .. in Consideration of the Sum of 208 pounds Bills of said Province ... sold ... one Moiety or half part of a Tract of Land containing 325 acres according to Patent ... commonly known by the name of half way Tree Land, it being the Land that John Pike of Freds County in Virginia sold unto me ... 19 Oct 1744 and registered in the County afsd ... bondeth as followeth ... Matthew Reasons ... to be equally divided between Joseph Pritchard and Benjaimn Pike as it was to have been divided between the sad Samuel Pike & Benjamin his Brother but hitherto hath not been done ... half part contains ... 162 1/2 acres ... whereon I the said Samuel Pike now dwell ... on the N.e. Side of the aforementioned Tract of Land ...

[B:2] Sarah Pike the Wife of the said Samuel Pike ... give ... Right & Title of Dowry ... Signed: Samuel Pike, Sarah X Pike her mark.  Wit: Benjn. Pritchard, Sarah Pritchard.  Ack:  Jan. Court 1746.  Regt: [blank] Jan. 1746/7.

page 436

Ephraim OVERMAN of the Province of Pasquotank & a Precinct of North Carolina have assigned all my right... of the within mentioned Patent ... unto Ephraim Bright ... Signed: Ephraim Overman. Wit: John Smithson, Christopher Cartwright.  Proved April Court 1751 by the Oath of John Smithson.  Regt: 18 April 1751

Volume C

page 217

North Carolina  Joseph Overman of the prect. of Pasquotank and Province afsd ... whereas Henry Duke of Peaufort Palatine ... did by Pattent bearing date the 4 Oct. 1714 give and grant unto Stephen Scot a Tract of Land containing 230 Acres ... to Ephraim Overman ... Joseph Overman am being Son and Heir to the said Ephraim Overman ... in Consideration ... of 30 pounds paid ... Sold ... unto my Brother Ephraim Overman ... 200 acres ... 7 July 1733
Signed: Joseph I Overman his mark
Wit: Daniel Chancey, Will.  Chancey, Ann Overman, Sarah So Overman her mark.  Ack:  oct. Court 1733
Regr:  8 April 1734