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Part 1. Kirby Families
1  Norfolk and Suffolk
2 Essex, Hertfordshire and Shropshire
3 Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire
4 Kent
5 Warwickshire
6 Leicestershire and Northants
7 Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire
8 Goucestershire
9 Lincolnshire
10 London
11 Lancashire
12 Miscellaneous

Part II.  East Anglian & Yorkshire Families Associated with Kirby

10 Cobb(3)

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... John Edloe married before 1682 (1) Rebecca, daughter of Matthew Huberd of York County, and 1699 (2) Mrs. Martha Hatcher of Henrico County.

footnote: Marriage license, "John Edloe of James City Co., and Martha Hatcher of Henrico

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1. Francis Epes (bapt. 15 May 1597-abt 1655), one of three brothers who came to Virginia before 1625 ...  In April 1625, Francis Epes was elected from Charles City to sit in the Assembly at James City "on the next ensuing 10th of May." ..

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5. William Ligon ... (good information)

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1. John Rolfe ...

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1. Alice (Pierce) Bennett with her (2) husband Thomas Bennett was living near Lawne's Creek in Isle of WIght County, 1624, ... At the same trial her (2) usband is identifed as Thomas Bennett.  Alice --- had married (1) ----- Pierce (see footnote)
-2. Elizabeth Pierce (Alice) a minor, 1 November 1624,and on that date chose her step-father as her guardian under circumstances here given ... bequeathed the estate to Elizabeth Peerce 

footnote: It has not been possible to identify positively this Pierce, but he probably was a close connection of Capt. Wm. Pierce, member of hte Council, who owned land both on Lawne's Creek and on Mulberry Island and whose wife Joane was a legatee in the will of Anthony Barham...

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Elizabeth Peerce (Pierce) "to whom he was assured and meant to have married." ... She stated that she had come in the William and Thomas, which made a single trip to Virginia, 1618.  As she was a child at that time she must have been accompaied by one or both parents.

Anthony Barham who had received 100 acres at Warosquoiacke plantation, of reord in the 1626 list of parents, also was a witness in the Proctor trial. He represented Mulberry Island in the House of Burgesses 1629/30 and his will, 6 September 1641-16 September 1641, London, England reccites that he is "of Mulberry Iland in Virginia, gent, and at present resiant in England." In it he bequeaths "to my wife Elizabeth, goods for her to be sent over to Virginia .. to my daughter Elizabeth, 100 pounds to be sent over to my wife for her use ...

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Bennetts continued

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Bennetts continued

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4. Daniel Price (mathew, John) with his brother John inherited the aforementioned 150 acres and sold the land 1677, to William Hatcher.  Benjamin Hatcher, son of aforesaid William sold the tract, 1681 to John Pleasants, the deed escriing the plantation as "heretofore belonging to my father (which said land was by him purchased of Daniel and John Price in 1677) bounded by land of Samuel Woodward and ownward upon Turkey Island Creek containing 150 acres ... commonly known by the name of Turkey island ..."

A quit-claim deed to the tract given John Pleasants 1682, by Edward Hatcher, brother of Benjamin, further describes the land as "all that point and parcel of land called Turkey Island Point ... 150 acres. The Samuel Woodward mentioned in the Hatcher-Pleasants deed of 1681 was the husband of Mathew Price's half sister Sara Hallom (see Hallom).

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Issue: 7. John Jr.; 8. Daniel; 9. Pew (Pugh) (abt. 1690-1775), processioner in St. John's Parish, Henrico, 1743 his will 20 November 1774-17 April 1775, Prince Eddward; 10. Mary married - Cannon; 11. Eliza.
R. Henrico Co. see bound loose papers (Va. State Library)

R. Prince Edward Co. #1 p. 173; also see Vestry Book, St. John's parish, Henrico.

Ann Price (b 1604) ...

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Rolfe's (1) wife died before arrival in Virginia.  His romance with the Indian maiden Pocahontas, daughter of the Chieftain Powhatan, began after about two years of his coming to the Colony.  The marriage solemnized at Jamestown about the fifth of April 1614 helped stabalize the somewhat strained relationship developing between the Indians and the whites."

In 1616 John Rolfe took his Indian bride to England where she was received as a Princess.  Her death at Gravesend, England, March 1617, on the eve of their return to Virginia was told by Rolfe in his letter addressed to Sir Edwin Sandys and dated from Jamestown 17 June 1617. ..
. . . In 1614 John Rolfe had succeeded Ralph Hamor as Secretary of the Colony and was Recorder General, 1617.  By 1619 he was a member of the Council and served until his death, 1622.  He married (3) about 1619, 2. Joane Peice daughter of William Peirce, Commander at Jamestown and Captain of the Governor's guard.  Before either the census or the muster were taken Rolfe was dead.  His will, 10 March 1621-21 Mah 1630, England, reciting he "is of James City in Virginia" and "being sicke in body, but of perfect mind and memory" suggests he may have died of natural causes, though mention is oftimes made that he was slain in the massacre.  His will disposes of the two parcels of land which he owned; the first, a tract of 400 acres described as "scituate in the Countrye of Toppahannah betweene two Creeks" and lying on the south side of the James River, was bequeathed to his son Thomas; the second tract, including his interest in 700 acres, granted jointly to "Capt. Wm Peirce and Mr. John Rolfe with some

footnote:  See will in full V LVIII 58-65; William Peirce, Rolfe's "father-in-law" named executor probated the will on his visit to England, 1629-30 (see PEIRCE)

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others, was bequeathed to his wife Joane during her lifetime, with reversion to their daughter Elizabeth.
Issue: by (1) 2. Bermuda born on the Somers Islands, 1609 or 1610, and died there, an infant; b (2), 3. Thomas; by (3) 4-Elizabeth (b. 1620), listed in census, 1623, and in the muster of Captain Roger Smith, her mother's (3) husband, bequeathed her father's land on Mulberry Island.
3. Thomas Rolfe (b. at 1616) (John) remained in England under the care of his uncle Henry Rolfe until he was about 19 years of age when he came to Virginia and was clamed as a headright in a patent issued to Captain William Peirce, 1635. By 1639 Thomas was in possession of his land as noted in a patent on the south side of the James River described as lying "northwest upon land of Thomas Rolfe." ...

Thomas Rolfe is believed to have married Jane Poythress."

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5. Jane Rolf

1. Joseph Royall...

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Although Smith appears to have been in England, 1621, when he was named, July of that year, provisional Councillor for Virginia and member of a "select committee," December 1621, he was in Virginia by 1623 and had married 2. Joane Peirce, daughter of Captain William Peirce and widow of John Rolfe...

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The Court order authorizing Smith's grant of land at Jamestown recors him as an "old planter."

Captain roger Smith, Dec- 1624. In the precincts of James City, butting Swd. upon the pale of the Government's garden and Nwd. upon the ground of Sir George Yeardley...

Smith also was patentee with Captain William Peirce, John Rolfe and "some others" of 1700 acres on Mulberry Island.

After the massacre of March 1622/23 in which five men were killed "about the precincts of Capt. Smith's company, the colonial government relied heavily upon Captain Smith to restore order in the stricken colony and effect a greater degree of safety for the Survivors. He was placed in "Absolute command" in Henrico and Coxendale where the slaughter had been heaviest "for bringing away all people, cattle and supplies." With this accomplished he was back at Jamestown in command at "Pashehaigh" and "The Maine".

Following the massacre when reprisals against the Indians were undertaken, Robert Bennett of "Bennett's Welcome," Wariscoyack, wrote his brother ... After revocation of the charter of the Virginia Company, Captain Smith was continued as a member of the Council.  He was living 1628 when he handled the estate of John Moseley.
Issue:  not established.

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