Wayne County, North Carolina Census Records – Sasser

1830 Census Film 4566 pt 8 
Eli, Arthur, Thomas, William, Joseph, Edward, Lewis, Edwin, John W. , Willie, Rhoderick Sasser
Henry and Ann Sasser and children


1840  Census Film 4567
Henry, Stephen, Arthur, Polly, John W., Ollin, Ollin, Henderson H., Howell, William, Edward, James H., Patsy, Lewis, Ely, Joseph, Robert C.


1850 Census Film 58113 pt. 3
page 1
Bright Sasser, Henry Sasser, Stephen Sasser, Joan Sasser (home of Henry and Mary Herring), William Sasser (home of William Rose)

page 2
Wm Howell with Penny and Nathan Sasser (mulatto)
Joseph and Charlotte Inpraham (?) with Mary Sasser
John and Ann Sasser
Ollin C. Sasser
Martha Sasser
Lewis Sasser
Wm and Martha Harmon with Elizabeth Sasser


 page 3 

Charlotte Sasser, Benagah Sasser (living with Boswell), Wille Sasser (home of Murgrur), Stephen Sasser (home of Gardner), Arcadia Sasser (home of Newson), Teppo Sasser, William Sasser, Jno. W. Sasser, Eli Sasser (home of Starling)


1850 Census

24 Sept Film 58133 pt 11
Anson County
566  Henry Sasser  26  Male     Farmer   Birthplace North Carolina
         Harriet Sasser  21   Female

Wake County p. 267
Phillip Sasser 8 mo in home of Wm D & Mary E Haywood  6 ch

Columbus County p. 234
Mary Sasser  60
Benj  Sasser  38
Susan Sasser  30
Arli Sasser  34 
Eliz  Sasser   32
Lucy Sasser 30
Ann Sasser  25
M Cail S. Coleman  6

Simon Sasser  58 Laborer p 234
in home of Luley McKay 38 Blacksmith

p334 Simon Sasser 33
Eliz A. Sasser  19
Mary H Sasser  2

Mathew G. Sasser  32
Sarah Sasser  26
Rachel A. E Sasser  4
Simon F  Sasser  2
Bryan Singelton  16? 


p. 879
Henry Sasser  78

p 880 Eliz Sasser 35
Wm. H  13
F. Kissiah  12
Eliza  10
Betsy 9
M. Ely  8
Curtis B  6
Lewis  5
Louisa  3
James E  1

p 881  Lewis Sasser (7)  in home of Eliz. Vincent’s 

Hilyard Sasser (30)
Sally Sasser  (25)

p952 Charlotte Sasser 50 in Wm Wiggs (58) household

CharyAnn Sasser 22
Jon H. Sasser 20

p957  Pikeville Dist
in James Edgerton household
Peter Sasser  21 
Joseph Sasser 11
Mary Sasser 16

page 957 Pikeville Dist
Polly Sasser  53
M. Larkin Sasser  21
Mary Sasser  15
Joseph Sasser  11
Lewis Sasser  8

p972  Penelope Sasser  49  in Wm (35) and Susan (32) Howell’s household and 6 ch. and Henry Howell (37)

p978  Lydia Sasser (34) seamstree on Cuzzy Aycock (6) in home of Gabriel Aycock (25) there also


1860 Census Film 4568 pt 6
page 1
William Sasser, Brambly Sasser, T.H. Sasser, John Sasser, Cath Sasser (home of James King), Lewis Sasser (home of Um..), Hilyard Sasser, Enoch Sasser

page 2
Charlotte Sasser

Bright Sasser (home of Soloman Riter and Emily Reton), A.C. Sasser, John Sasser, Howell Sasser, Lewis Sasser, Edward Sasser, A.L. Sasser


1870 Census Film 44570 Pt 13
Henry, Aly, Henry Sasser


page 2
William, Tip0, Polly, Hilyard Arbilla, Kate, Betsy, Henry, Lufort Sasser 


page 3
Martha, Lucy E., Henry, John H., Daniel, Benajah Sasser

Howell, Ollen, Nancy, Lewis, William, B.W., Edward


1870 Census

p. 25
Nancy Sasser  53 Female at home
A.L.  39 Male  farmer
Eliz.  31  Female
David  12  Male
Lewis L.  10 Male
Poneday   8  Male
Willie D.  3 Male
Geo. D  1 Male

Wm Sasser  60 Male  on farm
Polly  25  Female
Martha  5  Female
Anna  3 Female
Wm  F.  1 Male


1880 Census F51620 pt 1126
Lewis, John, William, John W., John, William Sasser


Alexander, John (home of Henry Grant), Henry, J.H., T. H., D.F., James, Wm, Lewis, Joseph Sasser


Howell, Boaz, Aza L. Edward, Olen, Henry Sasser


Eli, Lindy, Mary, Augustus, Eli Sasser