“By a Line of Marked Trees” Abstracts of Currituck County, North Carolina, Deed Books 1-4

page 20 William Ballance, Etheridge

Deed Book 3, pp 123-557

page 20

Etheridge w. to Evan Miller's patent, 1/3 of a patent, 40A; wit: James Etheridge, Sr., Caleb Etheridge, James Etheridge, Jr.; signed Jesse Miller

[121] p. 207: 14 Dec 1770, Nov 1801, 6 Jan 1802; Francis Jackson of Ocacock Island, to WILLIAM BALLANCE, cons £10, plantation of land on Hatteras Banks, 85A, beginning at a stake, 82p, S56W to Jackson's n.e. corner of land patented by Henry Gibbs, 850E146p to Sea Side, 128 poles to Ocacok, N50W120poles; wit: ...

[122] p. 208: 19 Sept 1801, Nov 1801, 6 Jan 1802, WILLIAM BALLANCE of Cape Hatteras Banks, to Reuben Burrus of Cape Hatteras, cons. £25, bounded by marsh at William Quidley's corner, S36E to Robert Burrus's corner, N48E to Sound, with line of patent, N10W to Wm Quidley's line 65A, part of land WILLIAM BALLANCE bought of Thomas Stow, patented by old Samuel Stow, wit: Thos Poyner, Wm BALLANCE, JOSHUA BALLANCE, signed WILLIAM BALLANCE

[123] p208 19 Sept 1801 7 Jan 1802 WILLIAM BALLANCE to William Quidley, Jr. cons $50, land on Hatteras Banks, 75A, bounded by Sound Side at Samuel Stow's line ... signed: WILLIAM BALLANCE

[126] p. 211  12 Sept 1802, Nov 1801, 7 Jan 1802: WILLIAM BALLANCE of Cape Hatteras Banks to Robert Burrus of Cape Hatteras Banks, cons. £25, land on Hatteras Banks, stake at Marsh in Reuben Burrus's corner, S36E8ch45links to WILLIAM BALLANCE's corner, N48E58ch, n. part of Samuel Stow's patent.

page 58 Thomas Ballance, Caleb Ballance

Deed Book 3, pp 123-557

page 58
[328] p375 28 Mar 1803, May 1803, 27 June 1803, Noverint, Thomas Austin Sr. to THOMAS BALLANCE, cons $25, a Negro girl named Vilet; wit: Thomas Farrow, CALEB BALLANCE, signd. Thomas x Austin

page 65 Thomas Ballance, Caleb Ballance, John Peel, Christopher Peel

Deed Books 3-4

page 65
[363] p. 402:  28 Mar 1803, May 1803, 6 July 1803; Thomas Austin, Sr., to THOMAS BALLANCE, cons. $105 Spanish milled, land on Cape Hatteras near Stow's pit, beg. at the Mouth of a drain running e. to a cedar stake, along Sea Side to William Stow's line, along Stow's line to Thomas Austin, Jr's line, n.w. to Frances Rolison's line, s.w. to corner stake, n.w. to a stake in the marsh, N50E with said Rolison's line across Iron Gut, along Sound to 1st sta, containing 90A; wit: Thomas Farrow, CALEB BALLANCE, signed: ThomasxAustine

[365] [/ 4-4"  5 Feb 19-3. <au 19-3. 7 July 1803: JOHN PEEL to CHRISTOPHER PEEL, cons. £10, land in Kinikeet, beg. at a cedar post at the Sound Side adj. JOHN PEEL's line, e. to the Sea Beach to a cedar stake, w. to the Sound, s. along Sound to 1st sta., containing 64A of patent land; wit: Joseph Gray, Christopher Flower, signed. JOHN PEEL

page 97 William, Caleb, Aaron Ballance

page 97

#555 p 526 [--} Aug 1804, 4 Oct 1804, John Burrus of Cape Hatteras Banks to Reuben BUrrus of Cape Hatteras Banks, cons. love and affection for his son Reuben, one parcel of land on Cape Hatteras Banks, part of a patent out of a patent granted Wm Rollinson, beg. at a corner on sea side where grantor's son Zachariah Burrus's 50A which grantor deed to him, to his division line to Sound ... to Sound, to Reuben Burrus's line, across to sea beach, e. along beach to beg. containing 50A; wit: AARON BALLANCE, WM BALLANCE, CALEB BALLANCE
signed John Burrus

page 100 John, Caleb, Aaron Ballance

Deed Book 3, pp 123-557

page 100 
[554] p. 538: 22 Aug 1804, Aug 1804, 10 Oct 184, JOHN BALLANCE of Cape Hatteras Banks to Reuben Burrus of Cape Banks, cons. $80, land on Cape Hatteras Banks, beg. on the c. s. of a Creek called "DUnkins Creek," S32 to a cedar on the side of the Ridge, to she sea beach, N65E to corner of Reuben Burrus's line, N22W to a stake near the Main Road, N44W down the crossway at the creek side, N75W across to old Waisting Place, S10W to beg. corner post, containing 30A, wit: CALEB BALLANCE, AARON BALLANCE signed: JOHN BALLANCE

page 101 John, Thomas, Joshua Ballance

Deed Books 3-4

[557] p540 2 Feb 1802, Aug 1804, 11 Oct 1804, Sarah Austin of Cape Hatteras Banks to JOHN and THOMAS BALLANCE, cons. $5. 1A in a square which subscribers [grantees] have chosen and are not building the Schoolhouse on, "for the use of having their Children Educated," wit: JOSHUA BALLANCE, Rob Burrus, Zachariah Burrus, Reuben Burrus, signed: Sarah x Austin

page 108 Caleb, William Balance, Willis Etheridge

Deed Book 4

[592] pp4-5, 19 Oct 1780, Dec  1781,  27 Feb 1782, CALEB BALLANCE of Parish of Currituck, apprentices his son WILLIAM BALANCE to Edwd Leech to learn trade & mystery of afilmaker [sic], from today till he is 21 years of age; until then he cannot marry or play dice [here ensues a long list of prohibited actiivities]; he gets one year of schooling, "the within apprentice WILLIAM BALANCE was Born the 8th Day of March in the Year of Lord Ann. Dom. 1767," wit: Solomon x Cowell, Willis ETHERIDGE, signed: CALEB BALANCE, Edward Leech

page 155 Henry Etheridge

Deed Books 3-4
page 155
[838]pp 170-171: 16 June 1783, Sept 1783, 23 Oct 1783, HENRY ETHERIDGE and ELIZABETH his wife of Norfolk Co., VA to Josiah Cherry of Currituck, cons £22.10.00 specie of VA, land in back woods of Moyock on the North side of Great Swamp, beg. at a beech tree standing by the side of sd. swamp, SE to a beech, NE to William Power's line, NW to a gum tree in LIWIS Core's corner, SW to 1st sta, containing 50A, wit: George Powers, jurat, THO COX, jurat: signed: HENRY x ETHERIDGE, ELIZABETH x ETHERIDGE

page 228 William Ballance

2499  pg 236  WILLIAM BALLANCE  10 November 1727  225 acres in Currituck precinct, joining a Gum swamp, William Harslet, sd. BALLANCE, Andrew McFashon, and the main swamp  Witnesses:  R. Everard

page 256 William Ballance

2713 pg 118 Daniel Maccoy 16 October 1716  300 acres in Curratuck precinct, joining WILLIAM BALLANCE ...

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