Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1800

by Nell Marion Nugent

975.5 R2n

p120 Thomas Sparrow, Edward Moseley


1292 pg 321 Thomas Sparrow  9 June 1716   700 acres where he now lives, joining a branch below his house, a Cypress pond, and the river near a creek

Witnesses:  Thomas Cary, Saml. Swann, William Glover, Edward Moseley, Francis Foster

p174 John Slaughter

p174  JOHN SLAUGHTER, 50 acs. Nansimund Co., Nov. 3, 1647, Page 134. On the N. side of Nansimund, bet. his own & land of Robert Rockholes. Trans, of 1 pers.*

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p190 John Harper


PETER RIGBY, 450 acs. in Milford Haven, beg. at Rigby Point, running S. S. W. parallel to Lilleys Cr. Aug. 16, 1642, Page 811. Due by assignment from John Story & Thomas Jolly of their right of land for trans, of 9 pers.: John Harper, Tho. & Christopher Adkin, Robert Hopkins, James Winders, John Pollard, Geo. Packman, John Batho, Eliz. Starr.

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p192 Wm Harper


EPAPHRODITUS LAWSON, 1,400 acs. Up. Norf. Co., Feb. 15, 1642, Page 822. Upon New Towne haven River, running N. W. by a bay side called Mount Lawson, adj. More Fontleroy & near John Lewin. 450 acs. by assignment from Bartholomew Hoskins, Admr. of John Bridges, 300 by 2 former patents, & 650 for trans, of: Epaphroditus Lawson, William Lawson, Lettice Lawson, Jon. Palmer, Abraham Moone, Robert Arden, Neale Fee, Jon. Cricklock, Neale Billahea, Rowland Lawson, Wm. Harper, Peter Taylor.

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p196 John Slaughter

p196  SAME. 1,000 acs. lyeing about 10 mi. up on the N. side of Rappa. Riv., adj. land of John Slaughter. 22 May 1650, p. 236. Trans, of 20 pers.*

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Charles Sparrow p181

p181 Mr. Charles Sparrow, 750 Acs., Chas. City Co., p. 168.  Lyeing on  W. side of Chipoaks Cr., N.E. by E. on Martins Brandon & Hackers Cr., S. E. upon Chipoakes Cr. S. W. on the Cross Cr. which separateth the land now set out for Samuell Williams & the 750 acs.  By assignment from Nicholas Perry, 30 Sept. 1645.