Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1800

by Nell Marion Nugent

975.5 R2n

p358-359 Jno. Morgan

p358 Capt. Edward Streater, 3000 acs. Westmoreland Co., 19 Mar 1657, p 143, (210). Upon S. side of Patomock Riv. at the head of Niopsco Cr., N. E. upon Ochaquim Riv. S. E. to Freston pointe, to Mussell Island. Granted unto Elizabeth Burbage 30 Mar 1655 but now deserted for want of seating & now granted for trans. of 60 pers: ... Jno. Morgan ...

p359 Wm. Wildy, 1000 acs on Wwd. side of Hopkins Cr. in Patomeck freshes.  27 Jan 1657 p148 (216). Trans. of 20 pers:  Tho. Radly, Thomas Chester, Jno. WIthers, Dorathy Jones, Eliz. Cook, Tho. Hopkins, John Hopkins, RIchard Walter, Isaac Hill, Eliz. Briggs, Jno. Morgan, Jno. Tally, Robert Digby, Mary Sadler, Elizabeth James, Katherine Chester, Roger Poyton, David Lewellin, Richard Luckett, Jno. Adlome (or Adcome). Note: This patent is taken up in the name of George Colclough.


p370 Jno. Morgan

p370 Thomas Jones, 1000 acs. Rappa. Co., 5 Sept. 1658 p187 (275). On branches of Pascatticon Sw. Trans. of 20 pets:  Thomas Tipper .... Thomas Joines, Jno. Morgan, Wm. Corman

p329 William Ballance

William Justice 1,198 acres Charles City County near Flower de hundred Creek 26 April 1646 p. 26 (41) adjoining land of Cheney Boice. Granted Capt. John Frame 1 Sept. 1643 and due said William Justice marriage to the daughter and heir of said Frame, as also for the transport of 24 persons", including the name of William Ballance.
Rebecca Frame was also lsited as a passenger on the ship.

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p347 William Hatcher

MR. HENRY RANDOLPH, 150 acs. Henrico Co., 22 July 1657, p. 100, (149). At Appamattock Riv., Nly. upon the first creek by the wading place, adj. Ely. upon land of Mary Box, thence Sly. etc. Granted unto William Hatcher 29 May 1638, by whom it was deserted, & due sd. Randolph for trans, of 3 pers.

p426 Robert Peele

ROBERT PEELE. 350 acs. on S.W. side of Pasbetanke River, between land of Doctor Relfe & John Battle, running S.W. &c. 25 Sept. 1663, p. 96 (588). Trans, of 7 pers: Wm. Cornix, Jno. Shard, Mary Carter, Jno. Sarmar, Wm. Whiter, Mary Jones, Jno. Shalpe.

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p427 William West

MR. WILLIAM WEST, 2500 acs. on the E. side of Pequimmin River, about 6 or 7 miles up the same, beg. on a point of land neere the great Marsh nigh an Indian feild, running N.E. &c. to the mouth of a small creeke called Curraticke & from thence up the said river of Pequemim. 25 Sept. 1663, p. 96 (589). Trans, of 50 pers: Jno. Mison, Tho. Cox, Wm. Camp, Wm. Jones, Mary Yong, Tho. Carew, Ed. Frith, Wm. Stephens, Jno. Shans, Marke Williams,, Jno. Sarson, Tho. Cooly, Mary Karp, Jno. Sanders, Wm. Fewell, Marke Lun, Wm. Capp, Tho. Stone, "& 32 more."

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