p. 525
Jesse Cobb 1777-1779
William Fellows 1778

General Assembly
Richard McKenne 1791-1798
Richard Croom 1800-1801
Richard McKinne 1804-1806
Benjamin Aycock 22 1863-1866
Benjamin F. Aycock 10(9) 1889-1893
Benjamin F. Aycock 9 1901
Benjamin F. Aycock 9 1907-1908
Henry B. Ivey 8 1929

Stephen Cobb 1780
Richard McKinne 1782-1783
Richard McKinne 1786-1787
Richard McKinne 1790
Arthur Barden 1824-25
John W. Sasser 1828-1832

p. 527
3. Captain Thomas Williams’ Company
Thomas Acock

4. Captain Benjamin Sheppard’s Company
Sands Stanley

5. Captain Jesse Grainger’s Company: (1776)
This Company consisted of 24 officers and men. The number of days each served on the Expedition to Moore’s Creek is indicated.
William Sasser, Lieutenant 23 days
Jacob Hooks, Adjutant, 7 days service. Also with 7 days service, John Fellow…
Privates with 7 days service – Stephen Sasser…

p 528
Captain Jesse Cobb’s Company of Minutemen
This Company consisted of 67 officers and men serving on the Expedition to Moore’s Creek Bridge. Unfortunately, Captain Cobb’s report did not give individual names of the 58 privates in his Company of Minutemen.
Jesse Cobb, Captain – 23 days service, Moores Creek Expedition…

2nd Expedition to Wilmington and Lower Cape Fear, 36 Days Service:
Jesse Cobb, Captain of the Minute Men Company. William Cobb, Lieutenant … John Cox, Corporal…

8. Captain William Fellows’ Company of Dobbs Militia
The members of this Comapny served on the expedition to Moore’s Creek 36 days. William Fellow, Captain, Jacob Hooks, Lieutenant …
Privates: Stephen Sasser

p. 529 Agricultural Society of Wayne County
Jno. Cox Jr.
Wm. Cox
Jno. Cox
Robert Peel
LEwis Sasser
Jno. W. Sasser

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