Kinfolks of Wayne County North Carolina 1793-1832 Deed Book 5-E

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page 9

page 181 Jacob Herring sold land witnessed by Benjamin Herring & Simon Herring  2 Feb 1795.
p. 185 Jacob Herring deed of gift to his son-in-law Simon Herring witnessed by Benjamin Herring 4 Apr 1795.

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p.247 John Ivey sold part of a tract of land formerly granted to Robert Ivey, this Aug. 7, 1795.

Page 13
p.260  Jacob Herring Sr. deed to Benjamin Herring  7 Nov 1795

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Page 17

p356 Jacob Herring, Senr., deed of gift to his son, Jacob Herring, Junr., witnessed by Benjamin Herring, April 11, 1796.

p. 366 Penelope Cobb as widow of James Cobb, deceased, and Penelope Cobb, Robert Gully, and William Hackney as executors of said James Cobb, deceased, deed to Brittain Simms, witnessed by Barnes Simms and Stephen Cobb, May 8, 1795.

p.369 ... Benjamin Cobb ...

p.374 James Barden deed to Jesse Aycock for part of a tract of land that was granted to Jacob Barden by patent bearing date Oct. 15, 1761, that was sold to said Aycock by Jacob Barden but this part was omitted from the deed by error, Oct. 1, 1796.



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page 20
#425 Stephen Cobb deed to Robert Hardy, son of John Hardy, witnessed by Benja. Cobb, 1796.

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Page 24

p.513 Penelope Cobb deed of gift to her children, to wit, John Cobb, James Cobb, Rhody Cobb, and Marthew Cobb, all of Wayne Co.; she was the widow of James Cobb, witnessed by Benja. Cobb and Marey Cobb, Jan. 1, 1796.


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Page 26

page 544 Joseph Edgerton of Randolph Co., N.C. deed to William Peacock, witnessed by Abraham Peacock, Jan. 14, 1795.

(p. 546) Benjamin Cobb of Nash Co., N.C. deed of gft to John Bridgers Cobb, son of James Cobb, deceased; Benjamin Cobb was son of Patience Cobb, witnessed by Stephen Cobb, Aug. 25, 1796.

(p. 557) John Barden deed to Woodard Barden, Jan. 9, 1798.

(p. 567) Nathan Cobb was given land by a jury in the division of the lands of Stephen Cobb, deceased, this April 15, 1795.


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page 27

(p. 562) ... Simon Barden

(p. 566) James Edgerton sold land that was formerly devised by Thomas Edgerton, to his son, John Edgerton who died in nonage and the land was sold to said James Edgerton as the highest bidder, Nov. 19, 1796.

(p. 567)  Nathan Cobb was given land by a jury in the division of the lands of Stephen Cobb, deceased this April 15, 1795.

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(page 579) James Sasser and Lazarus Crawford sold land that was formerly conveyed by John Sasser to his son, William Sasser, and from said William to James Sasser, witnessed by J. Crawford, Feb. 17, 1798.

(page 583) Joel Herring and Jean Herring, widow of Solomon Herring ... April 15, 1797.


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by Joseph Watson