Lower Norfolk, Virginia Book C

page 23 Thoms Ivey, Timothy Ives



Timothy Ives

Uppon ye full hearinge of ye cause betweene THOMAS IVEY plt & Henery Merritt def: It is order ye sd Merritt pay unto ye sd IVEY One / Thousand Nyne hundred twety & Eight pounds of tobacco beinge found ...

page 24 Thomas Ivey

page 24

It is by this Cort: Ordered ye sevrall sons hereunder Nominated /orderered and appointed Within their sevrall precincts for their bringinge in of / their sevrall Lists of ... tyteable sons, & of their sevrall ages, shall /gringe ye same to the Clerke of the Court by ye fifteenth day of July / next Ensewinge Viz:

Thomas Ivey

page 34 Thomas Ivey, William Moseley

page 34

Coll: Ffrancis Yardley ... on behalfe of Mr: William Moseley...

appeale: CONQUEST
Whereas thereis a difference dependinge in this Cort: betweene THOMAS IVEY / plt & Richard Conquest gent ...

page 91 Tho Ivey

page 91 ... dismissed with costs of suit:

Tho: Ivey

page 119 Thomas Ivey

page 119  Ordered to be Recorded ye 15th day of August 1653: 
An Inventory of the Estate of Capt John Sibsey deceased taken this / Third day of September Dom: 1652: & appraised uppon oath by Lemuell ? Mason: William Jermy: THOMAS IVEY & George Kempe: accordinge to an order / of ... hearinge Date ye: 16th day August A. dom 1652:

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page 138 William Moseley

page 138 

Henery Woodhouse

... between Mrs: Elizabeth Sibsey / plt: and Mr: THOMAS IVY deft: that the said IVY for ye Vindicatinge / and regaininge of ye good name of ye defamed, doe conclud and agree yet ye said IVY shall stand in open Court ye be held in this place / from: nine till 3 in ye after noone with: these exprest words in Capitall / letters standinge vefore & behind on his hatt I: THO:IVY do confess / and acknowledge to have Wrongfully defamed Mrs.: Elizabeth Sibsey ...

page 157 Thomas Ivey

page 157 

An attachmt: is granted unto THOMAS IVEY agt: soe much of the Estate belonginge / to the Wrecke of Capt: Lucks Shipp in the hands of Richard Conquest gent / as shalbecome satisfactory fo ye some of Two thousand & eight hundred / pounds of tobacco, beinge due to him by an order made by the Comrs: for ye/sd Wrecke.

page 197 Thomas Ivey

page 197

vs. Sibsey/Exec: fit/Cop:fit Mr:/Mason
Whereas at ye last Cort: ... The /sd Mr: Mason this Cort: appearinge & makinge appeare by ye oath of /THOMAS IVEY, that ye sd Gearey acknowledge himselfe indebted to ye sd /Gunnell before ye sd IVEY capt: ...

page 215 Thoms Ivey

page 215

Uppon ye peticon of THOMAS IVEY It is ordered yt Richard Conquest / gent: deliver upp soe many bills belonginge to ye Estate of Capt. Lucks / Shipp being a wreck as shall amount unto ye some of Two thousand / & Eight hundred pounds of tobacco beinge due to him by order made / by the Admrs for ye sd Wrecke, into ye hands of ye Shreive for this / County And there to remayne untill further order als Execucon:

page 223 Thomas Ivy

page 223

... in ye sents of:

Recorded the 26th: of Septembr: 1654

page 250 Thomas Ivy

Item 114b Thomas Ivey, Juror



page 259 Thomas Ivey

page 259 

Lres of Administracon of the estate of THOMAS IVEY is granted to  George Kempe, he being A great Creditor & putting in security / according to Act of Assembly. W. Lemuell Mason being paid in / the first place ffive hundred pounds of tob: ... until his Deb be / fully paied Due to him from THO:IVEY, And likewise to ... Mr. Thomas willoughbyes Debt, out of the estate Due to him from/THOMAS IVEY.

page 313 Simon Hancocke

page 313
... We whoe names are underwritten have praized / the estate of SIMON HANCOCKE Deceased, according to  order of Cort: to the best of or knowledge

page 316

page 316


Item THO:IVYE'sbill   0043

page 322 Thoms Ivy

page 322

  1. Whereas Mr Lemuell Mason hath made it appeare to this Cort / that there is Due to him by bill out of the Estate of THO: IVEY / Deed Eleaven hundred Nyntie & three pounds of tob: and / Caske.  It is therefore ordered that paymt thereof be made in the / first place out of the said estate unto the said Mr Mason or / his assignes together with forbearance & Cort chardges als Exec:
  2.  Where Mr Tho: Willoughbye hath made it appeare to this Cort / that there is Due to him by bill out of the Estate of THO: IVEY Decd / twelve hundred twentie & five pounds of tob: & Caske:  It is / therefore ordered that paymt there be made in the second / place out of the said estate, unto the said Mr Willoughbye or his assignes with forbearance & Cort hardges als Execuson
page 352 Thomas Ivy, William Moseley

page 352
Whereas Mr William Daynes hath made it appeare to this Cort that there is Due to him out of the Estate of THOMAS IVEY Deed two hundred / thirty and two pounds of tob: by acct. It is therefore ordered that / paymt thereof be made unto the said Daynes or his assignes with / Cort Chardges out of the said Estate. Robt Woody, veing the acct the next Cort.

Where the peticon of Mr. Willm Moseley A bate of the last will and testamt of his Deed father Mr Wm: Moseley is granted unto him, he being / Ex named in ye said will, & putting in security according to Act of Assembly

Whereas the peticon of Mr. Willm Moseley Lres of adm con are gratned unto him of / Mris Susan Moseley widd his Decd mothers Estate he putting in a security according to Act of Assembly.

page 414 Thomas Ivey

page 414

An order is granted Unto Jaspar Hoskinson for ye paymt of Two hundred / & fifty pounds of tobco & Caske dew by Specialty To Capt Blake/Surveyor out of the estate of THOMAS IVEY deceased

page 463 Thomas Ivey

page 463 

IVIEs estate
Upon ye request of Mayor Lemuell Mason It is ordered that Mr James Thelaball & Mr Richd Conquest Wm Langley & Jaspar Hogskinson / shalbee requested to meete on ye 30th Instant at ye house of ye sd / Mayor Masons to appraise some Cattle seised on by execucon/ belonging to the estate of THOMAS IVEY dec