Wayne County
Established in 1779 from Dobbs County. A few early court records are missing; reason unknown.

Division of the Estate of William Sasser

William Sasser Inventory

Inventory continued

Amount of Sails of the estate of Wm Sasser Esq. Dec'd  Oct Court 1782


Wayne County 30th Jany 1787
This day Edith Wise came before me one of the Justices of Peace for said County and made oath that the within Acct as it now stands ... is just and true.

Rich. McKinne JP

The Guardians of the orphans of Wm Sasser dec'd

Josiah Wise Guardian Wm Sasser

Account the orphans of Wm Sasser dec'd w Josiah Wise Guardian

The Orphans of William Sasser dec'd 
Jany 30 1787

To Josiah Wise Acct. for Schooling, Boarding and clothing the said orphans and keeping of supporting two little Negroes of his Acct rendered

Balance due the orphans 29.17.11 Feby 1785

By three of 2 Negroes named Tom and Sampson one years
Bhdo of 2do named Abram and Amy do
By one year interest of the above sum of ...
Feb 1785 BY three of 2 negroes names Tom and Sampson
By do of 2 do named Abram and Davy
By do of Negro girl Amy
April 1787 By 18 months interest on
... 3 being the orphans part of the ballance in the acct. current 

Anne Sassers part:
1 Negroe Girl named Jinny valued to ...
1 do Man do Sampso do ...
1 do Boy do Abram do ...
Balance due her in the hand of the Administrator

And that we have delivered James and Anne Sassers part of said Division except what is now in the hands of the Administrator to Richard McKinne Esq Guardian to said Orphans and Have hired Sarah Sassers Negroes from this present date till April Court for the Sum of Four pounds twelve Shillings .. pence

30 Jan 1787
William Fellows
Wm Whitfield
Josiah Jernigan

Division of orphan of William Sasser

A division of the orphans of Wm Sasser

Acct current of the Estate of Wm Sasser dec'd with the Administrator

More inventory

In obedience to an order of Court to us directed we have proceeded to settle the Acct current of the estate of WIlliam Sasser deceased and find a blanace of one hundred and ninety pounds Eleven Shillings and eleven pence due the Estate.

Wm Whitfield
William Fellows
Josiah Jernigan

Edith Sasser
Robert Sims
William Hooks
John Fellow
John Sasser
John Fleetwood
William Blackman
William Sasser
William Fellows


Sheriff of Wayne ... commanded to take the body of Phillip Roaford let of Wayne County planter ... have him before the justices of the County Court of Pleas ... ont he second Monday of July next; then and there to answer unto Richard Caswell Esq assignee of Edith Sasser Adm. of the estate of William Sasser Deceased, of a plea of Trespass on the C...  Damage Fifty pound specie

Herein faild not; and have you there this Writ Witness James Cobb Clerk of the said Court at office the fifteenth Day of April 1789

25 July 1817 and individuals on the division of estate inventory

In account of sales of the estate of Wm Sasser Dec'd
Stephen Sasser
JC Pinder
Thomas C Bardbury
TC Bradbuy
John Sasser
John Molton

25 July 1817 Sheriff of Johnston - John Saunders adm of William Sasser  166 pds 10 shillings which William Hollister ... recovered against him for debt and damage.  Also 515 shillings 3 pence.

More inventories:
Edith Sasser
Lewis Ginley
Robert Sims
John Molten
Robert Hooks
Silas Hollimon
William Fellows Jesse Herren

Edith Sasser
Jesse Herrin
Samuel Boyt
SIlas Holiman
Lewis Ginley
Robert Sims
Samuel H?

Edith Sasser
David Gurnign
John Fleetwood
Jesse Herrin
Daniel Cook
Robert Hooks
Robert Sims

Edith Sasser
Jesse Herrin
H? Hines
Lewis Girly
Thomas B.. Esq.
Silas Holliman
Samuel BLyth
Robert Sims
William Hooks
William Alford

July Court 1793


An inventory of a small parsel of my Husbs Estate that have come to my notice? since I returned my inventory to count one mare and two judges
July 9, 1782
Edith Sasser. Adm.

Josiah wise is constituted and appointed guardian to James Sasser, a Minor Orphan; now if the said Josiah Wisse ... improving the estate of the said Nancy Sasser that shall come into his possession for the benefit of the said Nancy Sasser until she shall arrive at full age ... 

Josiah Wise Guard. Bond 
Nancy Sasser Minor  Jany 1790

The report of the commitee on J. Wise on the estate of Anne Sasser 
Jan 1804

Richard McKinne

... make the following report, First from the records of said Court is appears the the said Josiah Wise as appointed Guardian to the said Anne then Orphan, At Jany Court 1790 that the said Josiah Wise took into his possession two Negroes (to wit) Sampson and Abram the property of the said Anne that he hired out the said Negores but failed to keep an acct of the amt of the hire during his guardianship which from the best authority we have been able to obtain was about six years
That from the neglect of said Guardian it has not been in our power to estimate from what is concerned to be the real value of said Negroes (to wit) that Sampson ... of hire for ... 

Sarah Sasser minor 1797