North Carolina U.S. Wills and Probate Records 1665-1998

Robert Peele of Northampton, North Carolina

Will Date1 Jan 1782
Probate Date1782
Probate PlaceNorthampton, North Carolina, USA
Inferred Death Year1782
Inferred Death PlaceNorth Carolina, USA
Item DescriptionWills, C R 071 801 35, Peebles, Mary-Piland, William C, 1782-1949

To each of five eldest children; Robert, Isaac Peele, Elizabeth Bryant, Mary Hollowell and Sarah Newsom; whatever they already possess.
To my son, David Peele, and my son in-law Cornelius Outland and my daughters, Judith, Rachel and Celia – my six negroes –
My daughter, Sarah Newsom, Bed and Furniture My daughter, Abba Jinnet, 1 horse, etc.
Two daughters, Rachel and Celia – Furniture
To my son, David Peele My daughter, Judith Cox
My daughter, Abba Jinnet My son in-law Cornelius Outland
My grandchildren Joel Peele and Charity, son and daughter of my son Jeremiah Peele, deceased. Plant sold – divided equally between children except Judith Cox and Abba Jennit. Thos. White, Richard Jordan, Executors 1 Jan 1782 Witnesses: Benj. Jordan Sept. Ct. 1782 John Hillman Bryan Dauchtry Joseph Jordan