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Daniel Sparrow Land Deed

000F00138 PLAT BK 000F

____under’s, Routs, Issues and Profits of the 13 same and all the Estate, Right, Title, Interest.  Claim and Demand of him the said John Singleton to the said Plantation Tract or parcel of Land claiming or belonging  ?  The said John Singleton do by these presents warrent and forever defeud all and Singular the above mentioned Bargained premises from him and his Heirs & af signs forever & from all and every other person or persons whatsoever and from all & every Incumbrance of any kind or nature whatever that may happen by him or his Heirs except the Public Tax & quitt Reuts to commence from the date hereof and farther the said John Singleton do Covenant & agree to and with the said Daniel Sparrow and his Heirs that will on Demand make good all other Deeds, Leases or writing as may by the Learned in Land? think requisite or necessary.  I Witness whereof we have here unto interchangeably sel our lands and seals the day and year above written.  Issued, sealed and delivered in the presence of us. 

Wm Dampeer John Singleton

Thomas Jones

Joel Stokes

Received the day & year first within written of the within named Daniel Sparrow the sum of twenty pounds current money of South Carolina it being the full consideration money within mentioned I say rec. by me.  Wm Dampeer John Singleton

South Carolina.  Sumeter district.

Personally appeared before me Williams Dampeer who being duly sworn sayeth on his oath that he saw John Singleton sign, Seal and deliver this Instrument of writing for the purposes within mentioned and also that he saw Thomas Jones and Joel Stokes assign as Witnesses with himself at the same time.  Sworn to before me May 31st day 1794.

John Singleton J.P. Wm Dampeer

South Carolina

Pursuant to the request of Mr. John Langston I have admeasured and resurveyed and laid out unto him one plantation or tract of land containing one hundred and forty three acres situate in the District of Sumeter on the East Prong of Black River and camp Branch and is bounded on the South west sides by lands owned by himself on the North side by lands, owned by William Josey on the East side by Lands owned by Mr D. Witherspoon and hath such shape, form, marks, buttings & Brundings as the above plat represents surveyed this 30 December 1819.

Recorded 8 May 1820 John Peebles

Dep. Surv.