The Hancock Family of Virginia

page 98

  1. William Hancock, in Virginia 1620, massacred on march 22, 1622 by savages at Thorpe’s House, Berkeley Hundred, fifty miles from Charles City, Virginia. The name of his wife is not known. Issue:
    1) Augustin Hancock came to Virginia in 1630, to claim the estate left by his father. The name of his wife is not known. (Issue listed on document)
    2) Simon Hancock, ancestor of the Hancock Family in Virginia, was a planter and appears to have settled on the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River, in Lynhaven Parish, in what is now Princess Anne County, Va., as early as 1637. It is not definitely known that he was a son (page 99) of William Hancock. The earliest record of SImon Hancock occurs under date of April 12, 1641, from an entry in Lower Norfolk County. On June 1, 1652, certificate was granted to Simon Hancock for 200 acres for the transportation into the Colony of Randall Hewett, John Cooper, SImon Robinson, and George Gay (See New England HIstorical Magazine, Vol. 47, page 193) Simon Hancock died between June 1, 1652 and June 22, 1654. The sureties for his widow Elizabeth ( – ) Hancock were William Moseley, and John Carraway. She married 2nd WIlliam Pigott (Pigot), and her will, dated 1 April 1689 was proved May 15, 1689. Issue: 1) Simon Hancock 2)William Hancock 3) Robert Hancock m. Johan Ligon p. 326, Vol. 1 Robert born ca 1650 died 1709; married ca. 1672 Johan Ligon, daughter of Col. Thomas Ligon of Henrico County, who married Mary Harris, daughter of Capt. Thomas Harris, born 1586, in Virginia 1611 and his wife, Adria Gurganey. The first mention of Robert Hancock in the Henrico County records occurs in 1679; his wife survived him seventeen years and her will dated Feb 22, 1726 was proved Nov. 7, 1728 in Henrico County. Issue: 1) Sarah Hancock m. Arthur Moseley 2) Mary Hancock b. ca 1675 m John Hatcher, 3) William Hancock b. ca. 1678 D. before 1719, 4) Johan Hancock m. Samuel Hancock II, 5) Elizabeth Hancock b. ca. 1682 d. before 1731 (page 100) 6) Robert Hancock b. ca 1684 m. Margaret — d. before 1745 7) Phoebe Hancock b. ca. 1686/ m Mr. Bailey