May it be remembered that I Thomas Aycock of the state of North Carolina & County of Wayne being sick but of perfect mind and memory make and ordain this my last will & testament as follows (fir?)st it is my will and desire that my body be buried in a decent Christian like manner & that all my past debts be paid before my property be distributed and now I come to dispose of the rest of my worldly Estate which it hath pleased God to bestow me with In the manner and form as follows VF? st I give and Bequeath to my wife Sarah Aycock the whole & sole of my Estate to she & her heirs for ever. Also I constitute and appoint my wife Sarah Aycock my whole & sole Exetor to this my last will and testament line approx I have hereunto set my hand and allix my seal In presence of my this the 26th day of August 1807

Benj Simms     his
Turner Dickinson         Thomas Aycock (Seal)                                       Mark

A true inventory of the Estate of THomas

Aycock late of Wayn County Deed taken the 13th of Nov. 1807 11P.

9 head of Cattle
13 head of Hogs & feather Bed & furniture & bed shads
4 chairs & Springin wheals
5 pr cards
1 loom & gear
2 tables
1 chest
1 box
3 pots
2 barrels
1 frying pan & skillet & griddle
1 water pale &
3 higgine
3 dishes
5 basons
10 plate
2 earthen bobs
2 tumblers
1 jug
14 spoons
2 plow hoes
1 cutter
3 weading hoes
1 grubing hoe
1 tea pot
1 coffe pot
1 tea cup
3 bells
1 raw hide
A quantity of flax & cotton
A quantity of corn & fodder
2 bred trays
1 wooden bole
1 sefter
1 chamber pot
2 washing tubs
1 case of knives & forks
1 small jack knife
A parcel of potatoes
1 ax
1 churn
2 saddles
1 pr flat irons
1 bridle
1 plow famr
1 bridle bit
a quantity of gurns
2 razors
A parcel of spin cotton
1 halter
1 shires? Morter
1 pr of winding blacks& real four geese and a quantity of fowls
Some beans
3 baskets
1 bottle
3 books
1 half bushel
1 chisel
A pacil of tobacco
1 pr collar
8 hams
1 pr share
3 pr crssirs
1 pr flesh forks
2 pr pot hoods
Sarah Aycock Exet