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Thomas Ruffin Aycock

Bettie Jane Ballance Aycock

Bettie Aycock Family

Bettie Aycock Family 1899

Thomas Ruffin Aycock Home, Nahunta Lane, Nahunta, North Carolina

Nahunta Lane (picture taken in 2013 by Pamela Smith Werner)

Aycock Family Clock

Family Clock (in possession of Delma Aycock Coston)

Herman Barnes (son of Thomas Ruffin) and Hilda Aycock

Herman and Hilda 1916

Delma Aycock Coston (daughter of Herman Aycock)

Delma making biscuits

Delma Aycock Coston, Jerald and Virginia Harper, Lavina Harper

Delma Aycock Coston with Family Record Book

Thomas Bayron (son of Herman)

Dimple Aycock Mellor (daughter of Herman)

Robert Aycock (son Thomas Ruffin Aycock)

Alma Ishmael Aycock Harper (daughter of Thomas Ruffin)

Adrian and Beatrice Aycock Harper

Beatrice Aycock Harper

Beatrice Aycock home - taken by Pam Werner when on trip with Aunt Lavina Harper.

Beatrice Amy Aycock Harper

Lavina Harper (daughter of Alma Aycock)

Lunch with Delma and her husband at Aunt Lavina's favorite barbecue spot - Pam's visit to North Carolina with Lavina