page 1 Abel, Arthur Sasser, Wm, Henry Sasser

Johnston Co, N.C.

p174 Bk V1 Ind. md 25 Feb 1796 bet James Hinnant & Wm Sasser both Johnston Co - land both sides Little Buffalo Swamp, beg stake on John Newsom's line east to maple on Abel Sasser line so to his corner east to Wm Sasser line Abel Sasser corner, then So to Jesse Kirbys line west along his line -- to beg 150 a
Abel and Arthur Sasser Feb term 1796

p184 Bk V1 -  1 Sep 1797  bet. Wm. Sasser , Esq., High Sheriff of Johnston Co & John Stevens Jr.  by w. ret. May Term 1797.   1/2 a. lot between town of Smithfield of estate of Henry Gray purchased of John Smith, Sr.
Robert Gulley jr.    Aug term   1797
Ben Pryour  6.3.6.

p185.  11 Sept 1797  Bet John Sevens Jr and William Sasser.  1/2 acre same above lot 69
Wm Watson
John Pool   Aug Term 1797

p203.  Wm Sasser Sher.: for debt to Bryan Matthews and Haudy ag John Fails - 3 negroes - Josiah Blackman highest bidder  20 Mar 1797.

p283. Sheriff est of Henry Strudivant 29 May 1797. 

Bk V1 p321 - Ind. made 27 Nov 1797 bet Wm Sasser Johnston and Abel Sasser same. land on N. Little Buffaloe swamp two pieces -one part of a grant 175a total
ted.  Henry Sasser, Wm Sasser -  Nov term 1797

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page 2 William Sasser, Henry Sasser, Elizabeth Sasser, Lewis Sasser, Wm Sasser

Book H2

p232 William Sasser of Johnston Co NC for love and affection for my son Henry Sasser chattals Jesse Sillivant  19 Mar 1814  Wm Sasser his mark
Michael X Odam   Feb term 1815

p277  1st Nov 1812 bet  William Sasser Johnston and William Whittington £50 land in Johnston both sides to Black Creek - near Mirey Branch  100a. grnt fr. State to Miles Brooks dtd. 30 Dec 1779         
Will Sasser

Burt Blackburn      Aug Term 1815
Hy Massingill

p309 -  27 June 1815  bet. Elizabeth Sasser (Josiah's daughter) of Johnston  $125   to Lewis Sasser (Josiah's son) all rights to land descending to me from estate of Brother William Sasser (Josiah's son) decd 
Isaac Williams           Elizabeth X Sasser
Elizabeth Blackman (1/2 sister)      Nov Term 1815

p112  2 Mar 1812 bet Wm Whitington & Wm Sasser for $100.  land in Johnston on Steephill Br. join on east the Caprefair Road.  Beg. on Wm. Smith lines  N-E to Ridge Cart Path south to Mary Wilders line west to beg.  150a
James Whitenton               William Whitenton
William M Wilder       May 1817

p171  #2073. Grnt Henry Sasser 75a. 
Beg at Thomas Kirby line so. to Kirby's corner E to Kirby corner to Thomas Atkinson line 

23 May1815    Reg 30 Sept 1817

page 3 Henry Sasser, Wm Sasser, Abel Sasser, William Sasser


110. Agreemen between Sampson Edwards and Michael Herring - land on n side Moskeson Swamp being pt of survey granted to Henry Raines - to pine in Ambrose Raines line est. 200a   5 Aug 1800
Graddy Herring
Jeremiah Gurley

214.  27 Feb 1800 bet. Thos. Kirby and Henry Sasser, land both sides of head of Black Creek adj. Wm Sasser. Sasser line beg Black Jack corner in the Grant runs south 140 p. to a stake, a corner agreed on the et sd. Thomas Kirby plus Henry Sas in prinpal line west 15 p to pine agree corner N. 140 p. to red oak E to beg 100a 
Wit: Wm Sasser, Thomas Kirby, John Sillivant  

#215.  23 Feb 1801 bet. Wm Sasser and Henry Sasser, £200 4 tracts of land all joined together:
1st grnt taken dtd 21 Oct 1782 beg at Black Jack Rd runs in 160 p to pine at head of Long et. with line to Huckleberry Br  to Maple a. corner agreed in principal line so along Br. to mouth of Buffalo swamp  down swamp to gum in swamp. So to Maple a corner on grnt East to beg cont. 125a. 

2nd g. laden out dtd 16 nov 1790 on Buff. Swamp
Jesse Kirbys line

3rd 18 Dec 1799 beg pine wa poles to stake along with north line of swamp corner ag. up swps to Black Gum corner agreed E. to beg 50a

4th Abel Sassers. corner S108 p to stake-East 36 p to pine in James Rentfrow's line - to line N 66p to pine - to stake E.9 p to stake S. 34 p to pine E 45p to James Brown corner N 49p to Black Jack N Michael Odams line West 145 to Oak to corner agreed dtd  bet Wm Sasser and Niel Rentrfrows principal line to beg 50a,

to all interests and purposes as appears on indefeasable Estates of Inheritance in fee simple (inherited land) (Ownership land with unrestricted rights of disposition.)

335 a.    William Sasser  Feb term 1801
Thomas Kirby
James Kirby

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page 4 Wm Sasser, Abel Sasser, Arthur, Henry Ann Sasser, Joseph Sasser, Wm Sasser Jr

321. 27 Nov 1797 bet Wm Sasser of Johnston & Abel Sasser same for $30 2 prc land in Johnston Co - N side Little Buffalo - 1st big pine suns S 56 p to black ... in edge of Swamp - down sup. west 80 p to Maple at edge of Bk. Swamp n. 156 p to pine East 196 to stake in Meadow S 100 p thence to last st.   2nd pt. being pt of grant beg at pine East to Maple nr Huckleberryby act Br. down Buffalo to bth ... N 56 p to beg both parcels cont 175 ac 

334.  12 Oct 1797 bet Wm Sasser & Arthur Sasser for £10 land in Johnston on Wilson Swamp above Wid. Keens adj. Solomon Watson line Beg at lightwood Stump  E 40p to Red Oak. N 110 p to post oak 2 120 to pine S110 to Solom Waters line then E to beg cont 150a being part of gnt to sd. Wm Sasser of 9 Oct 1783
wit. Henry and Ann Sasser 

282.  11 Nov 1797 bet Arthur Sasser & Obediah Waters £30 land in Black Creek.  Beg at Maple on Black Crk runs S61 pts Oaks - W232 poke to the corner on a pine - N48 pole to bay on sd cr. down dr to beg cont. 75acres be part of grnt of 156a
Arthur X Sasser 
Henry & Joseph Sasser

363. #1221 grant beg a pine on James Watson & Alex Keens corner 2 Caven p to stake in Wm Sasser Junr west with his line past line 168 pr to pine N 162 pole to corner pine then with line to beg. 

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page 5 Wm Sasser

137.  Ind 13 May 1797 bet Wm Sasser esq and Caleb Penny - land held by Price - sold to pay debt due Penny.  1796  250 a.

Book Z1 pt 7 - 190.  Ind 9 Feb 1799. bet Joseph Atkinson & Wm Sasser for £25 - land 75 a being part of grnt to Atkinson  26 Oct 1798
Jno Stevens Jr.
EllickXGreene  Feb 1799

235.  7 Feb 1799 bet. William Durham & Wm Sasser 20S. land nr Black Mingo joining land bought by me at Public sale prop of John Connely
Adm. for Aggy Lynch
Bry Smith         Wm Durham
Jn Smith Jr           May 1799

film 4805 fnc J1g pt 7

page 6 Wm Sasser, Abel Sasser,

8. #1724   505 per 100 a pd by Wm Sasser 
100 a beg at stake on Abel Sasser corner S- a pine on James Rentfrows line - to James Browns corner - to Michael Odams - to Lewis Grices corner - to Noel Rentfrows line 
Entrance  2 Mar 1797
Reg  14 Oct 1801

10. Wm Sasser Sr.   92a both S of Buffalo Swamp
Wm Hinnants line entered 7 Mar 1797.
Wit. Benj. Williams  18 Dec 1799.  reg 14 Oct 1801

170. I John Pool sr. appoint my friend Wm Sasser my atty - for negro man disappeared 10 Sept 1794  reg Feb session 1802

a2 pt 7

page 7 John, Henry Sasser, Nancy Sasser, Pharabe Sasser, Nathan Pike

Feb 1817
42. Jesse Slocumb Gdn Nancy, John and Henry Sasser (Heirs of James Sasser)

43. Miss Nancy Sasser acct with Slocumb 

44. John Sasser (minor) acct with Slocumb

45. James Henry Sasser (minor) acct with Slocumb

                 Philip Hooks  next ....

306. John Sasser  6 Nov 1819  Feb ct 1820

315.  sale of of Sasser property  25 Nov 1819, by Nath. Pike $702.09  acct. Nov 1821 ...

356 Nancy Sasser by Jesse Slocumb  Aug 1820
John (minor) by Jesse Slocumb  
Henry Sasser

26 Feb 1820 Pharabe Sasser
2 so Rhodreck & James Tart Sasser land
Harriet Cook (sister?)
my 4 ch. Rhodrick Mehala Arcadeth James
Benj. Boswell, Rhodrick Entries
wit: Nathan Pike  May 1821
Isaac Cook

film 4983 fnc 4a pt 4

page 8 Joseph Sasser, John Pearce, Henry, Arthur Sasser, Wm Sasser

322. 11 Nov 1797 bet Wm Bateman of Johnston & Joseph Sasser land both sides Scull Meadow br beg at stakes on his own corner in John Speevys line W to John Pearce's line  to Everett Pearce's corner 250a.
Wit: Henry Sasser
Arthur X Sasser Nov 1797

334.  12 Oct 1797  bet Wm Sasser and Arthur Sasser - land on Wilson's Swamp above Widow Keen's adj Solomon Watson  150 at begn grant to sd Wm Sasser  Oct 9, 1783
Henry Sasser
Ann Sasser

363. #1221, grant to Arthur Sasser - 200 a beg. James Watson & Alice Keens corner so. to Wm Sasser line  12 Nov 1793
Reg 14 May 1798

282  11 Nov 1797, bet Arthur Sasser of Johnston & Obediah Watson for £30 land on Black Creek  75a  pt of Grant
Henry Sasser
Joseph Sasser  Nov Term 1797 reg

444.  31 Aug 1797 bet Wm Sasser sheriff & John Moor. Estate of James Price.

film 4805 fnc J17 pt6