Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Marshall’s Additions

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The following references in Enclyopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by Wiliam Wade Hinshaw, Vol I, lead me to believe Robert and Ann were living in orth Carolina at least by 1681.

Marshall’s additions, p. 5 – Robert Wilson was one of those chosen by the Perquimans Monthly Meeting to help settle a dispute, 10, 7th mo. (Sep) 1681.

P.1 (An introduction to Perquimans MM) Robert and Ann signed as witnesses at the marriage of William Bundy and Mary Pierce, 15, 10th mo. (Dec) 1682.

p35 – Sarah Wilson and John Belman both of Perquimance were married 19, 8th mo. (Oct) 1687)

I think Robert and Ann Wilson must have gone as guests to the “Nanzemund” Virginia Meeting on the 19th day of the 12th mo. (Feb) 1688 when they were recorded as witnessing the marriage of Leaven Bufkin and Dorrithy Newby.  Sometimes this Virginia reference has been mentioned as the very first reference to the existence to Robert and Ann. Early Quaker Records in Virginia compiled by Miles White, Jr, Gen, Pub. Co. Baltimore, 1979.

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