North Carolina Higher Court Minutes Source: The Colonial Records – Higher Court Records (1697-1701) 1697



Albemarle County.Be it Knowne Unto all men by these presences that I Joseph CHEW of Chowanprecenkes have maid assigned ordained and deputed and in my steed and place by these presences putt and Constitute my well beloved friend Mr. John BENNETT of Corotuck precenkes my trew and Lawfull attorney forever Irrevocable for me and in my name and toe my Use to ask Levy Recover and Receive all these following debts that is dew unto me from John CONDON thurty shillines from Samuell JONES thurty shillines from RichardBURTANSHALL three pound tenn shillines from William BALLANCE thurty seven shillines from William BATMAN thurty shillines from Luke NEALE twenty two shillines and a Leven pennes from Mary SINQUA five shillines Giving and by these presences Granting Unto my said Atturney full power and authority for me and in my name and to my onely use to sew a Rest Implead Condeam and Imprison Every of my debtors aforesaid and att his Liberty  and pleashur such parsons or parsons out of prison to deliver or Cose to be delivered and upon the Recete of any sume or sumes of mony for my use to be Receved of any of the parsons aforesaid A recite (illegible) or other Lawfull discharges for the same for me and in my Steed and name to make seale and deliver as my deed or deeds and all and Every other things and things which shall be neadfull and nesery to be dun in or about the primese the same to doe as fully and holey as I my selfe might doe if I ware thare personally present houlding forever and stable all and Whatsoe ever my said Atturney shall doe or Cose to be dun in or about the primises by these presenses as witness my hand and seale this 22th day of December 1697.  /s/ Joseph CHEW

This bill bindeth me Richard BURTENSHALL my haires Executors or Administrators to pay or Case to be paid Unto Joseph CHEW his haires or asignes the full and Juyst some of three pounds tenn shillines Courant mony to be paid in Good Fatt Beafe or porke to the Receiver Liken upon my now dwelling plantation or some where Conveniently in Corrotuck precinct as witness my hand this 21st November 1695.  /s/ Richard BURTENSHALL his marke

I Joseph CHEW doe by these asigne and sett over these following debtes unto Mr. John BENNETT or to his haires Executors or asignes from me my haires Executors or Administrators and doe (illegible) to have Received full satisfaction for them John CONDON thurty shillines Samuell JONES thurty shillines RichardD BURTONSHALL three pound tenn shillines William BALLANCE thurty seven shillines William BATMAN thirty shillines Luke NEALE two and twenty shillines and eleven pennes Mary SINQUA five shillines as witness my hand this 24th day of December 1697.  /s/ Joseph CHEW