p. 6 John Ballance, Amos, Solomon Etheridge

p. 6
(p. 57) 20 Dec 1762 Apr Cout 1763, 10 Oct. 1763; Evan Miller, Sr. of CT. Gent. to Thomas Miller son of the said ... a tract called White tract, bounded by JOHN BALLANCE's corner, S30W12ch, N55W12 1/2ch ...
wit: Josiah Nicholson, Thos. Parker; signed: Evan Miller

(p.61) 3 May 1762, 12 Oct 1763; Evan Miller and wife Dina of CT. to Thomas Parker of CT, cons. ... tract on Great Swamp... wit: Josiah Nicholson, Solomon Etheridge, signed: Evan Miller, Dina Miller(x)

(p66) 5 Jan 1763, Jan Court 1763, 12 July 1763: Caleb Powers and wife Mary of CT to Willis SImmons ... bounded by Water, a branch of TUlleys Creek and line between Amos Etheridge


p7 Richard, Willis, Grace Etheridge, Josiah Nicholson

p. 7 

p.68: 19 Nov 1762, Jan Court 1763.   13 July 1763.  Manadon Phillips and wife Rody of CT ... bounded by Richard Etheridge, William Powers; wit: Willis Etheridge, Joshua Wilkins, William Wilkins, Grace Etheridge: ...

p.70: 3 Jan 1763, Jan Court 1763: William Ward of CT ... wit: Josiah NIcholson, Hilardy Simmons: signed: William Ward

p8 West, William Ives

p. 8 
(p82) 6 Apr 1762, Apr Court 1762, 12 Mar 1763, Nathaniel, Spence West of CT to William Ives of CT ...

p9 Edward Nicholson, Francis Moseley, WIlliam Cox, Willis Etheridge, WIlliam Ballance, Ephrum Ballance


(p94) 8 Feb 1763, Apr Court 1763, 27 July 1763; wit: ...Edward Nichson

(p96) 21 Mar 1763.  Apr Court 1763, 27 Julu 1763; Thomas Barlow... part of a tract granted to Capt. Francis Moseley 28 pR 1711; Wit: Edward Cannon, jurat, William Cox, Robt. Paterson, Henry Harrison, signed: Thomas Barlow

(p99) 8 Mar 1763, Apr Court 1763, 27 July 1763; Lam Linton of CT, to Willis Etheridge, Blacksmith, cons. 200 pounds proc., 112A, a plantation the greater part lying in CT, ...  bounded by the Stirup Branch, Credel's line, Francis Williamson's survey, William Etheridge, Samuel Hopper, part of a tract patented to William Ballance in 1668; wit: Willis Marshall, George Powers, Ephrum Ballance; signed: Lam Linto, Elizabeth x Linton

p10 Willis, William Etheridge, Ephraim Balance

p. 10 

(p106) 15 June 1763, July Court 1763; 12 Oct 1763; Willis Marshall, planter of CT to George Powers, planter, of CT, cons. 70 pounds lawful money of same co., 50A adj. Nicholas Marshal; wit: Willis Etheridge, William x Powers, Mary D Powers; signed: Willis Marshall

(p108) 28 June 1763, July Court 1763, 12 Oct 1763; Willis Marshall of CT to WIlliam Powers of CT, planter ... 50A adj Willis Marshall, William Etheridge, Parker Swindle, wit: George Powers, WIllis Etheridge, Ephraim Balance, jurat: signed WIllis Marshall

p18 Joshua, Solomon, Willis, Elizabeth, Caleb Etheridge


(p39) (second page numbered p. 39); 5 Nov 1763. Apr 1764 4 May 1765 Joshua Etheridge and wife Elizabeth, both of CT to Solomon Etheridge of CT, cons. 14 pounds, 50A part of a large tract formerly held and patented by Robert Smith, dated 20 June 1701; bounded between three tracts belonging formerly to George Powers, Moses Linton and his brother Willis Etheridge; wit: Caleb x Etheridge, Elkannah Williams; signed Joshua Etheridge, Elizabeth x Etheridge

(p39): 8 July 1763, Apr 1764, 4 May 1765.  Edmond Bowren planter of CT, to Mathias Etheridge, cons. 25 pounds, 150A beg. at a gum standing in Posimon Tree Branch, n. to head line that Richard Bright made between himself and his son Lamuel Bright, Aulder Branch, Run, 150A, being half the land Richard Bright gave to his son Lemuel Bright by deed of gift; wit: Willis Etheridge, Solomon x Etheridge, jurat: signed: Edmond Bowren

p19 John Ballance, John B. Ballance, John Simm, Marmaduke Cox

(p46) John Ballance, Sr. planter of CT. to Francis Williamson, cons. 250A; wit: Benjamin ___ signed John B. Ballance

(p48) Henry Perkins and wife Abbagh of CT to Caleb Bell of CT cons. 50A being part __ Absolom Legett, wit: Absalom __ John Simm, signed ___

(reverse of p52) __ June 1765; William Odowdey of CT to Ben Northern of CT, cons. __ 20A adj. Marmaduke Cox, beg. at a gum, down sd. Bfranch to Ben Northern's line __ sd. Northern's line to a Beech.  I adj. sd. Cox's line to 1st station gum; another parcel adj. Marmeduke Cox the sd. Northern's line that he bought of Thomas __ the Grate Swamp w. to sd ...

p30 Willis Etheridge, John Ballence

(p100) 8 Nov 1765, 1766, 16 Feb 1767, Thomas Miller and wife Betty of CT to Willis Etheridge of CT, cons. 25 pounds proc. 119A being the eastern most side of a patent containing 238A taken up by Even Miller, Sr. beg. at a gum on John Ballence's corner, S30W 12ch to a water oak.  N55W8 1/2ch to a sweet gum in his own line, N25W12ch to a gum on his own, W16ch to a red oak at the Swamp, along Swamp N27 1/2ch to a gum at Prescot's corner, along sd line S75E14ch to a pine in his other corner, along his head line N85E10ch to a Spanish oak in his corner, 13ch to a pine, 10W19ch to 1st station, wit; Isaac Cook, John Cowel, Jos: Campbell, signed: Thomas Miller, Beaty Miller, Betty privately examined.

(p100) 8 Nov 1765, July 1766, 20 Feb 1767; Thomas Miller, and wife Betty, of CT to Willis Etheridge of CT cons. 60 pounds proc. 75A beg. at a pine standing by the side of Great Swamp, S120p, ESE26p to a hickory, EbyN24p, WNW2NE30p to 1st station. 75A divided between Even Miller, Sr. and his son Thomas Miller, it being the southern part of the sd land: wit: John Cowell, Isaac Cook, Jos: Campbell; signed: Thomas Miller, Beaty Miller.

(p101) 8 Nov 1765, July 1766, 20 Feb 1767: Thomas Miller and wife Betty of CT to WIllis Etheridge of CT cons. 60 pounds proc. 75A beg. at a pine standing by the side of Great Swamp, S120p ESE26p to a hickory. EbyN24p, WNW2NE30p to 1st station, 75A divided between Even Miller, Sr. and his son Thomas Miller, it being the southern part of the sd. land wit: John Cowel, Isaac Cook, Jos. Campbell; signed: Thomas Miller, Beaty Miller

p31 Willis Ethridge, James, Williss, Lydia Etheridge

(p106) 1 Oct. 1765, Oct 1765, 6 Feb 1767; Willis Etheridge, planter, with wife Lydda to George Rowlan of same co. (not given) cons. 150 pounds, cmNC; 100 A on n.w. of the Norwwest Branch of Tull's Creek, beg. by a pine, running up sd. run to Mirey Run, up sd. Run adj. Lazarus FLora's land, to a marked line through the low ground or Swamp to the head of a run which is the bounds of Saml. Lee's land, down sd. stream to the Main Run, down Main Run to 1st station, it being part of a tract formerly granted to John Hodson by patent dated 21 Feb 1696, wit: Job P. ___, James Etheridge, signed: Williss Etheridge, Lydia Etheridge

p32 John Etheridge

(p109); 4 Aug 1765, Julyy 1766, 18 Mar 1767; William Hopkins of CT, to David Cook of CT, cons. 27 pounds proc., 100A on Powels Point, beg. at a Cypress on the Sound Side, w. to a pine, n. to a mulberry back from the water, Adj. Uriah Angil's line; wit: Isaac Cook, James Ruork, John Etheridge; signed: William Hopkins

p33 Thomas, William Balance, Josiah Nicholson

(p112); 16 July 1765, __ 1767, John Balance, Gent. of CT. to Thomas Balance his Grand child, 100A for natural love and affection, 'his father William Balance, wit: __, Josiah Nicholson; signed __

p36 John, Caleb, John B. Ballance, Caleb Etheride, Josiah Nicholson

(p1): 16 July 1765, __ John Ballance of CT, gent. to Caleb Ballance of CT for natural love and affection to beloved son, Caleb Ballance, one plantation bounded by Burton's land, Great Swamp, 100A; wit: (Josiah) Kolson, (Thomas) Parker, jurat; signed: John B. Ballance

(p5): 9 Oct 7 Geroge III. 1768: Evan Miller and DInah his wife of CT, to Caleb Etheridge of CT, conx (60 pounds) proc. land at John Balance's corner, S3W __ (to a white oak), then N25W8 1/2 ch, N20W12ch, along Swamp, N27ch to a corner ___ 73ch. (to a pine) 10W79, 2(3)8A, land on w.s. of tract being one parcel; wit: (Josiah Nicholson), ___ Bunnell; signed. Evan Miller, DInah + Miller.


p37 Amos, John Etheridge

(p17): 1 Mar 1768 __ Moses Fanshaw and wife Grace of CT, planter to Amos Etheridge, cons. 15 pounds proc. 50A part of a tract we now live one, bounded by a dividing line between Fanshaw and Banimon Dauge, Caleb Siciks: wit: John Simmons, WIlliam Gilding: signed: Grace x Fanshaw

(p18)  6 Oct 1767, 1768; John Etheridge and wife Mary of CT, planter, to Daniel Lee of CT, cons. 25 pounds proc. 300A part of a patent to John Ethredg dated 2 Mar 1761, adj. old patent line, L___ FLoreys line, Main Branch, North Branch; wit: Thomas Lee, jurat, Luke Lee: Lee, jurat; signed: John Etheridge

p38 Willis, William, Grace, Henry, Wm, Solomon Etheridge, Jonathan Ballance

(p23) 29 Mar 1768, 1768: Willis Etheridge of Pasquotank Co., viii ___ (this profession) to Jeremiah Sexton of same place; cons. 100 pounds proc. land in CT near the head and on the s.w.s. of the Northwest River, 100A patented by John Miller 19 Dec 1716 and conveyed by sd. Miller to John Muldore and from Muldore to William Etheridge and from Etheridge to Owen Dockity, and from Dockity to Thomas Warren and from Warren to said Willis Etheridge beg. at a beech. S45W to Powers corner, S60E to Powers, N45W wit: Joseph Jones, WM Burgess, Jr. signed: Willis Etheridge, Grace x Etheridge

(p26): 11 Mar 1768, 25 July 1768; Alice Mash of Princess Anne Co., VA for good will and affection to son William Mash of same place, a tract adj. William Powers, James Overton, Henry Etheridge, WM Etheridge, Jonathan Ballance, Solomon Etheridge 100A; wit: Thomas Davis, jurat, Charles WIlkins, John Seamons, Jane Seamons, Mary x Duke, signed: Alce m Mash

p39 Willis, Matthias, Samuel, Solomon, Grace Etheridge, Caleb Ballance

(p29) __ Oct. 1767, 1768; Willis Etheridge of Pasquotank Co. NC blacksmith, to Matthias Etheridge of CT, cons. 188 pounds, 112A beg. at a Gum Swamp. adj. Francis Credle's line.  Samuel Etheridge, Solomon Etheridge, line of property formerly belonging to Willis Etheridge, Samuel Happer, wit: George Powers, Caleb Ballance, Edwd. Taylor, signed: Willis Etheridge, Grace x Etheridge.

(p36): 30 July 1767, 1768; Nicholas Nichols of CT, ship carpenter, to William Bright of same place, sonx. 35 pounds cmNC, 50A, land by thge dividing line betweeen Joseph Haman and Marmeduke Cox (who was former owner of land), the patent line, Main Road, Light Swamp, formerly patented by Benjamin Bennet and conveyed to Thomas Cox and by him devised to son Edward Cox; wit: Silvester Varden, Joanna i Varden, Frances n Nichols; signed: Nicholas Nichols

p54 Josiah Nicholson

(p102) ... wit: Josiah Nicholson

p55 Daniel West, John Ballance, John Etheridge

(p201-202) 5 (Sept) 1769, June 1770; Francis Williamson and his wife Keziah to Daniel West of Norfolk Co, VA) cons. 50 pounds (cmV, land in back woods of CT, a parcel the sd. Francis WIlliamson bought of John Ballance, beg. at a corner poplar being the corner between ___ and the said Francis Williamson ...

(p207-208); 5 Mar 1770, June 1770; Zebulon Williams and wife Mary of CT to John Etheridge of CT, cons. 86 pounds proc. beg. at (an oak, being the beg. tree) of William William's patent (SSW) 31ch. S25E5 1/2ch, S4(5)23 1/2ch. (E5ch), S(9)ch., E30N6 1/2ch, (N2)6E4 1/2ch. N20E10ch, N10E2 1/2ch. (N16ch E20N9ch, N5E7ch, W20N20ch, W30N8, W30S9ch, W5N8ch, 186A wit: Josias Slack, signed: Zebulon WIlliams, Mary m Williams

p68 Caleb, John Etheridge, Bright, West

Coll. Henery Bright... Samuel Bright

(p325); __ Sept 1771, Sept 1771, 1772; Caleb Etheridg of CT, to John Etheridg, cons. 75 pounds proc., 276A, lying on s.w.s. of Northwest Branch of Tulls Creek. beg. at Loves Creek, the main Creek, Little Creek, my line, to Capps Swamp, to Folly Run, to a beaver dam; wit: Josiah Bowrin, JohnxJones, signed: Caleb Etheridge


p69 John Ethridge, Bright, Capt. William Nicholson

(p326) Bright, ... wit: John Etheridge, jurat

(p328) 11 Apr 1720, 1771 ... being part of a greater tract taken up and patented by Capt. William Nicholson ...

p70 Amos Etheridge, Willis and Lydia Etheridge, Josiah Nicholson

(p331) 1 Oct 1771, 31 Oct 1771; land near Phillip's corner ... NW20ch to a beech, W25ch to the center of two hollys, to a gum, SE20ch to a beech in Amos Etheridge's line, NE25ch, 50A, being so much land taken out of Robert Heath...

(p334) 5 June 1771 ___ 1772; Willis Etheridge of CT, planter and wife Lydia to Hillery White of CT, cons. 40 pounds proc. 133A. being my wife's dower part of land and plantation which belonged to Capt. Hillery White, deed., on n. end of Churche's Island, acc. to deed or patent; wit: Ford Blount, Josiah Nicholson; signed: Willis Etheridge, Lydia lyda Etheridge

p71 Willis Etheridg, Mhn Etheridg, Caleb Balance

(p341) 8 Oct 1771 Dec __ 177__ Willis Etheridg of CT to Joseph Joyner, cons 20 pounds proc. 50A on n.w.s. of Tulls Creek, part of a patent granted Mhn Etheridg 20 May 1761, beg. at a beech on Wm. Schoto's line "it being the toenshoned Tre in the sd: Patent" to a post called Dani Lee Path to a stab mark line R Dinnis Royordan's line s.e. to a corner poplar, it being the corner tree or sd Royordan's land: wit: Richason Morse, Elisabeth E (with the prongs pointing downward) Morse, signed: Willis Etheridg

(p342) Solomon Bright ...

(p343) 22 Jan 1771 Thos. Lurry of Pasquotank Co., NC to Robt. Cartwright of CT... following jury summoned: ... Caleb Balance ...

p80 TImothy Ives, John Balance, Bright

(p394) 12 Dec 1768, Mar 1771, Timothy Ives of CT...

(p401) 5 Mar 1772, June 1772... jury composed of following persons: .. John Bright ... J. John Ballance ...

p94 Amos and Anna Etheridge, Josias Nicholson

(p471) 7 Apr 1774, June 1774 wit: Josias Nicholson, Evan Miller

(p472) 18 Apr 1774 Richardson/Richason Morse, Sr. of CT to Zachria/Zachariah Morse of CT, ... wit: Amos Etheridge, Anna+Etheridge; signed: Richason Morse


p95 John Ballence, Josias Nicholson, James, Amos, Soloman Etheridge

(p476) 16 Oct 1773, June 1774; jury of the following persons: ... John Ballence,... wit: Josias Nicholson

(p477) Joseph Poyner and wife Ann of CT, to James Etheridge of CT cons. 27 pounds, 10 shillings, proc. 50A beg. at a black gum which corner is called Ward's and Thomason's along Thomason's and Cartwright's line to a corner sweet gum, parting Robard Bell and Soloman Etheridge's lands, to Amos Etheridge's line, now called Ward's line; wit: ...

p96 Mary Ives

(p482) 1 June 1773, June 1774; Mary Ives of CT ...


p97 Willis, James Etheridge, John Balance, Bright

(p487) 20 Nov 1772, Juen 1774 Willis Etheridge of CT to son James Etheridge of CT cons good will and affection, two parcels of land (1) the use of 1/2 tract of my choosing in my lifetime, 119A on e.s. of a patent of 338A taken up by Evan Miller 20 June 1749, beg. at a corner gum in John Balance's line S30W12cht o a water oak, N55W8 ch to a sweet gum inhis own line N25W12ch to a gum in his own line, W16ch to a red oak at Swamp, N27 1/2ch to a gum at Prescot's corner, S75E14ch to a pine in his other corner, along head line N19E30ch to a corner white oak in Chittum's 13ch to a pine, 10W19ch to 1st station (2) 75A, 1/2 tract or 150A taken up by Andrew Corsaull, beg. at a marked pine by side of a large Swamp, S120p. ESE26p to a hickory, EbyN24p, WNW2NE30p to 1st station, lane divided by a line of marked trees running e. through platnation being s. part of said land; wit: James Bissco, Wm. W. Brabble, signed: WIllis Etheridge

(p489) 29 June 1773, June 1774 ... John Bright