Currituck County, North Carolina Eighteenth Century Tax and Militia Records

Page 4 and 5 Henry Etheridge, Wm Etheridge

Andr Etheridge 50
Richd Etheridge 60
Henr. Ethereidge 35
Timo Ives 50
Wm Etheridge 15
Wm Hancock & Edmd Ashley of Virginia 34
Wm Wilson 14
Richd Ballance 21
Thos Cox 15
Thos Cox Jr 8
Wm Etheridge 15
Henr Etheridge 35
Saml Ballance 15
Marmeduke Ehteridge 78
John Etheridge 2
Wm Nicholson 108
Given under our hands this 12 day of Jan 1714/15
Wm Nicholson (and others)

November ye 15th day 1714 Then This Acount was Drawn out of my book of what monny is payed out of the publick Treasury per me Wm Bell
Sam Ballans 5=0

page 9, 11 Henry Etheridge

p9 Henry Etherige 1 lev 15 shillings

p11 Henry Etheridge 31 March 1 tra, 110 akers, 2 schillings, 9 D

page 14 Henry Ethridge

p14 September ye 29th 1715
Then This account was Drawn out of my Book of what munny I Have Receved of State Tax and pol Tax Sencs I made up my accounts with the Commisshanars at Conl Edward Mosslys in December The Tenth 1714 This is a True account per me Wm Bell Treasurer for Corotuck presint
Hanary Etheridge 17 6

page 17 Henry, William Ethridge, William Ballone

Currituck County Tax and Militia Lists
William Etherige   1

A list of Corrytuck Clams not paid by Wm: Bell

William Ballone   7
Henry Etherige  1  9

A list of Consealled Tithablesin Corrytuck in the year 1715

William Etherige  1 tith  15 Shillings

page 16 Henry Etherige

p16 A List of the Contrys Corne Receved in Currytuck for ye year 1715 per Thomas Miller
Henry Etherige 1

page 19 William Ballone

p19 Colonial Court Records, Tax and Accounts, 1679-1754 Claims, Loose Paper Rects. for Currytuck Clames
William Ballone April ye 3d 1716

page 22 Henry Etherige

p22 Currytuck May ye 9th 1716 Henry Etherig

page 24 William Ballone

(A Summary of the Preceding Receipts) Corrytuck Clams paid in the year 1715 & 1716 per James Browne
1715 - p24 April 3 William Ballone for wheat 5 shillings
Corrytuck Clames Paid in ye year 1716
May 9 Henry Etheridge for wheat 1 shilling 9

page 27 Henry Etheridge

p27 Land taxes Recd. in Coratuck for ye year 1716
Henry Etheridge 1 tracts 100 akers 2 schillings 6

page 30 Henry Etheridge

p30 Henry Etheridge 1 tithble 15 Shillings

page 31 Wm Ballons

p31 An Account (forn) salvant pepel Such as (torn) upon virgany pattend land and such as are disuartars of this government and such as are none poor and Such as are gone into other presincs
Wm Ballons 1

page 32 Henry Etherige

p32 A List of Coratuk Tithables for ye year 1717
Henry Etherige 1

page 34 Henry Etheridge

p34 Coratuk Levies Recd. for the year 1717
Henry Etheridge 1 tith 15 Shillings

page 36 Henry Etheridge

p36 Land Taxes Recd. in Coratuck for ye year 1717
Henry Etheridge 1 tra 100 acres 2 Shillings 6 D

page 39 - Henery Etheridge

p39 List of Coratuk Tithabls for the year 1718
Henery Etheridge 1

page 40-41 Henry Etheridge

Coratuk Levies Recd. for the year 1718
p40 Henry Etheridge 1 tith 15 Shillings
P41 Land Taxes Recd. in Coratuk for the year 1718
Henry Etheridg 1 tract 100 acres 2 Shllings 6 D

page 44 Henry Ethridge

p44 A List of Titables in ye Prisct. ...
Heny: Ethridge 1 Tithables

page 48 Henry Etheridge

p48 A List of Coratuck Tytabls taken for ye year 1719
Henry Etheridge 1

page 50 Henry Etheridge

pg 50
Levies & Land tax Recd in Coratuk for the year 1719
Henry Etheridge 1 00:15:0 1 100 00:02:6 (no explanation of numbers)

Page 59 Hen Etheridge

p59 The Land list and list of Titables for the AForesdaid Precinct for ye year 1720 Which Orderly Follows
p 59 (torn) Hen: Etheridg 1 112 Deed

page 61 Balance

p61 L(torn) Hed: Owners Living: In: Virginia
(Torn) Balance 1 tract; 150 acres Patin

page 63 Hen Etheridge

p63 Tytables in Currtuck Precinct Jan 1720/21
Hen: Etheridge 1

page 69 Hen Etheridge

p69 - 70This List of TIthables was taken by Tho: Tayler Jr. Constbl.
1 Hen: Etheridge 1 100 Deed
1 Hen: Etheridge 1 211 Patten

page 70 Hen. Etheridge

page 70 Currituck County Tax and MIlitia Lists

Jno. Etheridge    1     150   Patten
Hen: Etheridge    1     211  Patten
Timo.  Ives

page 73 Henr Etheridge

p73 This list, while undated, is for 1722. The list is given in the following order:
Name, Titables, Tax for Titables, Acres in No. of Tracts, Tax for Land. The document is badly damaged)
Henr Etherige 1 0=1=0 112 in 1 0=01=10

page 76 Henry Etheridge

p 76 Accompt of the Receipt
Etheridge Henry 162 2=16=10 1/2

page 78 Etherage

page 78 
Willis Etherage   1
Adam Etherage 1
Sampson Etherage 1
Elinor Etherage 1 
William Etherage 5
Lucy Etherage1 
Richard Etherage 1
Samuel Etherage 1
Willis Etherage 2
William Etherage 2

page 79

pg79 The names of the Tytheables I Received the Pole Tax from the year 1751
John Ballance 1

page 81 John Ballance

pg 81
The names of the Tytheables I Received the Pole Tax from the year 1752 John Ballance 1

page 86 John Ballance

pg 86
A true copy of the lists of Titheables returned by the Justices for the County of Currituck for the year 1755
John Ballance 2

page 87 Henry Etheridge

p 87 Currituck COunty 1758
A True Copy of the Lists of Tithables returned by the Justices for the County of Currituck for the year 1755.
Etheridge Henry 1

page 91 and 92 John Ballance, Hemry Etheridge

pg 91and 92
A Muster Roll of the Regiment of Currituck Under the Command of Major William Shergold
The Company of Capt. John Lorry
p91 John Ballance
Common Soldiers
p92 Henry Etheridge

page 96-97 Caleb and William Ballance

p96 1779 Tax List - Ballance, Caleb 753
Ballance, William 794

p97 (Etheridge continued)


Index has other Ballance and Etheridge names

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