Ralph Vickars

Tavern in the Town

p 144 – 26 Feb 1732 John Fellow (Quaker), aged 37 made a deposition on behalf of John Frith and Mary, his wife. Also Michael Fletcher, aged 55 was a witness. Also a Richard Kenny leased the granary at Easton Point which belonged to Mrs. Sarah Vickers. (1827) Click here for PDF document by R.…

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State Records of North Carolina – 1790 Census Vol. XXV1

by Walter Clark Butler Center, Little Rock, Arkansas p 465 Ballance p467 Currituck County Thomas Cox 2 -4 -2 -3 slaves p468 Currituck County James Etheridge 1 -2 -4 -4 slaves Willis Ballance 3 -2 -1 p480 Ballance, Thomas Cox, Caleb p454 Kilpatrick, Wm p465 Currituck County John Ballance 1 — -3 Fancis Peal 1 -1…

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Estate Records of Edgecombe County North Carolina 1730-1820

  p. 10 Barlow, David – Robert Harper Page 51 Cobb, Edward, Senr. , inventory taken by Stephen Cobb, Dec 1, 1817, May Ct. 1818. Cobb, James, inventory and account of sale by Josiah Cobb, admr. April 14, 1816, Feb. Ct. 1817. Account current with Josiah Cobb, admr.  An account was received for his services as…

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