Colonial Wills of Henrico County, Virginia Part One 1654-1737

page 6
(Page 121)  Will of William Hatcher
To Thomas Burton, Jr. the land between Mr. Henry Lound and Gilbert Elam, containing 226 acres, his choice of all of my horses and mares, one heifer, one ewe, a years schooling, and clothes until he arrives at 17 years.
Dated 20 Feb. 1676/7
Wit: John Pleasants, Henry Gee
Memo- Before signing and sealing of above, I give also to Thomas Burton, Jr., the second choice of all of my beds and furniture.
Recorded 1 April 1680

page 269 Will of John Ballard – 29 Dec 1691 .. Wit: William Peirce

page 270 Inventory of Michaell Gartwrite 1691 – Appraised by … Edward Mosby

page 286 Will of Samuel Knibb, Planter Dec 19, 1691  Wit: John Worsham, Edward Hatcher, John Archer

page 296  Letter from Elizabeth Bucanan … Presented in court by Edward Hatcher

p. 42 (Will of Gilbert Elam continued) 18 Sept 1697
.. My son Robert Elam to live with my father in law Edward Hatcher
Son Gilbert to tarry with his godfather William Hatcher until he is 17
wit; Edward Ward, William Hatcher …

p. 366 Will of Mary Lygon, Sr.
To son Richard Lygon, 100 acres in Henrico County, …To son Hugh Lygon and my daughter Hancock, all my sheep to be equally divided
son in law Robert Hancock and daughter Johan Hancock to be executors  April 1702/3
Wit: John Hatcher

p. 390 Received of Mr. Henry Hatcher all of the estate of Henry Turpin, son of Matthew Turpin, late of Henrico Co., dec’d, as was left by last will of his said father…. 1 April 1704

p. 446 inventory of Thomas Ligon  appraised 7 May 1705 by Abra. Womack, Rob. Hancock, Arth. Moseley and William Womack.  Presented in court by Capt. John Worsham for his daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Ligon, relict and adm’x 
Recorded 1 June 1705

p.119 will of Henry Lound . . . 
To grandson Henry Hatcher, 1 shilling
to grandaughter Elizabeth Ligon, livestock & items …

p 142 Will of Robert Hancock of Henrico Parish
To loving wife Johan, plantation I live on, for life
To daughter Sheby Hancock, 100 acres on north redwater, next to Thomas Edwards
To daughter Elizabeth, 100 acres next to that I gave to John Hatcher, Sr.
To sons Robert and William Hancock, all lands not devised, which land lies on the Redwater and is parted by 200 acres
I gave my son in law Samuel Hancock, Son Robert to have first choice when he comes of age.
To sons Robert and William and five daughters Sarah, Mary, Johan, Pheby, and Elizabeth, to each 1 shilling
All the rest to loving wife Johan, and she to be exceuter
Dated 18 Oct. 1708
Wit: . . .

p. 163  Accounts of Probates and Administrations returned 16 April 1709
1 Nov 1708 Probate granted Mary Batte (wid.) on will of her father Henry Lound …
1 March 1708/9 Probate granted Johan Hancocke on will of her husband Robert Hancocks

p. 97 Will of John Bottom of Varina Parish … 29 April 1710
Wit: Richard Williams, John Hancock, Mary Hancock
Recorded 3 Sept. 1711

p. 106  Inventory of Edward Hatcher  No value given 28 Sept 1711 Presented in court by Mary Hatcher and Seth Hatcher  Recorded 5 Nov. 1711

p. 124 Will of William Perse of Henrico Parish . . . 26 Dec 1711

p. 131 Will of William Cox  Feb 20, 1711

p. 138 Noncupative will of Mary Ligon  1 Feb 1711/12

p. 143 Inventory of  William Cox   appraised July 3, 1712

p 176 Accounts of estate of William Cox.  presented by Sarah Cox. Nov 1712

p 184 Accounts of estate of Edward Hatcher, presented in court by Capt. John Worsham.  Recorded 2 Feb 1712

p. 211  Will of John Fall of Henrico County, carpenter . . .  8 June 1712
Wit: Henry Hatcher, Philip Turpin, Luke Shaw 

p 137  William Ligon

p 148 Will of John Willson, Sr. of Bristol Parish …4 Feb 1716

p 178 inventory of John Turpin  Value 59/5 appraised by George Cox, William Cox, Stephen Cox.  Presented in court by Michal Turpin and recorded 3 June 1717.

p58 will of John Baugh … 10 Aug 1714  Wit: William Taylor, William Hatcher, Edward Hatcher
recorded 3 Oct 1726

p 70 Will of Johan Hancock of Henrico Parish … 22 Sept 1726 
wit: Mary Elam, Mary Dudley, Arthur Moseley, Jr.
Recorded Nov 7, 1726

p 589 Will of William Hatcher ... 29 March 1736
Wit: John Green, John Cobbs, Patrick Gibblin
Recorded Dec 1736

p 599 Will of Arthur Moseley
To son Arthur, plantation I live on, 500 acres, after the death or marriage of my wife Martha, also my part of the death or marriage of my wife Martha, also my part of the Red Water Mill, negroes, and items; also 400 acres on Butterwood Creek at the upper end of Thomas Lockett’s.
To son John, 400 acres on Fighting Creek, negroes and items
To son, Richard, 400 acres on Butterwood Creek, negroes, etc.
To son William, the other 400 acres on Butterwood Creek and the plantation where Richard Sims now lives, negroes, etc. 
To son Edward, 400 acres on Fighting Creek, negroes, etc.
To son thomas, 400 acres on Fighting Creek, negroes, etc.
To my six sons, my library of books equally, but to be kept by Arthur until they are of age; sons to be for themselves by Arthur until they are of age; sons to be for themselves at age 18.
To Sarah Edwards, 1 cow and half
To wife, negroes, rest of estate and use of Redwater Mill
Executors: wife Martha, brother William & son Arthur
Dated 10 July 1735
wit: John James Flournoy, Edward Haskins
Recorded Feb 1736

p. 601 Inventory of Capt. William Cooke, appraised by John Stewart, John Giles, and Thomas Moseley  March 14, 1734/5
Value not totaled Presented by Francis Redford and recorded Feb 1736

p 183 Will of George Cox . . .  5 Feb 1721
Wit: William Cox, Sarah Cox, Henry Anderson

p 365 Will of John Moseby . . . 

p. 371  will of Philip turpin of Henrico Parish…
Dated 29 Jan. 1717
Wit: Edward Hatcher, William Bass, Jno. Green
Recorded 4 Aug. 1718


Abstracted & Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III