Genealogical Gleanings in England p. 830-831

Robert Wilson citizen and draper of London, 2 January 1639, proved 18 January 1639.  My body to be buried in the parish church of St. Bennett Sherhogg in Cheap Ward in London, if I shall die in London or no further out of the said city than Stoke Newington, Midd.  Mention of Theophilus Biddulye and Robert Birkenad, now copartners with me.  My goods &c. to be divided into three equal parts, according to the ancient custom of the city of London, one part for Catherine Wilson my well beloved wife, one to and among all my now children &c, and the third I reserve for the performance of my will, in legacies &c.  I give to my wife my lease and interest of and in my now dwelling house in Cheap Side London and the lease of my house in Stoke Newlington &c.  Son Thomas (under twenty-one) to have my lease &c. of two messuages &c. in Pater Noster Row, now or late in the tenure &c. of ———— Row and Edward Johnson, he to pay a certain annuity to my sister Margaret Verney.  If Thomas should die before he reaches the said age then the lease to go to my son Richard (subject to the same condition).  To my sister in law Anne Wilson, widow late the wife of Samuel Wilson, my brother deceased, forty pounds, and six pounds for mourning.  To her son Samuel Wilson whom I have placed apprentice with Mr. Roland Wilson, fifty pounds &c. and forty shillings also for mourning.  To every other of the six children of my said late brother Samuel, viz Anne, Roda, Sara, Symon, Rowland and Robert Wilson, fifty pounds apiece (with provision for education &c. during their minorities).  I give seventeen pounds to be bestowed in mourning for the said six other children.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my brother Richard Wilson the sum of one hundred marks, to be paid him within one year next after my decease, or sooner if his urgent occasions require the same and he make request therefor to my executrix.  And, if he come not over from Virginia, if he send sufficient authority for the same his legacy shall be sent unto him in such commodities as he shall send for.  I forgive him also and acquit and discharge him from all such sums as he doth now owe by bond, book or any other obligation whatsoever.  And I give him my interest in the shop in Soper Lane which I hold by lease from him.  I give to my godson Robert Wilson, son of my said brother Richard, fifty pounds, to be paid at the accomplishment of his age of one and Twenty years.  I give to my brother Richard’s other son, Richard Wilson, fifty pounds (as before).  I give to the first child of my said brother Richard which was born in Virginia, begotten of the body of Katherine, now or late his wife, twenty-five pounds, to be paid at the accomplishment of his or her age of twenty-one.  To my sister Margaret Varney one annuity of twelve pounds, payable to the messages &c., and I forgive and remit unto her all the debts she oweth me, by book or otherwise.  I give to John Varney, son of my sister Varney, fifty pounds (at one and twenty) and to Katherine Varney, her daughter, fifty pounds.  To my sister, for mourning, six pounds and to each if her two chidren forty shillings apiece.  To my brother in law Edward Lycoris and to Mary his wife, my sister, fifty pounds; and twelve pounds to them also for mourning.  I forgive unto my brother in law Edward Browninge twenty pounds which he did borrow of me and twenty pounds more.  I also give to my said brother in law Edward Browning and his wife, my sister, twelve pounds for mourning; and to such child of my said brother Browninge and his now wife as shall be living at my decease, twenty pounds.  To Sarah Watson, my said sister’s daughter by a former husband deceased, fifty pounds 9at one and twenty) and my executrix to allow four pounds a year toward the better education and maintenance of the same Sara &c.  Provision in case she be put to service and bound apprentice.  To Mary Watson, sister of the said Sarah, twenty pounds &c.  To Ann Smith, daughter unto my sister Anne Smith deceased, fifty pounds (at one and twenty).  to my mother in law Mrs. Rudd ten pounds and also six pounds for mourning.  To my sister Anne Rudd ten pounds in money and also five pounds for mourning.  To my sister Anne Rudd ten pounds in money and also five pounds for mourning.  To my brother in law William Williams and Elizabeth, his wife ten pounds for mourning and also to the said Elizabeth five pounds  I forgive to my brother Thomas Rudd, my wife’s own brother, the money he oweth me by book, for goods he had of one (about three score pounds) and I give him five pounds for mourning, and five pounds more as a legacy.  Sundry bequests to friends.  To my cousing John Awbrey the older forty shillings.  To cousin Mr Gilbert Harrison, elderman, and to my loving kinswoman, his wife, four pounds apiece to make them rings. To my cousin Mary Morgan three pounds.  To Magdalen Burnett widow, my wife’s aunt, forty shillings.  To Elizabeth Burton daughter of Elizabeth Burton, m wife’s kinswoman dwelling with me, ten pounds.  To my aunt Ferris and her daughter forty shillings apiece.  One hundred pounds to the Company of Drapers.  To sundry Hospitals and parishes &c.  To my cousin Ledingham and his wife twelve pounds for mourning.  To his son my godson thirty pounds.  The residue to my wife Catharina whom I make solo executrix.  I give y lands called Gallyons, lying in eastham and woodwich, which I purchased of the Lord Savage, to my son robert Wilson, with remainder to sons Richard and thomas and next to my two eldest daughters Anne and Katharine Wilson.  A message &c. in Swan Alley near Coleman Street to my son Richard.                           Coventry, 11.

(Hotten gives in his original lists p. 105, under date of 6 July 1685, in the Paul of London bound for Virginia, Katherine Wilson, aged 28 years and two children, Robert and Richard Wilson, age 6 and 5 years respectively.
On p. 94, under date 20 June 1635, in the Philip for Viginia, was Richard Wilson.  The age of this Richard is given as 19 years, which, however, may be an error, and the above the Wilson family of Virginia alluded to in the will of Robert Wilson. – W.K. Watkins.)