Henrico County Virginia Court Orders 1678-1693

Henrico County, Virginia Court Orders (April 1, 1678 to April 17, 1693)

Page 29

Edward Hatcher aged about 46 yeares, Deposeth That when ye right Honorable Governor was last up in these parts and this deponent and others kept guard at ye worlds end one Tho. Perren or some other at ye worlds end told Major Lygon that Mr. Tibbald had a fall Cow at ye worlds end upon which Major Lygon ordered this deponent and others to fetch her in and kill her upon which this deponent went to looke her – but could not finde her but afterwards ye Cow as by ye same Order feched in by Tho. Perrin & Others and killed as this deponent heard but he did not see her killed.  And further saith not.

Signed Edwd Hatcher Jur. in Cur. Test W.R. Cl.

Page 30  (pg136) The suite of Tho: Shippy plaint: against Edward Hatcher and John Davis defendant concerning a Mare carryed out and lost on a Trading Journey amongst the Indians being an order of the general court referred to this Court again is referred to another Jury, vizt: Mr. tho: Daulby, Nich. Dison, Melchizadeck Richardson, Mr. Jno Worsham, Mr. Jno Pigggott, Samuell Knibbe, Martin Elam, (continued 31) Joseph Royall, John Cox Junr, Robt Hancock, Tho. Lockett.  Verdict We find for the plaint: Plaint. Granted Judgemt agst the deft for five pounds sterl: ….

Mr. William Lygon refuseing to serve being summoned as a Juryman is ordered to pay for the sd Contempt two hundred poun ds of tobaccoe.

(p137) Mr. William Lygon

Page 39 In the Suit commenced by Lt Colo Thomas Grendon & Mr William SHerwood Adm’s on ye Estate of Cap James Crews decd in behald & as the Attorneys of M’s Sarah Whittingham & Mr Mathew Crews (by Capt Wm Randolph their Attorney) plt agt Edward Hatcher defendt for ye Sums of seven pds twelve Shillg & nine pence Sterlg to be paid in Deer Skins as by bill Sealed …

Page 42 and 50 Whereas John Millner (late Guardian to ye orphans of Morgan Peirse) …

Page (p.150) Mr. Richd Ligon ….
Mrs. Joan Hancock being Sumon’d as a Witness by Andrew Martin agt Edward Hatcher & having attended one day, she hat therefore Order granted her agt ye sd Martin for forty pds of tob (for her sd Attend according to law) with Costs als Exec.

Page 52 The Suit comenced by Hen Turner plt agt Edwd Hatcher defendt concerning Splitting a Canoa by ye sd Hatcher wch was left tyed at Neck of Land is referred to a Jury.

Page 65 The Accin Comenced by Bartho: Burroughs plt against Edwd Hatcher defendt: neither party appearing is dismist

Mr. Richd Ligon, & Mr. Robert Hancock enter themselves Security for Mr William Ligon’s future good behavior, to Continue dureing the pleasure of ye Court & to enter into bond for ye same.

Mr. Robert Hancock being Sumon’d as a Witnesse by John Russell against Tho: Wells & haveing attended one day, order granted.

Page 71 Judgement is granted unto Bartho: Burrows plt agt Edwd Hatcher deft for the performance of a specialty dated ye 21st of Octob:r Ano 1682 (the sd specialty Obliging ye sd Hatcher his heirs &c. Either to deliver unto ye sd Burrows on his Order one Indian boy of Goods to purchase one at ye Ushkarees) with Costs als. Exec.

Mr. Richard Ligon …

Upon the piticn of Willm Stanly declaring that by Colour(?) of a pretended bargain by him made with Richard Womeck decd  …

Page 72 The Accin Comenc’d by Mrs Ligon plt agt Mr. Will Ligon …

The Accin comenced by Capt. Tho: Cock plt agt Edwd Hatcher deft is ye plt. Being not well at his request (pr note) with ye deft Consent referr’d till next Court.

Page 73 Mrs. Mary Ligon agt her son Will Ligon ….

Page 80 The Compalint by Benj. Hatcher to this Court Exhibitted against Lews Watkins for accompanying & assisting Tho: Holmes when he unlawfully came into his house & measured his Hogsheads is upon his ye sd Watkins acknowledgemt of his trespasse & Submission for ye Same in open Court by the sd Hatcher releast, Provided the sd Watkins doe pay all fees by the sd Complt accrueing & one hundred & fifty pds of tob. & Casque for ye Attorneys fee, Upon with (by the sd Watkins’s consent) Judgemt is granted unto ye sd Benj. Hatcher Complaint agt him ye sd Lewis Watkins for ye same als Exec;

Mihill Garthright being so this Court Summ’d by Benj Hatcher plt as a Witnesse agt Tho Holms ….

Willm Burroughs having been foremerly Sumoned as a Witnesse by Capt Tho Cocke in a difference ye depending between him & Edwd Hatcher & having yn attended one day, hath Order granted him agt ye sd Cocke for forty pds tobacco according to law als Exec;

Page 81 Benj. Hatcher & Edwd Mathews …

;age 84 Edwd Hatcher having Apprenended & brought before this Wor: Court two p’sons in suspicion of their being Runaways (by name as they declare Robt Burton & Tho: Clark (the “l” in Clark was scratched through) & living in ye County of St. Mary’s and producing (p. 180) no legall Passe nor pretending to have any (ye sd Burton confessing that he was in ebt in ye aforesd County of St Mary’s & for ye reason removed & ye other came to accompany him)  It is Order’d that ye Clk of ye Court do draw a writ for their Safe Conveyance to ye aforesd place of the habituation by ye Constable & that in ye same term they be comitted to prison and ye sd Clk is further Ordered.

To give ye sd Edward Hatcher Certificate to ye next Assembly for his Good service.

These may certify that this day Edwd Hatcher of ye County of Henrico did Apprehend & bring before ye Court of ye sd County two p’sons on Suspicion of their being Runaays their names being as they declare Robt burton & Tho. Carke, lte inhabitant of St Mary’s in Maryland) who being by ye aforesd Court Examin’d & shewing no proof that they were as was Suspected they were by ye sd court Sent to ye next Adjacent constable (with a warrt) in order to their safe Conveyance home.

Page  87, 90, 91 The names of ye Jury Impanelled & Sworn .. Edwd Hatcher, …

Page 97 Mr. Richd Ligon having to this Court arrested Willm Peirce & agt him enter’d no peticin, order for a Nonsuit is granted to ye sd Peirce agt ye sd Ligon according to law with Costs als exec;

P 104 … Mr Richd Ligon plt agt William Peirce

P 105 Mr Stephen Cocke subpoena’d as an evidence by richard Dealove deft in ye suit comenc’d agt him by Edwd Hatcher as ass– of Giles webb plt & haveing Attended three days hath Order granted him agt ye sd Dearlove for one hundred & twenty pds of tobacco according to law with costs als Exec;

page 120 (137) Mr. Nicholson

page 122 The names of the Jury impanell’d & Sworn … Edwd Hatcher...

page 135 The names of the Jury impanell’d & Sworn … Edward Hatcher

page 141 … Benj. Hatcher …
(147) John Field in open Court confesseth Judgm: unto Edwd Hatcher for two hund & sixty pds tob. & Casq according to a Specialty dated Jan: 5: 1685 & seventy two pds of tob. pr acc: with Costs als Exec.

page 142 (158) Upon the Return of the Verdict of ye Jury ye sd Suit comenced pr Hon: Lound plt agst Edwd Hatcher def. is dismist with Costs.

page 146/2  … Edwd Hatcher

page 146/4  …The names of the Jury impanell’d & Sworn … Edward Hatcher

page 146/17 .. The names of the Jury impanell’d & Sworn … Edward Hatcher … 

page 146/19 Joshua Loader Servt to edw. hatcher haveing last Summer in the chief time of ye Cropp unlawfully departed at Severall Times from his Sd Master’s Service & continued absent thirty-Six days & his Sd Master having expended in his recover one hundrd Sixy four pds tob & Casq as appears to ye Court pr acc: exhibitted acknowledged by ye sd Loader doe Serve his Sd Master Edwd Hatcher his heirs or Assigns half a year after all his other time of Service due to ye sd Hatcher is expired.

Edward Hatcher plt to this Court Arresting Mr Jno Pleasants deft. for allowance for cask according to Act of Assbly in barr of wch ye deft pleading that this was a debt contracted before ye sd law & that y law looks not backwards.  The Court being divided in their opinion about ye construction of ye Sd Act have thought fitt to return ye Same to a full bench.

page 153 Edwd Hatcher deft. in open Court confesseth Judmt to ye hon; wm Byrd Esq plt for twenty four pds eleven shillings & two pence sterling to be paid according to specialty dated febru: 22: A: 1685 with Costs als Exec.  

page 146/46 The Suit Comenced pr Abra. Womeck Attorney of Thomas Burton plt pr Mr Everitt his Atturney at Edwd Hatcher deft is at ye deft’s request referrd being an Accon of ye Cause.

page 146/49 
… one thousand Acres of Land deserted by Mr. Will Hatcher, of wch one hundd & fiftythereof was granted to ye sd Hatcher May 27, 1638 & ye other eight hundrd & fifty pr pattent dated Feby 10: 1637 as ye sd pattt may appear

page 146/52
The Suit depending between Edwd Hatcher plt & Mr Jno Plesants defendt is per consent of plt & referrd till next Court

page 147 …The names of the Jury impanell’d & Sworn … Edward Hatcher

page 148  In the tryall of ye difference between Edwd Hatcher plt & Mr Jno Pleasants deft Capt Willm Randolph riset from ye beach & ordd that ye Same be Entred

page 149 Appeal from this Jedgmt to ye fourth day of ye next Genel court is granted unto Edwd Hatcher appellnt he giving security according to law.

page 178 … April 22: 1687 with Costs als Exec:  These may certify that there is due unto Edwd Hatcher six hundd

John Cox Jun

page 239  … The names of the Jury impanell’d & Sworn … Edward Hatcher

page 244  The Accon comenc’d by Edwd Hatcher plt agt John Cannon defendt neither party appearing is dismissd wh costs

page 255 Edwd Hatcher pr his peticon declaring that his servt Willm Lee hath (p. 362) severall times absented himself from his masters service & that he hat been at ye expence of two hundd pds tob paid to ye Apprehender for wch ye sd Wm Lee is willing to give & he willing to accept of four moneths service all wch being by ye sd serv: in Court acknowledged It is by ye Court accordingly Order’d That he the sd Wm Lee doe serve his sd Mster or his Assigns four oneths compeat after ye expiracon of all other time of service to him ye sd Hatcher now due is expired, the same being in full satisfaccon of all damage by him sustain’d b e sd Lee’s running away &c.

page 274 Mr. James Cocke having in his own name enter’d an Accon of debt agt Edwd Hatcher for whom Mr Edwd Chilton is Attorney & by his peticon declaring that ye sd Hatcher is indebted to him on acct of Richd Jones forty shill: sterlg & ye sd bill being likewise, in these words.  Upon request of ye deft & plea that the accon & delaration ought to Agree Order for a non suit is granted) deft agt ye sd plt with Costs als: Exec.

page 278   …The names of the Jury impanell’d & Sworn … Edward Hatcher

page 298 … That Mr Richd Ligon, Ed Hatcher & & Abra: Womeck doe forth with goe apart & sett a vlue on ye sd Goods & make report to the Court.  

page 302 the peticon of Ed Hatcher for possession of a piece of Land late in ye tenure of tho: Burton who had an estate for life therein & is now as he prtends dead; is Referr’d unto ye next court for the sd Hatcher to make proof of his sd Allegacon.

Arthur Mosely

Also John Wilson, Will Ligon

page 310 In the suit depending between Capt: Will Soane plt & Ed Hatcher (for whom Mr Ed Chilton is attorney) deft concerning Accts the same was by consent referr’d as to ye stating thereof to Mr. Jos: Tanner who returning the ballance ther of to be twelve hundred ninety two pds of tobacco & Casq due to ye plt & ye sd plt then makeing proof of ye severall Articles by his own Oath & some of them …

page 312  Ed Hatcher plt having to this Court brought his Accon agt Capt Willm Soane for nine hundred & sixty pds of tobacco & forty shills sterling & Exhibitting an acct thereof the first Article being four hundd for a Cellar is after some debate allowd by ye sd Soane by ye Greatest part of ye Residue of ye sd tob being charged for Work about ye sd Cellar more than his bargain as ye sd Hatcher prtends was Objected agt by ye sd Soane as being included in ye Agreemt but ye Court after takeing…

page 314  Edwd Hatcher in open Court enters himself security for ye Appelants due prosecucon of their Appeal.

Mr. Richard Ligon

page 318 (p. 415) Edward Hatcher this day appearing to make proof of his Alleg’n concerning ye death of Tho: Burton tent for term of life in a certain parcell of land the Fee simple whereof is in ye sd Edwd (according to ye Order of Feby Court last) did in Court Exhibit a Letter directed from ye late wife of ye sd Burton (as r ye sence thereof appears) 

page 319  … Willm Hatcher having Officiated as Constable above one year & praying to be discharged, …


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