Henrico County, VIrginia Court Order Book 1710-1714

page 14 (018) Edward Hatcher Senr. acknowledged his deed dated 1 Aug 1710 to Capt. John Worsham

page 34 (045) Edward Hatcher appears personally and acknowledges his deed dated 5 Mar 1710 to his son Seth Hatcher.

page 46 (063)  Suit in Chancery; John Giles v Richard Grills; Giles sets forth that he heath a Just and lawful Tenements thereunto belonging and said land is now in possession of Deft, by which means Plt. is kept out of his land; Plt.’s witnesses “are very aged and unable to Travel and not likely to live long.” and he asks for a commission for their deposition; Dft. appears but makes no answer; Commissions awarded for William Farrar, richard Cocke, Isham Epes and Francis Epes Junr. Gentlemen or any three of them to take depositions on 30th day of this month at the houses of William Burton and Edward Hatcher

page 58  (081) Action of Debt; Robert Hyde v. Edward Hatcher, for 20s due by bill dated 1 Mar 1707; Dft. appears and confesses debt to be due; ordered to pay same

page 72 (102) Captain John Worsham informs the Court that he has a Claim against the estate of Edward Hatcher Decd. that the said Hatcher has been dead above three months, and that no person hath Sued for Administration on his estate and therefore according to the Law in that case provided, he prays his estate may be sold by outcry; Sheriff ordered to see estate by outcry.

Page 74 (105) An order being made at the last Court for Selling the estate of Edward Hatcher Deced., and the Court being now informed that the Same is not done by reason certain goods and Chattles Supposed to be part of the said estate is detained by Seth Hatcher Son to the said deced, Whereupon it is Ordered That the Sherif of this County do Summons Mary the Relict and Widow of the said Deced, together with the said Seth Hatcher to appear at the next Court to present upon Oath a true and perfect Inventory of the said Deeds, estate.

Page 78 (110) Grand Jury presentments:

A Servant Maid of Mr Richard Ligon named Margaret for having a bastard Child

Henry Hatcher for absenting himself from coming to church once a Month …

John Bellemon for Swearing to Oaths

(110)  Mary Hatcher and Seth Hatcher present an inventory of the estate of Edward Hatcher decd.

(111) Captain John Worsham by his petition Sets forth that he is greatest Creditor to the estate of Edward Hatcher Decd., and therefire prays administration thereon and he making Oath that the said Decd departed this life without making any Will So far as he knows or believes, granted admin with Mr. Richard Cocke his security

Page 85 (118) The Sheriff having sold the estate of Edward Hatcher, and Capt. John Worsham having since been granted administration, the Sheriff is ordered to deliver the bills taken of the several purchasers to worsham

(118) Seth Hatcher exhibits his account against the estate of Edward Hatcher for funeral charges, against which John Worsham Gent. Admr. of said estate objects; upon consideration, Court orders payment of 22s

page 92 (128) Action of Case; Thoms. Turpin v. Edwd. Hatcher; dismissed, neither party appearing

(129) Action of Debt; Jno. Wood v. Thoms. East…  demands a jury; jury (Thomas Cetham, Henry Hatcher, Seth Ward, Mathew Ligon, Edwd. Hatcher, Wm. Blackman, John Watson, Benja. Watson, Samuel Newman …) …

(continues p 93)

… Jno. Herbert to pay Henry Hatcher for 5 days as his witness against James Jupiter

… jury (… Mathew Ligon, Henry Hatcher, Edwrd. Hatcher…)

page 94 (132) Action of Trespass … jury (… Mathew Ligon, Edwd. Bowman, Henry Hatcher, Edwd. Hatcher …) 

(133) Edwd. Moseby appointed surveyor of the high ways in that precinct where Wm. Ferris was surveyor

(133) Arthur Mosely appointed surveyor of the High Ways in that precinct where Abraham Womack was surveyor

(133) Richrd. Ligon & Wm. Ligon, entered as securities for Jane the wife of Hugh Ligon, who is Extrx of Jno. Price, replacing Theodorick Carter & Jno. Atkins

page 97  (137) The Order of this Court for selling the estate of Simon Ligon not being complyed with is continue till the next Court

(137) Action of Debt; Wm. Soane v. Jno. Worsham Admr. of Edwd Hatcher for 268 lb. Tobo. for which judgment entered at a Court held Jun 1708; Plt. testifies that he never received payment of any part of the judgment; judgment now for the amount of the judgment and costs, plus the costs of this action

(137) Action of Detinue; Jno. worsham Admr. of Edward Hatcher v. Seth Hatcher, referred to next Court at Deft. motion

page 103  

Francis Peirce…

Action of Detinue; depending; Jno. Worsham Admr. of Edwd. Hatcher v Seth Hatcher, for 30pds

page 109

Richard Ligon and Hugh Ligon

Will of Mary Ligon decd …

…Daughter of Simon Ligon

Edward Hatcher ack his deeds of lease and release (dated 6&7 Jul 1712) to Tarlton Woodson

Edward Hatcher ack his bond dated 7 July 1712 to Tarlton Woodson

Simon & Mary Ligon

page 110 (160) Action of Detinue; depending: John Worsham Admr. of Edwd. Hatcher v. Seth Hatcher, for 30pds damage by means of Dft. detaining certain chattels worth 23.15 pds which belong to the estate; Dft. at last Court denied detaining the goods and demanded a jury trial; …

(160) Simon Ligon …

(160) Simon Ligon ..

(160) Simon Ligon …

page 111 (161) Seth Hatcher to pay John Hatcher 1 day as his witness against John Worsham Admr. of Edward Hatcher; also to pay Edward Hatcher for 1 day; also to pay Sarah Farmer for 2 days

(163) Upon the petition of John Fletcher and Absalom Smith, they are added to the list of Tythables

(163) … William Cox, Seth Ward

Page 130 (203) Thomas East Junr. and Ann his wife v Seth Hatcher and Elizabeth his wife, Exrx of Anne Perrin, who was Admx of Thomas Perrin) On a petition setting forth that Thomas Perrin left an estate amounting to 17,056 lb. Tobo and 2.14.2pds and that a seventh part thereof belongs to them and in the hands of Dfts; Dfts given till next court to answer

(203) Seth Ward ….

(204) Capt. Jno. Worsham presents an account of the estate of Edwd. Hatcher.

Also, more Cox, Ligon
Henry Hatcher, Jno and John Hatcher, William Hatcher Jr. and Sr.