Isle of Wight Virginia County Probate Records 1634-1951

page 16 Herring, John; Leg. – son Anthony; wife Margerie; to John Whitfield. D. ——— R. June 10, 1672.
Wit. John Vickars, Ambrose Bennett, Thomas Grosse, Edward Lassetter Jr.   Page 112

page 33  Creswell, Clement: Leg. – son John Whitfield, legacy which Margery Herring left him; son John, I do give to — Armor until he is 21 years old, if said Armor does not use him kindly, Thomas Hawkins shall keep him.  Said John was seventeen years old in April 1683; son Clement to live with Thomas Hawkins, he now being 15 years old in April 1683; daughter Jennet Macon.  Wife Ann Extx.
D. March 12, 1682.  R. November 9, 1683.

page 99 Herring, John.  By will appointed his relict, Margerie his Extx.  June 10, 1672  R. Nov. — 1672
Security, Thomas Poole, Thomas Grosso   Page 50

page 103 Herrin (Herring), Margerie (widow).  By nuncupative will, bequeathed her estate to John Whitfield, orphan.  Clement Creswell his father-in-law qualifica. 
Feb. 17 1675      R. March 15, 1675/6
Security, Thomas Munford, Daniel Long.     Page 39

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Source: FamilySearch online records (not yet indexed)