Record of Deeds Volume A – Pasquotank County p 25, 379

page 25
No. Carolina, Samuel Pike of the Precinct of Pasquotank … with the free Voluntary Consent of Jane Pike my lawful wife for … Consideration of 140 pounds … paid by Wm. Haige… Sold … my land and plantation lying & being Scituate on the South side of Newbegun Creek … between the plantation of Joseph Glaister, and now in the Tenure and possession of Capn. Jno. Robison & the plantation of Mr. Pope, but now in the Tenure … of Anne Delamare widow & relict of Francis Delamare Decd. and containing by estimation 300 acres … [A:63] … as the said land was granted by Patent to Robt. Lowry & by him assigned to John Nixon … 20, 8br, 1713. Signed: Saml. PIKE, Jane IP PIKE her mark. Wit: W. Norris, Jno. Bell. Ack: Pasquotank, 8br: 20th 1713 Samuel Pike & Jane his wife to Mr. James Tooke.  Atty. Mr. William Haie. Regt:  23rd 8 br: 1713.


page 379
[B:1] North Carolina  13 Jan. 1746/7 by and between Samuel Pike of said Province and County of Pasquotank Farmer of the one part and Joseph Pritchard of the same place Farmer of the other party .. in Consideration of the Sum of 208 pounds Bills of said Province … sold … one Moiety or half part of a Tract of Land containing 325 acres according to Patent … commonly known by the name of half way Tree Land, it being the Land that John Pike of Freds County in Virginia sold unto me … 19 Oct 1744 and registered in the County afsd … bondeth as followeth … Matthew Reasons … to be equally divided between Joseph Pritchard and Benjaimn Pike as it was to have been divided between the sad Samuel Pike & Benjamin his Brother but hitherto hath not been done … half part contains … 162 1/2 acres … whereon I the said Samuel Pike now dwell … on the N.e. Side of the aforementioned Tract of Land …

[B:2] Sarah Pike the Wife of the said Samuel Pike … give … Right & Title of Dowry … Signed: Samuel Pike, Sarah X Pike her mark.  Wit: Benjn. Pritchard, Sarah Pritchard.  Ack:  Jan. Court 1746.  Regt: [blank] Jan. 1746/7.