Pasquotank, North Carolina Record of Deeds Volume A

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page xiv  TABLE 1 -- Continued
John Belman  314A  Flatty Creek
John Burnsby, Jr.   200A  Flatty Creek

John Belman   280A  Albermarle Sound

page xv
John Belman  198A  Beech Ldg., Nobs Crook Cr
Thomas French  85A  N E side Pasquotank River


page 14  ... unto Robt. Morgan ... Pasquotank. 15 Jany. 1711/12 by Thos. james & Margt. his wife unto Robt. Morgan.  Regt:  17 April 1711

page 15
... Jr. Jno. Avery ... 17 April 1812 (sic)

John Wardner ... all that land ... formerly entered and Surveyed by Jno. Belman as also ... purchased by the said Bellman of Jno. West ... all which land lies and is Situate on the Island of Croaton Joining upon ...

page 23
... Benja. West ...
... James Tooke Mercht. in Little River Albermarle County and Province of North Carolina for divers good cause and Considerations ... 200 pounds of Good and Lawful Sterling money of England ... Sold unto Jo Glaister of Pasquotank Shoemaker ... on the South side of the said Creek bounded on the west Side with the plantation of Saml. Pike. and on the East side with the Plantation

page 25
No. Carolina, Samuel Pike of the Precinct of Pasquotank ... with the free Voluntary Consent of Jane Pike my lawful wife for ... Consideration of 140 pounds ... paid by Wm. Haige... Sold ... my land and plantation lying & being Scituate on the South side of Newbegun Creek ... between the plantation of Joseph Glaister, and now in the Tenure and possession of Capn. Jno. Robison & the plantation of Mr. Pope, but now in the Tenure ... of Anne Delamare widow & relict of Francis Delamare Decd. and containing by estimation 300 acres ... [A:63] ... as the said land was granted by Patent to Robt. Lowry & by him assigned to John Nixon ... 20, 8br, 1713. Signed: Saml. PIKE, Jane IP PIKE her mark. Wit: W. Norris, Jno. Bell. Ack: Pasquotank, 8br: 20th 1713 Samuel Pike & Jane his wife to Mr. James Tooke.  Atty. Mr. William Haie. Regt:  23rd 8 br: 1713.

page 44
...Jno. Avery & Lydia his wife ...  20 July 1715 ... Benja. West

page 45
Pasquotank, wm. hall & Hannah my wife of Pasquotank prect. afsd for & in Consideration of the Sum of 16 pounds ... paid by Saml. Pike of the Same place .. Sold...

page 46
No. Carolina. Wm. Wallis & Ann my wife of Pasquotank prect. in Albermarle County.  In the province afsd. ... Sarah Belman Widow.  Excrx. of ye. last Will & Testament of Jno. Belman late of ye. sd. County
(continued page 47) decd. having in herself right & lawful Authority to Sell and dispose of all of the lands whereof ye. sd. Jno. Belmandied Seized of excepting 100 acres called bushy neck given by the sd. Jno. Belman in his last Will and Testament to his Sons John & Robt. did by his Conveyance ... bearing date ye. 19th 7ber 1707 grant bargain Sell & make over unto me the sd. Wiliam Wallis a Certain Tract of land ct. 280 Acres lying at the mouth of Flatty Creek on ye Sound side granted to the sd. Jno. Belman by Patent bearing date ye first day of Jany. 1694... for sum of 8 pds .... paid by Robert Waymouth of the Prect. & County afsd ...

page 78
... Captain Benjamin West... 18 July 1717

... Benj: West ... 18 July 1717

Richard Madren & Ann my wife of Pasquotank precinct in Albermarle County in North Carolina ... whereas the late Honrabe Govr. John Archibald (sic) Esqr. and the Council of North Carolina, aforsd. by pattent; bearing date the 26 day of (blank) 1696, given and granted unto John Bellman a tract of land containing 198 acres, being on the south West side of Pasquotank River ... on Nobs Crook Creek ... John Bellman & Sarah his wife, did by their Assignment bearing date the 25th day of October 1700 & then by them acknowledged in the Court of Pasquotank prct. registered in the Register Book of writing of the precinct of Pasquotank aforesd the 3 day of Decbr 1700 assigned sd patent to the sd Richard Madren ... in Consideration of the natural love & affection I bear my daughter now wife John Riggs ... sold ... unto the sd. John Riggs & Penelope his wife the one half or moiety of the before recited tract of land ... then after their death, to the heirs male of them ... & then after their death, to the heirs male of them ... & for want of such issue then to the use of the heirs female of them .. & for want of such issue then to the right heirs of me the sd Richard Madren... 15 April 1718...

page 94
1720 the 22d of the 6th month ... Thomas Commander ... Signed: ... John X Bellman his mark 19 August 1720

page 114
... part of a greater tract by patent granted to Jno Belman & by the sd Belman sold to my father Will. Wallis ...

page 169

upon the Sound Side as by Patent bearing date the 1 May 1668 Granted to John Belman and by the Said John Belman by his last Will and Testament in Writing bearing date the 5 Nov. 1706 made and constituted his wife Sarah Belman his Executrix and by a Clause in the sd. Will, did give her his said Wife full power ... to make Sale of the sd. lands after his Decease ... and whereas William Wallis ...

page 364

4 March 1744/5
... Wit: Joshua Parisho, Elisabeth X Parisho her mark...

page 365
... on the South Side of Pasquotank River & Boundning on Joseph Keaton's, Ephraim Overman's and the remaining ...

page 373

... part of a Greater Tract b Patent granted to John Bellman &  by the said Bellman sold to William Wallis .. to him the said John Comey ... 5 May 1745
Signed: Beja X Massagy his mark.
Wit: James George. David George.  Ack:  July Court 1746.  Regt: 1 Sept. 1746