Patent Henrico Co, VA 1671

William Berkeley (the 227A Wm the Im gifted to Tom Burton Jr c1677)

TYPE: Patent – ref CF#043B VPB 6 p231 Date: 25 September 1671, Sr. William. Berkeley Knt Governor to Gilbert Elam 867 acres 3 rood 24 pole Ref: residue 364 acres 3 rood 24 po adjoyning to the land above exprest bounded as foll loc -55008 -22176 F127 L0 P255
pt A) Corner of Henry Lowin being a Chesnutt oak standing a little above Parkers Gutt & runing thence S.5W 232 Poles; to line s.5w; 232 poles from above Parkers Gutt
pt B) Henry Lowin his corner at the heads SxE.5E 120 Poles; line sxe.5e; 120 poles Henry Lowin
pt C) SSW 62 Poles; to line ssw; 62 poles
pt D) the Corner of Mr. William. Hatchers land then along the heads of this first Graunt SSE 72 Poles; line sse; 72 poles along heads of 1st Gr., William. Hatcher
pt E) West 36 Poles; line w; 36 poles
pt F) WxS 140 Poles; line wxs; 140 poles
pt G) SWxS 80 Poles; to line swxs; 80 poles
pt H) Thos. Wells his line to his new plantacontract NW 104 Poles; to line Northwest 204 poles from Thos Wells’ new plantacontract
pt I) 3 trees marked formrly for Tho. Wells nigh [Fox] slash along Martin Elam his markt trees NWxN 90 Poles; to line nwxn; 90 poles Martin Elam from nigh Fox slash
pt J) Robt. Bowman Junr. his Land at a white oake [N 108 Poles;] along Roxdale head line survey line ; 108 poles Robert Bowman junr, Roxdale head line
pt K) & Robt. Bowman Junr his head line East 240 Poles; line e; 240 poles
pt L) NxE 320 Poles; to line nxe; 320 poles
pt M) Roxdale swamp then along the swamp as Robert Bowman Junr. his line runeth NExE 30 Poles; survey line nexe; 30 poles along Roxdale S., Robert Bowman Junr. line
pt N) ExN 24 Poles; survey line exn; 24 poles – Point O) ENE 38 Poles; survey line ene; 38 poles end

Note: Further down is a reference to this land being patented in 1674 but the above indicates he owned it before that. Perhaps the deed was recorded in 1674.