Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution

Name of Rank: Reuben Ivy  Received by: G. Ino McReeE263.N8

p150 Nicholson, Rbt  Lt. Moore’s Company 19 Apr ’77 – Resigned 4 July ’79
Nicholson, Jno, Pt. Hogg’s Company – 20 July ’77  – 9 months service
Nicholson, Isaac Sergt.  Raiford’s Company – 16 Apr ’79 – 18 months service – Sergt. Maj. Dec. ’81

p393 Ivy, Jacob, Thomas
Jacob Ivey – Contintenal #558
Reuben Ivey – Continental #153 Hillsborough Dist.
James Ives, Soldier – #333 Halifax Dist.
Militia, Thomas Ivey  #2998 Wilmington Dist.
Lieut. Adj. Curtis Ivey #293 Halifax Dist.

p427 Benj. Sasser

p461 John Nicholson Private and Lt. 210.00 NC Militia  March 4, 1831
Christopher Stanley Seargant 300.00  Md. Contl line Mar 4, 1831
John Ward Private  190.62  Va, Militia Mar 4, 1831

Name of Rank: Jacob Ivey – Received by: William Faircloth
Name of Rank: Elisha Ivy – Received by: William Faircloth

p 537-537 
Name of Rank: Ruben Ivy  Received by: G. Ino McRee
Name of Rank:  David Ivy, M  Received by: William Lytle
Name of Rank: Benjamin Joiner  Received by: C. Ivey
also John Kilpatrick

p643 Cobb

p645 Cox

p652 Fletcher, fellows


p661 Harper

p663 Herrings, Herrin


p667 Ivy

p 678 Maudlin

p682 Nicholson

p684 Peele


p695 Slaughter

p704 Wallace, Vickers