Virginia Colonial Abstracts – Charles City County [VA], Court Orders, 1658-1661, p 182

Newport on Rhoad Island this 31 of Jan’ry 1658 Know all men to whom this present writeing shall come that we whose names are here Underwritten Robt Potter Agent unto mr George Potter of the Virginia being mer’cht of the Barq’ Black bird and Mathew Bunne marrin’r and m’r of the aforesd Barq’ and we wanting effects to carry on our designe to retourne unto Geo: Potter of Virginia mer’cht, In regard we wanted sails rigging cables and ancho’rs as also provi’con for our voyage and money to pay Seamens wages, And we finding so much favour w’th mr Wm Breuton that he was pleased to furnish us w’th one hundred thirty and six pounds nineteene shillings ster’ for w’ch aforemenconed sume of 1361. 19s. OO we have ingaged mr George Potter w’th the aforemen’coned Barq’ Blackbird w’th our selves personally and Jointly to make paymt unto the aforesd Breuton according to our ingagemts w’ch then we hoped might have beene performed soone after this time, but the sharpnesse of the winter proveing contrary to expectation, and our provision being spent, and we being in want of more provision, and also in want of some cloathing and being relieved by the aforesd Breuton w’th thirty one pounds tenn shillings sterl moer and to the end the sd Breuton may be secured, we in behalfe of our Imployer mr George Potter have wholly and absolutely sold unto Wm Breuton mer’cht all the right title and interest whatsoever the aforesd Geo: Potter formerly had and now hath in the Barq’ called the Blackbird w’th w’tsoever is or doth belong unto her in any knd and also w’t goods is now aboard that did or doth belong unto either of us as Agents unto the sd George Potter; Giveing and granting unto the sd Breuton full and peaceable possession of the sd Barq’ and goods for him and his peaceably to enjoy for ever, provided that in case the sd Barq’ Blackbird do safely arrive at Virginia that the sd George Potter w’thin two dayes after her arriveall do putt in suffic’t securitie unto the sd Breuton or his assgs to the value of three hundred pounds sterl to make paymt in kind and at the time that Robt Potter and Mathew Bunne have given ingagemts to performe in the behalfe of the sd Geo Potter and themselves, and to make good paymt but the sd Breuton or his assgs according to agreem’t w’th them then the sd Blackbird w’th what then shall belong unto her and what goods or provicons that doth then belong unto her, is to be deliverd into the hands and possession of the aforesd Geo: Potter or his ord’r peaceably to possesse and enjoy as his owne proper right But in case security be Denyed and refused to be given by the sd Geo: Potter as is above expressed then the abovesd Wm Breuton him or his heirs ex’rs admrs or assgs is quietly and peaceably to enjoy the aforesd Barq’ Blackbird and goods for ever w’thout any trouble or molestacon from the aforesd Geo: Potter or any under him or by his meanes or any that doth or shall apperteine unto him In sittnes whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and seales the day and yeare first written. Robert Potter the seale. Wit: John Gibbs, Roland Moes, Tho: Parram [Perram], Peleg Sanford.

p 183. Abstract. Ackm’t made by “my Agents” to Mr Breuton and assignment endorsed by “Mr Hatcher, Mr Randolph and my self”. “Howell Pryse to acknowledge the same in my name”. Dated 14th Mar. 1658/9. Signed George Potter. Rec 4 June 1659.

[Note: Index shows “Buns sale of a barq”.] p 184. Abstract. Mathew Bunne, Agt for Mr Wm Breuton of “Rode Island merch’t”, assigns to Geo Potter, Wm Hatcher and Henry Randolph, all right in the vessel “Blackbird”. Signed Mathew Bunne. Wit: Rich Webley, Ho Pryse Cl, John fflowers. Howell Pryse authorized to confirm above. Signed Mathew Bunne. Rec 4 June 1659.