Wills and Administration of Isle of Wight County, Virginia 1647-1800

Pharoah Cobb, John Herring, William Morgin, Phillip and Sarah Pearce, Nathan, Arthur, Simon, Richard, Thomas Pearce. Ralph Vickers, Hardy Council, Richard Pierce, Edmond Vickers,  John Vickars

page 11
... Edmond Vickers ... (page 103)

HERRING, John:  Leg. son Anthony; wife Margerie; to John Whitfield. d. ---- R. June 10, 1672.
Wit: John Vickars, Ambrose Bennett, Thomas Grosse, Edward Lassetter, Jr. (page 112)

WILLIAMS, George ... to Mr. Pharoah Cobb: ...



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There are more Vickers - need to get those pages  - John Vicars 14, 15, 16, 62-62, 66, 68

page 13
LEWIS, Benedict: Appraisal of his estate, presented by the widow and taken by John Vicars, Michaell Fulgham and Toby Keeble. R. August 9, 1675.



page 100
HIDEN, Ephraim: ... Wit: William Morgin

PEARCE, Philip: Leg. wife Sarah; son Nathan son Arthur; son Simon; son Richard; son Thomas. Exs., wife Sarah and son Richard Pearce. D. March 20, 1727/28 R. April 22, 1728
Wit: RIchard Teasley, Peter Mackone, George Teasley.  (Page 78)


page 101
PEARCE, Philip:  Appraised by John Teasley, Ralph Vickers, William Page.  May 27, 1728  (page 89)

page 102
BOWIN, Richard:  Appraised by John Teasley, Ralph Vickers, William Page.  R. August 26, 1728.  (Page 111)

page 103
DUCK, William ... Wit: Hardy Council


page 132
TEASLY, John: Appraised by William Page, Ralph Vickers, Richard Pierce.  
Signed Richard Teasly.  Ordered June 26, 1738.  R. November 27, 1738 (page 217)


page 155
Vickers, Ralph: Leg. grandsons, Thomas and Simon Boykin, the land which I bought of Benjamin Boykin: granddaughter Martha Boykin; daughter Margaret Vaughan, the wife of Thomas Vaughan.  E., brother Abraham Carnall.  D. February 10, 1741.  R. January 14, 1747.
Wit: Joseph Powell, Hardy Council, Thomas English.  Abraham Carnall refused executorship and Simon Boykin qualified (page 89)


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