Abstracts of The Early Deeds of Wayne County North Carolina 1780-1793 (Deed Book 2)

Page 53 - Stanley

Page 53

#335 (p.31) State of N.C. Grant No. 437 to John Handley, Oct. 13, 1783, for a tract of 150 acres in Dobbs Co. on the north side of Nuse River and on the head of Stoney Creek adjoining Jonathan Stanley, Mark Hanley, and James Handley

Page 55

#348 (p. 57) Patience Cobb, widow of Stephen Cobb, Esqr., affidavit sworn to before Benjamin Fort and William Alford, Esqrs., Justices for said County, that about eighteen months past she saw Mary Bridgers, widow of Samuel Bridgers, decd., at the birth of certain negro child called Jinny, its mother named Jane, the propertey of said Mary Bridgers, decd., take the child to Stephen Cobb and deliver it to Martha Cobbas her “wright and property.” Wit: Benjamin Fort, J. P., William Alford, J. P.

Page 57 - Standley

Page 57

#359 (p.81) Simon Totevine of Dobbs Co., N.C. deed to Bryant Whitfield of same, March 27, 1784 .. land in Wayne Co. on the north side of Nuse River and upon Stoney Creek containing 504 acres as follows: ... (3) 154 acres adjoining Joseph Dawson and John Thompson, granted by patent to Jonathan Standley bearing date March 3, 1775; ... all tracts joining and including the plantation whereon Jonathan Standley now lives.  Excepted is a lease given to John Standley for the term of nineteen years bearing date July 19, 1775. Wit: N'm Whitfield, Richard McKinney