p55 John Avery

State Records p. 55
"A" North Carolina Revolutionary Pensioners Reported in 1835
John Avery

p64 Pierce, Standley, Ward

Colonial Estates p.64 – 29 Jul 1732
Account of Goods estate of Jno Simons dec’d sold to: Thos Pierce, Jno Standing (Standley), James Ward

p69 John Harper

State Records p 69 "H" North Carolina Revolutionary Pensioners Reported in 1835
John Harper

p86 North Carolina Revolutionary Pensioners page 86 – Christopher Stanley

North Carolina Revolutionary Pensioners
page 86 – Christopher Stanley, Seargeant

p156-157 State Records - Robert Goodloe Harper

p166 Buzbee

State Records p. 166
Company Commanded by Capt. John Walker
Soldiers: Miles Buzbee, Drury Buzbee


p. 167 Jesse Harper

State Records p. 167
Jesse Harper

p174 Cobb, Harper, Wallace

State Records p. 174
New Bern, North Carolina

John Petty Cobb
May 22, 1778 names subscribed: Jesse Harper, William Wallace

p177 James Stanley

State Records p 177
James Stanley

p185 Cobb, Stanley

State Records p 185
Camp at Capt. Cobb's August 3, 1779 -
Jonathan Stanley, a Soldier, is witness against the said Moses Bass.

p188 Morgan, Cox, Herring, Stanley

Laws of North Carolina 1723 p 188
Robt Morgan
List of Jury Men in Currituck
Andr'w Ethridge, Ed. Cox
A List of Jurymen in Bertie
Jonath. Stanley, Sam'll Herren

p246 Thomas Vickers

State Records p. 246
Army Accounts of the North Carolina line
Received of Thomas Vicars

p247 Standley

State Records p 247
Army accounts – Edward Standley, David Standley

p315 Craven - Harper

p315 Craven County. A List of the Company of the North Shore, Belong to Capt'n John Shine's District From the Head of Broad Creek Down to the Mouth of the River
Nicholas Harper
Samuel Harper

p348 -349 Edward Moseley

Edward Moseley 

p377 Council Journal

p494 Cox, Stanley

p494 A True Copy of a Foot Company of Soldiers Commanded by William Whittfield
Richard Cox
Thos. Cox
Isdeas Cox
John Stanley

p496 Peel, Harper, Ivey

p496 A List of Men Belonging to Capt. Jacob Farrow's Company, Vizt.:
Francis Peel
William Harper
John Ives

p514-515 Edward Moseley

p514 May It Please Your Honours
This House hath resolved to allow Edward Moseley Esq Sr Rich Everard Baron Mr Sam Swann & Mr John Swann four of the Commiss appointed the last Asembly to Revise the Laws of this Province the sum of five hundred pounds for the said service....

p522 Stanley, Herring

p522 Jona Stanley, Samll Herring



p 850 William Stanley

P 850 William Stanley Esq to Gov. Abner Nash.
Newbern, 10th June 1780
Dear Sir:
I have repeatedly Offered those who were empowered to impress Horses their choice of Nine which I have on my Plantations, but they have as often been refused, though by far more serviceable than my Town Horses.
I will, with pleasure, Sir, furnish two able Horses, and will order my Servant immediately to attend any person you may please to appoint, tho shew the Horses on my Plantations, Out of which he may take his Choice. I have in Tow a sett of Horses & two Mares with Foal. I should think it exceedingly hard to have either of them impressed.
Your Excellency may be assured that on all occasions nothing in my power shallb e wanting to promote the public service & to convince you that I am
Your Excellency’s mo. Obedient Servt., WM. STANLEY 

p943-944 John Harper murder execution

p943-944 The Governor laid before the Board the petition of John Harper, which was recommended by a number of respectable gentlemen, inhabitants of Bladen, New Hanover and Brunswick counties, praying a reprieve or respite of the said Harper's execution, who was condemned at the last Superior Court of Law for the District of Wilmington of murder, to be executed on Friday, the 11th of this instant. The Board taking the said petition into consideration, do advise his Excellence to grant a reprieve for the said Harper till Wednesday, the 20th January next.

p1032 William Stanley

The following Persons moved for leave to prove their own and others Rights which was Granted William Stanley 6 Whites, Johnston

p1035 -1036 Cox, Overman, Pike, Stanley, Herring

p1035 Thomas Cox 400 Anson, Isaac Overman 200 Bladen, Samuel Pike 350 Dobbs, Robert Fellows 250 Dobbs

page 1036 Mr Samuel appeared in behalf of William Stanley . . .
in behalf of Anthony Herring

p1237 William Stanley

May 6, 1775 Gentlemen, the enclosed arrived here about an hour past and is forwarded immediately to you and desire you will keep a copy of James Lockwood's letter and send them on as soon as possible to the Wilmington Committee. We are gentlemen your obedient servants, … William Stanly

p1248-1249 Jno Herring

p1248 - 28 Sept 1751

p 1249 -28 Sept 1751 Sundry Petitions for Land Warrant
Wm Stanley 625 Johnston, Jno Herring 500 Duplin