Abstracts of The Early Deeds of Wayne County North Carolina 1780-1793 (Deed Book 1)

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Page 1

#1 p. 1 Jesse Watkins of Dobbs Co., N.C., planter, deed to John Molton ... Oct. 28, 1779... south side of Little River and on the Farcoson Branch adjoining Thomas Coor and John Fellow ...

#3 wit: John Sasser, Charles Cogdell to Richard Cogdell of the Town of New Bern, Province of N.C. deed to Francis Cogdell of Dobbs Co., N.C., March 29, 1774 . . .

Page 6 and 7 - Herring, Fellow, Sasser, Peele

#27 Wit: Anthony Herring, Solomon Herring, Joel Herring
#35 wit: Wm. Fellow
#37 (p48) William Sasser of Wayne Co. deed to Stephen Sasser of Same, Jan 5, 1781 for 141 pds. 16 L current money a parcel of ten acres on the west bank of Little River adjoining said Stephen Sasser, being part of a grant to JNO Sasser, Sen'r and thence conveyed to William Sasser.  Wit:  Nathaniel Peele, Benja. Howell

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#43  p. 56  State of N.C. Grant No. (not given) to Reuben Eason, Nov. 10, 1779 for a tract of 400 acres in Dobbs Co., adjoining Fellow and Frederic Herring.

#48 (p.60) John Sasser of Wayne Co. deed of gifts to his daughter, Mary Blythe, of same, Jan 24, 1782 for love and affection a tract of 200 acres on the south bank of Little River commonly known by the name of Tat'es Field, .. sold to John Sasser.  Wit:  Noell Howell, Benjamin Howell

#49 (p.61) John Sasser deed of gift to his grandson, John Sasser, son of Josiah Sasser, Jan. 24, 1782, for love and affection one negro fellow named Solomon  Wit:  T. Blythe, Mary Blythe

#51 (p. 63) Solomon Herring and Jane Herring of Wayne Co. deed to Jesse Jernigan, Jun'r Oct. 15, 1781 ... being a tract of land granted to Jane Relly, now Jane Herring, bearing date May 5, 1769.  ..

Page 10-11 Herring, Stanly, Aycock

Page 10

#52 (p. 64) William Roach of Wayne Co. deed to Bryan Whitfield of Dobbs Co., N.C. Oct 21, 1780, ... (1) 300 acres on the north side of Neuse River beginning near the mill pocoson, as by patent granted to Arther Herring bearing date April 9, 1770; (2) 80 acres on the north side of Neuse River and east side of Walnut Creek adjoining the patent lines of Elisha Uzzell and Arther Herring, being most of a patent granted to Moses Stanly bearing date March 4, 1775; (3) 100 acres of land, being part of a tract of 464 acres granted to Elisah Uzzell on Sept. 1, 1767.  Wit:  Francis Child, Elisha Uzzell, Nedum Whitfield.

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#57 (p. 72)  ... Solomon Herring ...

#58 (p. 73) John Aycock, Sen'r of Wayne Co. deed to William Fort of same, March 15, 1782, for 10,000 pds. current money a tract of 150 acres on the south side of Aycocks Swamp adjoining Arthur Bryan and Benjamin Fort, including the improvement whereon Robert Bogue lived, being a trat of land granted to said Aycock on Oct. 28, 1779.  Wit: John Sherod, Cornelius Tilson

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#90 (p. 112) Michael and Samuel Herring

#91 (p. 113) Anthony Herring

Page 17
#102 (p. 124) Michael and Joel Herring

#103 p. 125 State of N.C. Grant No. (not given) to William Fellow, Oct. 29, 1782, for a tract of 250 acres lying on the east side of Falling Creek adjoining David Miles, Petit, Cox, McKinne, and his own line.

Page 19 and 20 Standly

#122 (p.145) Samuel Powers of Wayne Co., deed to Robert Argo of same, Dec.1 5, 1782, for 12 pds. specie a tract of 50 acres on the north side of Neuse River and east side of Walnut Creek adjoining said Robert Argo, being part of a patent for 530 acres granted to Richard Sarsnut.  Wit: Moses Standly, Joseph Gleten

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#126 Hardy Hooks, Jacob Bardin, James Barden

Page 21

#131 Pasco Peele

#132 (p.156) State of N.C. Grant No. 370 to Jacob Herring, Oct. 29, 1782, for a tract of 110 acres in Dobbs Co. on the north side of Neuse River on the upper Boag Swamp adjoining Charles Hinds and Dixon.

#137 (p.151) State of N.C. Grant No. 422 to Jacob Herring, 1782, for a tract of 100 acres in Dobbs Co. on the north side of Neuse River and south side of the Savannah on the Reedy Branch adjoining his own line.  

Page 26-27 Herring, Fellow

#180 (page 208) James Cobb of Wayne Co. deed to John Barefoot of same, July 12, 1783, for 10 pds. specie two tracts of land lying on the Juniper Swamp as follows (1) 400 acres on the south side of the swamp and the County lines adjoining David Evans (2) 205 acres of the swamp adjoining of the other tract, Sherod, and his own line. The first tract was granted to said James Cobb on Nov. 10, 1779 and the second tract on Oct. 25, 1782. Witness William Bridgers, Nathan Cobb, David Cobb.

Page 27
#185 adjoining Richard Johnson and John Fellow; adjoining Frederic Herring ... between lands formerly patented in the names of John Fellow and Richard Johnson

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Page 40

#263 (p.308) Thomas Edgerton 

#265 (p.312) Wit: Moses Stanly

Page 43 - Stanley

Page 43

#287 (p.339) Allen Jones of Northampton Co. deed to William McKinne of Dobbs Co., Oct 17, 1783, for "faiv"shillings proc. money a tract of 320 acres in Dobbs Co. on the east bank of Walnut Creek adjoining William Standley.  Wit: David Short, Thomas Parker, James Dancy.