Abstracts of The Early Deeds of Wayne County North Carolina 1780-1793 (Deed Book 5)

Page 168 Standley, Cobb

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#1063 (p.1) Wit: Moses Standley

#1070 (pg 9) Nathan Cobb of Wayne Co. bill of sale to James Cobb of same, March 14, 1791, for 200 pds. current money one negro man slave named Dick. Wit: Stephen Cobb, Am. Dement (?)

Page 174-175 Cobb

#1107 (pg 54) James Cobb of Wayne Co. Deed to Francis Rountree of Edgecombe Co., N. C., Jan 20, 1790, for 95 pds. current money a tract of 73 acres on the south side of Contentnea Creek adjoining William Tomlinson, Isaac Daniel, and the land of John Barefood purchased of Elias Coleman, being two-thirds of the land of John Grimes, deceased, excluding that laid off for the widow. Wit: Edmund Love, James Whitehead.

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#1118 (pg 62) William Tomlinson of Wayne Co. Deed of gift to his two sons, Stephen Tomlinson and Thomas Tomlison, 1791, for good will and affection to said Stephen one still worm and cap and to said Thomas one copper still kettle. Wit: Jas. Cobb, Stephen Cobb, Patience Cobb.

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# 1288 (p. 293) State of N. C. Grant No. 129 to Robert Coleman, Sept. 30, 1785, for a tract of 400 acres on the south side of Contentnea Creek, adjoining his own line, Stephen Cobb, Benjamin Cobb, and Henry Hern.

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#1362 (p.379) Elisha Uzzell, Senior, of Wayne Co., deed to Elisha Uzzell, Junior of same Jan. 15, 1793 ... on the north side of Neuse River and ont he east side of Boge Marsh beginning on the Main Roard that leads from where Dobbs Courtouse formerly was to Kinston, including the improvements thereon made, being part of a grant to Wm. Standley by patent bearing date October 1751; also, a tract of 140 acres on the east side of Walnut Creek and on th south side of the Miry Branch, being part of a tract granted to Ephraim Cotton by patenet dated Nov. 9, 1779.  Wit: Major Uzzell, Kezia Uzzell, Wm. Wilson.

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#1398 (pg. 416) John Stanton of Wayne Co. Deed to Nathan Felts of same, April 8, 1793 (?), for 100 pds. specie a tract of 115 acres on the north side of Contentney Creek and on Donehos Mash adjoining Cornelius Outlan, Etherldered Ruffin, and John Stanton. Wit: Nathan Cobb, Barns Simms. The deed was also signed by Elizabeth Stanton.

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#1449 p. 465 Nathan Cobb of Nash Co. N.C. bill of sale to Charles Coleman of Edgecomb Co, N.C. Sept. 4, 1792, for 35 pds. current money one negro man named Dick about 47 years old. Wit. Jas. Cobb, Stephen Chance.