* if you have Type ll diabetes, eat three meals containing 15 grams of carbs per meal and two 7 1/2-grams carbohydrate snacks.

All fruits are raw except when noted. Each serving is 15 grams of carbohydrate. Eat fruit in their natural state. No cocktail or canned in syrup. Eat organic, “spray-free”

FruitServing Size
Acerola (West Indian cherry)15 fruit
Apple1 small
Apples (dried)3 rings
Apricots2 medium
Apricots (dried)7 halves
Avocados (California)1 avocado
Avocados (Florida)1/2 avocado
Bananas1/2 medium
Bananas (dehydrated)1 tablespoon
Blackberries3/4 cup
Blueberries3/4 cup
Boysenberries1 cup
Breadfruit1/8 small
Carambola (starfruit)1 1/2 cups (sliced)
Cherimoya (custard apple)2 oz
Cherries1 cup (with pits)
Crabapples3/4 cup (sliced)
Cranberries (unsweetened)1 cup, whole
Currants (European, fresh)1 cup
Currants (red or white)1 cup
Currants (Zante, dried)2 tablespoons
Dates2 medium
Elderberries1/2 cup
Figs2 medium
Figs (dried)1 medium
Gooseberries1 cup
Grapefruit1/2 large
Grapes (American)15 grapes
Grapes (European)7 grapes
Groundcherries (cape-gooseberries)1 cup
Guavas (common)1 1/2 fruit
Guavas (strawberry)15 guavas
Jackfruit2 oz
Java-plum (Jambolan)3/4 cup
Jujube1/4 cup
Jujube (dried)1 tablespoon
Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberries)1 large
Kumquats5 kumquats
Lemons3 medium
Limes2 medium
Litchis7 fruits
Litchis (dried)2 tablespoons
Loganberries3/4 cup
Longans31 fruits
Longans (dried)2 tablespoons
Loquats5 large
Manney-apple1 medium
Mangos1/2 medium
Melons (cantaloupe)1 cup (cubes)
Melons (honeydew1 cup (diced)
Mulberries1 cup
Nectarines1 medium
Oranges1 medium
Tangerines2 small
Papayas1/2 cup (mashed)
Passion fruit (granadilla)3 fruits
Peaches1 medium
Peaches (dried)2 halves
Pears1/2 large
Pears (dried)1 half
Persimmons (japanese)1/2 medium
Persimmons (Japanese dried)1/2 medium
Persimmons (native)2 medium
Pineapple3/4 cup
Plantains (cooked)1/3 cup
Plums2 fruits
Pomegranates (Chinese apple)1/2 fruit
Prickly pears1 1/2 medium
Prunes3 prunes
Pomelo3/4 cup
Quinces1 medium
Raisins (dark/golden seedless)2 tablespoons
Raspberries1 cup
Rhubarb7 stalks
Rose-apples2 medium
Sapotes (marmalade plum)1/2 medium
Soursop (marmalade plum)1/2 cup
Strawberries1 1/2 cup
Sugar-apples (sweetsop)1/2 fruit
Sun-dried tomatoes1/6 oz
Tamarinds15 fruits
Tomatoes (green and red)1 medium
Tomatillos1 large
Watermelon1 1/4 cup (diced)