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Robt. Peele, Senr. & Robt. Peele. Junr. 175 acs. Nanzemond Co., at head of Mr. Bennett’s Cr., 30 Apr 1679, p. 678. Beg. by the Mill Run; to the Parish Land: by sd. Peele’s house & orchard; &c. 125 acs. being halfe of an ancient (patent) granted to one More & Welton; escheated to Samll. Granberry & conveyed to sd. Peele; 50 acs due for trans. of: Tho. Coterell.

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Richard Watridge, 100 acs., Low. par. of Nanzemund; adj. Robert Peele’s 50 acs; William Coffeild; John Granbury; & Mr. James Lockhart; 20 Apr. 1685. p. 433. Trans. of 2 pers*

Butler Center, Little Rock, Arkansas
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page 306  MR THOMAS COCK, JUNR, 671 acs, Henrico Co, Virina Par, on N side of James Riv, 20 Apr 1687, p 536. Adj. Mr Robert Burton & Mr John Davis; crossing the Round about Br to Edward Hacker [s/b Hatcher], etc. Trans of 14 pers: Sarah Carter, Anne Nobbs, Jno Robinson, Grace Savage, David Williams, Peter Dangerfield, Jno Watts, Hen Hicks, Jno Cuddy, Jno Smith, Richd Clark, Tho Carey, Margaret Swin, Roger Dorman.

Note: Roundabout creek (branch) runs into current Jones Neck Lake and is just south of 4-mile creek.


Edwd Hatcher, 1300 acs; Henrico Co., N side James Riv, 6 Oct 1675, p 570. Next to Lilley Valley; nigh Cornelius’ Cr, over Mr Beauchamps path, &c. Trans. of 26 pers; Jno Scutfeild (or Stutfeild), Mary Gage, Eliz Richards, Jno Smith, Eliz Haward, Jno Cleer, Samil Greene, Hopkin Powell, Susa Wilshire, Marg Browneing, Jno Hosock, Tho Filbrough, And Martin, Ben Salt, Eliz Curtin, Peter South (or Souch), Morris Mathews, Tho Watson, Jno White, Kath Fossett, Gen Croker, Jno Hosock, Cha White, Benja Salt, Tho Deacon, Peter Souch (?), Morris Mathew, HEN HATCHER.


 by Nell Marion Nugent

NOTE: Why is Edward collecting 50 acres for transporting his brother? Henry would have been quite capable of paying his own passage and collecting the land for himself. OR is this NOT Edward’s brother but perhaps an English cousin?

by Nell Marion Nugent