Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1800

by Nell Marion Nugent

975.5 R2n

p239 John Slaughter

p239  JOHN SLAUGHTER, 300 acs. in Matthews Cr., a branch of the southern branch of Nanzemond Riv., 5 July 1653, p. 24. Trans, of 6 pers: Wm. Dixon, Adam Stanly, Joan Hixon, Jon. Wilson, Kath. Evans, Jon. Wilson.

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p245 John Morgan

p244 Col. William Clyborne, Esqr., Secretary of State of this Colony, 1 Sept 1653, 5,000 acs. of land at Pamunkey on the N. side of the freshes of Yorke River, bounded on the E. side. 

p245 with Tanx (?) Mattadaquin Cr. on the S. side of the Yorke Riv. & the marshes of the same, on the W. side with Cohoake Cr. & on the N. side with the maine woods running one mile into the same as appeares by the marked trees.  Trans. of 100 pers:  John Morgan