Currituck County, North Carolina 1764-1776; Vol. 1 Unknown Deed Book


(dates around this entry are 1764) page 46 & next numbered page John Ballance Sen’r to Francis Williamson __ Hundred Fifty acres more or less (don’t know how many hundred)

Currituck County, North Carolina
Letter Book 1

page 57-58 Evan MILLER, SEN. to Thomas MILLER.  December 20, 1762.  Evan MILLER SEN. of one part and of the Province of North Carolina and County of Currituck Gent. and Thomas MILLER Son of the aforesaid Evan MILLER of the other part of the County & province afsd.  Witnesseth that the sd. Evan MILLER for and in consideration of the Natural Love and Effection which I have and also Bear unto my beloved Son Thomas MILLER hath given granted and confirmed unto my Son Thomas MILLER to his heirs Exr. Admr. and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of Land the whole tract Bounded as followeth: Beginning at a gum John BALLANCEs corner So. 30 degrees W. 12 chains to a water oak then No. 55 W ½ chain to S West gum in his own line then No. 25 W. 12 ½ chains to a gum on his own line then W 16 chain to a red oak at the Swamp thence along the Swamp No. 27 ½ chain to a gum PRESCOATs corner thence along the sd. Line So. 75 Et. 14 chains to a pine his other corner then along his head line N. 19 Et. 30 chains to a white oak corner afsd in CHITTEMs then along his sd. Line No. 83 Et. 10 chain to a Spanish oak his corner then the line combined 13 chain to a pine the So. 10 W 79 chain to the first station containing 238 acres Land and I the said Evan MILLER do give grant and confirm unto my Son ThomasMILLER unto him his heirs and Exr. Adm. and assigns forever half the above mentioned tract of land.  In Witness hereof I the said Evan MILLER hath hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of December in the day & year above written.  /s/ Evan [his M mark] MILLER.  Witnesses: Josiah NICHOLSON, Thos. PARKER.  Proved April Court 1763.   Witness: Wm. MEARNS.  Registered October 10, 1763.  Fran. BROWN, Register.

page 99-101 Lam & Elizabeth LINTON to Willis ETHERIDGE.  March 8. 1763.  Lam LINTON of Currituck County in the Province of North Carolina of the one party and Willis ETHERIDGE Blacksmith of the same County and Province aforesaid of the other part.  Witnesseth that I the said Lam LINTON for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred pounds proclamation money of the said County and province aforesaid to me in hand paid by the said Willis ETHERIDGEthe receipt I do hereby acknowledge for to be good and myself therewith to be fully satisfied contented and paid and doth by these presents hereby exonerate and discharge the said Willis ETHERIDGE his heirs and assigns forever and hath by these presents given granted bargained and sold unto the said Willis ETHERIDGEone certain Plantation or tenement of Land containing one hundred and twelve acres lying and being the graitest part in the County and province aforesaid and the leser part Norfolk County in the Colony of Virginia and butted and Bounded as followeth beginning at a corner Ash standing in Stirup Branch and from along CREDELs line thence to a marked Beatch and from thence to a corner Beatch maide by Francis WILLIAMSONs Srvay and from thence to a corner White Oak maid by the same Sirvay and from thence along Methyas ETHERIDGEs line to a corner Beatch and from thence along the above said Willis ETHERIDGE line to a corner Beatchstanding between him and Samuel HOPPER and from thence along the said HOPPER line to the first stationed Ash which land being part of a large tract of land formerly held and Pattened to William BALLANCE the said Paten bearing date in the year of our Lord one thousand Sixteen hundred and Sixty eight.  As witness our hands & seals this day and year above written.  /s/ Lam LINTON, Elizabeth [her x mark]  LINTON.  Witnesses: Willis MARSHALL, George POWERS, Ephrum BALLANCE.  Acknowledged April Court 1763.  Witness: Wm. MEARNS, CC.  Registered July 27, 1763.  Frans. BROWN,  Register

page 112-113 16 July 1765.  John BALLANCE, Thomas BALLANCE his grandchildNatural Love and Effection which I bare unto my beloved Grandson Thomas BALLANCE….have given granted & confirmed unto my Son after my Decease the Plantation whereon I now live binding on greate Swamp containing 100 acres. After Decease of his Father William BALLANCE grant unto him said tract of land.  Wit: Josiah NICHOLSON [page torn]