Kinfolks of Wayne County North Carolina 1793-1832 Deed Book 13

Page 193 - Croom

May Court 1825-November Court 1829  Originally Book N

p. 193 (p. 19) Division of the lands of Major Croom, deceased, by commissioners among the lawful heirs, namely, Chilly Croom; Polley Croom, Isham Croom in right of his wife, Silvia Croom, Allex R Croom; and Benajah croom, April 28, 1825

Page 198

p.102  Robert Fellow appointed John Fellow as his attorney to transport eight certain negroes from N.C. to the Island of Hayti (sic), witnessed by Price Fellow and Robert Fellow, May 16, 1826.

page 203 Wm Herring bill of sale witnessed by Jacob Herring 21 Aug 1826

page 203

Page 213 - Stanley, Croom

Page 213

p. 296 Susan Croom, Richard Croom

p. 298 Micajah Cox 

p. 304 Jesse Aycock deed of gift to his son, Simon Aycock, May 15, 1823.

p. 308 Marriage contract between Jesse Stanley and Tiercy Loftin; she was the daughter of Daniel West, deceased, late of Craven Co., who left a Will, this March 4, 1828.