Lavina Harper Mission to Philippines
June 1987-1988


Assigned Aug 1987-Feb 1988

Cowry Island, Palawan
Fall 1987

Boracay Island. A place of rare, spectacular, uninhabited beauty. The island offers uncrowded beaches of white sands and sapphire seas.

Kind of banco (boat) used to go to Cowry Lisand for District activity in September
Off Palawan, Philippines 1987-88

Young Coconut by Bolanos

Watermelon by Bolanos

Philippine Fruits
Tropical feasts for all Seasons

Enroute Siloonay
Calapan, Mendosa Island

Palawan - Last Frontier
Last assignment Aug 87-Feb 88

At Jean and Sherlyne Zaparta's baptism
Next to Lavina, Sr. Porquez and Peadie - next to her Jean and Sherlynn

18 April 1988
In front of Calapan Branch House - “My home” from Mar 1, 1988
Front Row: Galero, Andersen, Vendiola, Lavina, Pineda, Maez between “&”, Codiva, Talifor, Doleti Bacadeo

Trike - Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Deseret News
21 July 1990

Puerto Princesa

URC Basic Health Class
Feb 1988

Sister Harper Nov 1987
Domaela, Palawan

Inside apartment in
Puerto Princesa, Palwan
Lavina, Sr. Torio
Feb 1988

Mavis Coleman Apr 1987

Porquez Family and Willy Paredas
Sis Pattemon, Gus Gno and Lavina
Puerto Princesa
Gus Gno & Jaxson - 2 baptized candidates

Manilad Beach, Calapon, Mindora
18 April 1988
Front: Lavina, Dolete, Vendiola, Maez
Back: Taylor, Bacaiso

Balite Beach Calapan 23 May 1988
Baptisms Edna Mores, Virginia --, Michael Villagonzola
Front Row: Jean Lim and I Tibien, Lygia Villagonzola, Mores dau (Edna - behind), Virginia (mother Tessie behind),
Christy Janing - Nancy behind
Back Row: Elder Goloran, Bro V., Sr. Gelero, Pres. Sabatt, Lavina

URC Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Front: Sr. Torio, Linh Van, --, Lavina
Feb 1988

Nov 14, 1987
Bro & Sr. Roberto Roncon, Mardina & Rowena
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Luzminda Valdez
June 1988

6 Feb 1988 Lavina and Loren Torio
Iwahig (prison without walls) Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Nov 22, 1987 - Puerto Princesa, Palanwan
Brother Robert Roman, children Rowana and Raynaldo
Br & Sr ---- Damail, son Jun Rosas and Sr. Tabs, Lavina

Front: Jean and Sherlyn Zaporta
2 “8 yr olds” on record (Pres. Romasanta’s first)
Back Lavina, Pres. Romasanta, Bro Ramon, Costudio, June Roxosa, Sr. Torio

June 1988
L to R: Lavina, Jean (Jeng) Lim, Fernando Gregario, Sr. Valdez

Nov 1987
Our favorite investigator
Sr Tavs, Arnel --, Lavina
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

The Amerigo Navanas
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Nov 14, 1987

Nov 4, 1987
Bro and Sr Roberto Roncon, Mardira and Rawana
Sr. Tabs and Lavina
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

L to R S. Raylene King, Sr Tabayocyos, Elder Amada,
Elder Balledos, Lavina, Sr. Balledos
24 Dec 1987 Manila

Sisters Dean, Harper, Torio and Balledos
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Feb 88

Manilad Beach
Calapan, Mindora
Front Row: Bacalso, Bukid’s son, Galero, M.
Augustine, Docino
Back - Bro Bukid, Myrna, Andersen, Sr Bukid, Taylor, Maez, Vendiota, Lavina, Daleti
18 April 1988

At Director Comahcia home Iwahig Prison
Puerto Princesa Palawan Feb 8, 1988
L to R: Supts dau, Sr Balledosy, Sr. Dean, Lavina

Puerto Princesa Palawan
Rizal St. across from town square.
Typical street/trike scene
Prevalent mode of transportation in Phillipines.
One jeep not very prevalent.
Went to Nerra weeken of Dec 19 on jeep
Counted 40 inside one time
Nov 1987

American Cemetery, Manila, Phillipines
31 May 1988


Nov 1987
Abanico, Palawan
Sr Tabs and Lavina

27 Feb 1988
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Front: Cosltedio Tabucanon, Jean and Spesilyne Zapanto, Sr Toro
Bak: -- Lavina, Pres Romasant, Jee Poxes

Most of the Mindosa Missionaries from May 1987-June 1988
Front: Codino, Jessup, Taylor
Seated on Harper right: Vendiola
Back: North, Maws, Wallace, Maez, Doleta Pineda, Galero, Valdez

Shell flowers, all in their natural color. This is a combination of shells and dried everlasting flowers as their centers. Leaves are made of silk.

Silk flowers. I did the arrangement. Also the duck with silk flowers on their back (a friend of Lavina's)

Eldad Balledos 1890
Manila, Philippines (Los Pinas)
"This is the store. There's not much in it. I call this a "trying hard store". It's not that easy to be in the business, but I'll keep the goal and persevere. With hard work and lot of prayer, I hope to make it.

Cultured Pearls are produced with the most modern technology in Taluksangay, a picturesque Samal Village of Zamboanga City, Philippines

Postcard from Eldad Balledos April 1989: "I love this post card and I thought you will like it. Just to give you a glimpse of the Phiippines.

Oct 1987
Phillipines Manila Mission
Pres & Wife
Wm & Audrey Jackson

Olympics Manila Mission
31 May 1988
Harper: in skirt
Weedon: to right covering mouth

Cowry Island? (if not, very similar beach)

Nov 1987 Rezal St. opposite town Sq. Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Typical street scene - trikes major mode of transportation

Sister Lanie Galero, my companion
HA Brgy, Canjusa
Pulupandan Negros
Occidental 6102

To my eternal friend Lavina
I have all the reasons on earth to always remember you. Love Eldad, Renpen & Alou
L to R: Eldad Gamazan nee Balledos
2 children: Analou, Ranier or Rin-Rin

Southern Palawan Phillippines

Oct 19, 1987
Dear Sister Harper,
I treasure our companionship.
It's nice to be working with you. This will help you remember our companionship.
Love Sister Balledos
(Taken Paranaque, Philippines Sept 1987

Eldad Balledos Gamazan
Oct. 17, 1991
Dearest Lavina,
A keepsake from our wedding. We hope you like it.
Aldad & Edgar

Grace Weedon
My first companion

Inside our apartment in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Lavina, Sr. Torio
Feb 1988

Michael Tnh, Lavina and Grace Teh
June 2018
Provo, Utah

Sister Harper,
I love you!
Love always,
Sister Valdez
Jose Abad Santos St.
Bayombong, Nutva
Vizcaya Phil
(last companion - Sister Luzminda Valdez)

June 1988
L to R Lavina, Jean (Jing) Lim, Fernando Gregorio, Sr. Valdez

June 1988
Elder & Sr Warren Maws, Lavina

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