Minutes and Records Perquimans Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in North Carolina 1680-1762. (Page 45) “Transcribed out of an old Book … By Thos. Peirce Senr, Thos. Jessop & Robt. Wilson, this sixth day of he fourth month 1728.”

Page 85

page 1/2 William Bundy of Pqauimance River, and Mary Peirce of ye same place … 15, 10m. 1683 … at ye house of Mary Peirce …
Column 1 Column 3
Hannah Phelps Jona. Phelps
Column 2 Column 4
Ann Wilson Christor. Nicholson
Ann Nicholson Robert Wilson

Page 2/2-3 John Belman of Paquimance, and Sarah Wilson of ye same place 19, 8m 1687 at ye house of Jona. Phelps …
Column 1 Column 2
Hannah Hill Jona. Phelps
Hannah Phelps Ann Wilson
Column 2 Column 3
Isaac Wilson John Belman
Sarah Belman
Robert Wilson

page 85

Page 86

page 3-3/2 Gabriel Newby son of William of Nancemond in Virginia, and Mary Tomes dau of Francis Tomes of Paquimance in ye County of Albemarle …, 4m, 1689 … Quarterly meeting at Ann Nicholson house,

Column 1 Column 3
Ann Wilson Gabriel Newby
Ann Nicholson Mary Newby
Hannah Gosby Francis Tomes
Sarah Belman William Newby
Deliverance Sutten Robert Wilson
Column 2 Francis Tomes
Thos. Peirce
Saml. Nicholson

Page 4/2-5 John Nicholson son of Christopher late of North Carolina, and Priscila Tomes dau of Francis ye Same place … 20, 9m, (1700) … at ye house of father Francis Tomes …
Colum 1 Column 3
Ann Wilson John Nicholson
Mary Newby Priscila Tomes
Column2 Francis Tomes
Saml. Nicholson Joshua Tomes
Nathaniel Nicholson pr Gabriel Newby recorder
Mary Tomes
Ann Dorman

Page 5-5/2 Francis Tomes son of Francis of ye place aforesd., and Margaret Lawrance widdow of ye deceased Wm. Lawrance of ye Same place … 8, 4m, 1696 … at ye house of Margaret Laurance …
Column 1 Column 2 cont.
Mary Tomes Richd. Dorman
Ann Wilson John Nicholson
Elisabeth Nicholson Saml. Nicholson
Column 3
Francis Tomes

page 86

Page 87

page 6 William More and Elezebeth Makebride both (torn)equimens … 10, 9m, (1697) … at the house of Janne(torn)…
Column 1 Column 2
(torn) Newby Mary Newby
(torn) Tomes Francis Tomes Snr
(torn) Tomes
Isaac Willson
(torn)acob Overman
(torn)zekiel Molden
(torn)ecorded pr. me Thomas Peirc

page 87

Page 88

… Pirce Column 2 continued
… Nicholeson Mary Tomes
Column 2 Mary Newby
Francis Tomes Margaret Tomes
John Nicholeson Samuell Nico…
Joseph Pierce

page 88

page 92

(page 17 continued)
Column 1 Column2
Samuell Nicolson Francis Tomes
Thomas Peirc recorder Isaac Willson

page 18 Arthar Jones of Perquimens, and Rachal Snellen dau of Israel late of ye same … 4, 1m, 1707/8 … att Timothy Clears house his fathar in (torn)…
Column 1
Francis Tomes
William Newby
Gabriel Newby
Samuel Nicelson
John Nicelson
Ralph Fletcher
Mary Newby
Mary Peirc Siner
Rebekah Peirc
William Newby
Edward Newby
Joseph Newby
Recorded pr Thomas Peirc trhis 5th ye la 1707/8

page 21 Edward mayo of Pascota(nk) Cooper, and Mary Clare dau of Timothy of Pequimens …, 2m, 1709… house of Timothy Clare in Pequimens …
Column2 Column2 cont.
Francis Tomes Thomas Peirc
Mary Tomes Ann Willson
Samuel Nicelson John Nicelson
William Newby Francis Newby
Gabriel Newby Thomas Peirc
more Newby names

page 92-93

Page 108

page 52/2 Thomas Trueblood son of Amos of Pasquotank, and Lydia Alberson dau of Nathaniel Albertson of Perquimons…14, 1m, 1743/4 … at ye meeting house In ye old Neck in Perquimons …
Column 1 Column 2
Rebeca Toms Henry Phelps
Mary Newby

Page 109
Jonathan Phelps
Sarah Overman
Elizabeth Phelps
Rebeckah Tomes
Francis Tomes

page 108-109

Page 110

page 56/2-57 Robeart Willson son of Isack of Perquimans, and Rachell Pritloe dau of John of ye precinct & place afsd … 13, 6m, 1712… att ye Lower meeting house att a fourth day meeting …
Mary Toms
Sarah Tomms
Hanah Nicholson
Mary Tomms
Samuell Nicholson
Ralph Fletcher
Joshua Tomms
Jno. Bellman
Isack Willson Junr
Robeart Willson
Rachell Willson
Isack Willson
Ann Willson
Esther Bellman
Newbey names too

page 58
Mary Nicholson
Joseph Newby
Ralph Fletcher Junr
Joseph Nicholson

Page 59/2 …
Robert Wilson
Ruth Belman
Saml. Phelps
Newby names

Page 60/2
Francis Tomes
Nicholson names

Page 61 …
Ralph Fletcher
Mary Fletcher
Thomas Peirce
Rebeckah Tomes
Edward Maudlin
Henry Phelps


Grapevine Library 975.6 BJO
Compiled by Owen Boyer Bjorkman