Volume 2 page 59 Joseph Redknap

"Joseph Redknap is allowed to draw beare at ye Spring betweene Salem & Lynn during the pleasure of the Court."

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Volume 2 page 407 Christopher Nicholson

p 407 John Devorix v. Cristopher Nicholson. Trespass.  For pulling down the fence of said Devorix and laying open his ground to the common.

Writ, dated May 15, 1662, signed by Hillyard Verern for the court, and served by John Legg, constable of Marblehead.  Bond of Christopher Nickelson, witnessed by Francis Johnson.

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Volume 3 page 116, 117 Joseph Redknap

page 116-117 The following were presented for frequent absence from public ordinances on the Lord's days, and were convicted and fined: ... Hannah Phelpes ... wife of Phillip Veren, Jon. Hill, wheelwright, Mary Kitchin, Mr. Needham and Joseph Redknap were convicted.

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Volume 4 page 75, 158 Joseph Redknap

page 75 ... Joseph Redknap... all of Lyn, complained as follows: Haveing land ly in comon in a generall feild some more & some lesse for these many years could never agree to alott out a Just proportion of fence suiteable to each persons intrest & haveing made suerall complainte to or selectmen for severall years past, we have yet no redress (though some easment we have had) but such of us whose lands lye next the out side are burdened & others that lye within som lands fence not at all & others that lye wihtin som lands fence not at all & others fence notheing auteable to what wee doe that lye upon the out side, which wee feare maye ocation many sutes at law, as there is one depending before the worshipfull Major Hathorne, whom we questions not but may give this Honored Court further light in the cause, or lands lye severall ...

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page 158

Joseph Redknap is witness to will of Christopher (his mark) Lynsye of Lynn, dated Apr 9, 1669 and proved in Salem court...

Inventory of the estate of Christopher Lynsye of Lynn, who died Apr 10, 1669, appraised Apr. 12, 1669, by Joseph Redknap ...

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Vol. 2 - page 445-445 Good Nicolson

p. 445 Mary Trevet deposed that coming along by Goody Smiths "I saw Goody Legg & Goody Nicolson in the gapp.  I hard goody smith cry soe I went to them, good Nicholson desired me to take off my apron and put it under goody Smiths back to helpe her in soe mary white & my selfe tooke hould of the apron & helped her in & in our goinge in goody Smith said he hath killed me hee hath kiled me," etc.

Goody Nicholson testified that she held her up in the field about two hours, and asked her to be careful what she said against her son, because it would be blazed abroad to his disgrace, etc.  On the Lord's day night, they laid the plaster on her back and there seemed to be something black there, etc.


Eliz., wife of John Legge, testified that she was sent for to help carry Goody Smith, so she took her by her legs and Goody Nicholson by her shoulders, and Mary Trevett and Mary White put an apron under her back.  On Lord's day at night, she was not quite so bad, because Mr. Russell had given her things to take inwardly, but she desired them to lay a plaster on her back, etc.