page 408 Christopher Nicholas

page 408 Then Christopher Nicholson pulled down the fence, of which deponent was an eye witness, to his great trouble, for he was fain to watch early and late, to the loss of said Devereux two butts, two hogsheads, half or three-quarters of a barrel of oil, besides other materials, as flakes, all being laid common...

Robert Paty, aged about twenty-three years, deposed that about the beginning of May last, Christopher Nicholson pulled down eight or ten poles of his master's fence at the stage...

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Vol. 1 page 188, 190, 284, 285 Edmond Nicholson

page 188 Peetter Pittford presented for fighting with William Barbur, and calling the constable "old Rogue"  Wit: Will. Barbur and Edmund Nicholson

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page 190 Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Nicholson, for absenting himself from public meeting...

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page 284 Edmond Nicholson v. William Lues. ...

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page 285 Edmund Nicholson, assignee for Emanuell Clarke v. William Lues.  For withholding 4li. 1a. remaining due for fish lent him and for diet. . . 

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Vol. 1 page 428 Edmond Nicholson

Edmond Nicholson and Francis Simson of Marblehead fined for bloodshed.

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Vol. 2 p 256 - Elizabeth and Edmond Nicholson

Elizabeth Nicholson was appointed administrix of the estate of her late husband, Edmond Nicholson, deceased.  An inventory was brought in, amounting to 150li, and debts, 54li, 4s., which were allowed.  Court ordered the estate to be divided as follows: To Christopher, Joseph, Samuell, John, Thomas and Elizabeth, all of the children, ten pounds each, when they reach the age of twenty-one years or are married with their mother's consent; if more debts were brought in, such debts were to be paid before these portions were divided, and if any of the children died, his portion was to be divided among the surviving children...

Vol. 2 p 290, 291 - Christopher Nicholson

p290 Christopher Nicholson for himself, and also as assignee of Elizabeth Nicholson, administratrix of Edmond Nicholson, deceased v. John Devorix.  For withholding or not giving an account of the disposing or delivery of the said Ed. Nicholson and company's fish in the spring voyage of 1660, said Devorix being master of the voyage.  Verdict for plaintiff, the defendant to give a true account within twenty days.  Appealed to Court of Assistants.  Mr. Edmond Batter bound for said Devorix appearance. 

Edmon (his mark) Nicholson's receipt dated, June 15, 1660, to John Devericks, for 15li. 3s. 3d.

p291 "Reckoned this 15 June 1660 with Edmon Nickolson and I have paed my part of all Charges and there is due to me twenty three pounds nine shillings.
Richard Read

"I will pay you for Edmund Nichlison twenty thre pownd nine shillings this 17th 4m month 1660      me  William Browne

Christopher Nickerson's charges, 2li. 2s.

Christopher Latamore, aged about forty-three years, deposed that he head Jno. Devericks say that he was master of Edmond Nicklinson's voyage now in controversy, and deponent culled all the fish, Devorix or his wife taking account of it, and also receiving the money for the refuse fish which was sold to Mr. John ___ Sworn in court, 28:4:1661, before Hilliard Veren, clerk.

William Nick, aged about thirty-five years, deposed that he saw Nicklinson and his company heave their fish into Jno. Deverick's stage during the voyage, etc.  Sworn in court, 28:4;1661, before Hilliard Veren, clerk.

Joseph Nicklinson, aged about twenty years, deposed that he was employed in the said voyage at John Devorick's command.  Sworn in court, 28:4:1661, before Hilliard Veren, clerk.


John Devorix and his wife deposed that they delivered the receipt, which was given them by the master of the ship, Mr. FIelder, for eighty-five quintals of fish, to Edmund Nicolson in Mr. Brading's shop, where the reckoning was made.  Ann Devorix delivered it with her own hands.  Sworn in court.

John Furbush testified that he head John Divirick say that he could give a list of twenty pounds and upwards that was due to Goodwife Nicklson, if he would.  Sworn in court.

John Devorix testifed that the account made by Mr. Braden was correct and all agreed.  Also that Nickolson gave deponent and Richard Read a note by which to receive their shares.

John Furbish, aged about thirty-four years, deposed that he saw Edmond Nicklinson and his son Christopher and RIchard Reed throw fish into Jno. Devirick's stage and the latter split it and took possession of it.  Sworn in court.

Vol. 2 page 183 Edmond Nicholson

page 183 William Nick v Edmond Nicholson.  For molestation.  Withdrawn.

page 344 Elizabeth Nicholson, for absenting herself from the public ordinances on Lord's days, was fined. 

page 345 There being a complaint made of several persons appearing in arms at Marblehead, going up and down in several parts of the town and shooting off their guns, with a drum beating before them, the town not knowing what was the matter, and several of the persons, by virtue of a warrant, appearing before Major Hathorne for examination, they confessed that they did so, but they did not think it would be offensive or contrary to law and had no evil intention.  They were fined as follows:  Richd. Hale, 10s; Samll. Gatchell, 5s; and Christopher Nicholson 5s

Vol. 3 page 368 Edmond Nicholson

Copy of a letter, dated Road Island, 17:1;1666, addressed to Samuell Eborne and signed "Thy freind" Frances Simson: "My loue is remembred to thee & to thy wife, this is to give thee to understand that the share that my sisters first husband, had in the farme belonging to marble head, and mine alsoe, he sould to James Smith then living in marblehead & the pay was made by the said James Smith for the whole to Edmond Nicholson, my sisters husband to my best remembrance, but for my selfe I had nothing to this daye, not looking for any but leaving it to my sisters husband, as I did all that I had besides that, which is to me at this daye abovue two hundred pounds loss, my kinsman sold the farme with the house, being informed that it was but lett to James Smith with the house, being informed that it was but lett to James Smith by the yeare but I told George Corwin before Edward Norrice the scoolemaster, that to my best remmbrance, it was sold to James Smith, therefore he should not pay till the case was cleere."  Copy made by Hillyard Veren, cleric...