The Records of the First Church in Salem Massachusetts -1629-1736

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Aug 25 1734 m (see page 76 for year of baptism)  Nathan of Joseph Phelps 


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July 11, 1736 f (see year on page 78) Elizabeth of Joseph Phelps



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At a Church Meeting Sept. 7, 1686  

These 9 were admitted to Church Fellowship: Robert Follet and Persis Follet his wife, John Dam, the Widow Joanna Elson, Jane Phelps, Elizabeth Golthait, Elizabeth Henfield and Hanna Harvy after the ususall manner. Also Brother Stacyes daughter Elizabeth Comer having been guilty of Fornication presented a writing at this meeting acknowledging her sin, in a poenitant way. She was forgiven by the Church.


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The records of the First Church in Salem