320 31 May 1784 Samuel Pike to son Nathan Pike for natural affection - 100 acres on the south side of Naughhunty Swamp, being part of a tract of land granted to Vaun Hillborn, 21 Decd 1763.
/s/ Samuel Pike; Anne (X) Pike
Wit: William Richard; Morning (X) Powell Jan Co. 1785

322. 19 May 1784 Jarvis Fillingim and wife Elizabeth, Craven Co. to William Herring, Wayne Co. for 110 pounds gold & silver - 200 acres in Wayne Co., on Camps, being a patent granted Willaim Meken (?), 174 (?)
/s/ Jarvis Fillingim; Elizabeth (X) Fillingim
Wit: William Phipps; Urias (X) Anderson Jan Co. 1785

325. 10 Nov 1784 ... Jesse Bardin...

Wayne Co. N.C. Deed Book 2
382. 6 Apr 1777 RICHARD COX, Dobbs Co. to my son Micajah Cox, Dobbs Co. for good will and affection - 150 acres in Dobbs Co. on the south side of Neuse River, being the land whereon he now lives, excepting & reserving myself a road of 20 feet wide through the ad lands to the County road.
Wit: John Kennedy; Robert Fellow, Richard Jordan  Jul Co. 1784

383. 31 Jan 1784 ... Micajah Cox (planter) ...

386.  15 Jan 1781 Robert Peele to Raeford Fulghum for 2000 pounds current money - 320 acres on the south side of the upper Falling Creek, land granted to John Fort by patent 20 Apr 1785 (sic)      /s/ Robert Peelle
Wit; William Fellow; Mikel Fulghum     Jul Co. 1784

387  12 Jul 1784  Michael Herring to son Lews Herring (planter ...
Wit: William Herring