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Name:John Buzby
Will Date:11 Jul 1699
Will Proved Date:8 Oct 1699
Comments:Cox, Sarah. Phila. Widow. 7/11/1699. Estate to sons Abraham and Thomas who are the Executors. During the minority of her sons, Pentecost Teague and John Buzby are to be the Executors. Legacy to the Monthly Meeting in Phila. “”for the maintenance of the Publick School intended to be set up.””
Household Members:NameJohn BuzbySamuel CarpenterSarah CoxThomas CoxAbraham CoxAbraham CoxThomas CoxWilliam ForrestWilliam HudsonPentecost Teague
Name:John Buzby
Will Date:31 Aug 1699
Will Proved Date:12 Oct 1699
Comments:Buzby, John. Phila. Weaver. 8/3/1699. Estate to his father and mother John and Mary Buzby; to brothers William, Edward, Richard and Nicholas Buzby; to sisters Mary Hunt, Elizabeth Davis, Sarah Tomlinson and my wife’s brother Joseph Taylor. Wife’s name is not given. Executors: Brothers William, Edward and Richard Buzby.
Household Members:NameSue BellongeJohn BuzbyWilliam BuzbyWilliam BuzbyEdward BuzbyMary BuzbyEdward BuzbyRichard BuzbyJohn BuzbyRichard BuzbyNicholas BuzbyMary BuzbyElizabeth BuzbySarah BuzbyJohn BuzbyElizabeth Buzby DavisWilliam ForrestMary Buzby HuntElizabeth KnowlesSamuel SiddonJoseph TaylorPentycost TeageSarah Buzby Tomlinson